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Pearland is considered to be the third-largest city in Houston and the second fastest-growing city in Texas. Pearland came a long way from its prairie land days, and it is now home to a handful of neighborhoods, restaurants, and stores. In this article, we are going to know more about the history of Pearland and the best things that you can do while you’re there.


Pearland was established on a siding switch near the Colorado, Gulf, and Santa Fe Railway in 1882. Back then, most parts of Pearland was comprised of prairies. In 1893, the community was named Mark Belt, but around 1894, a Polish man named Witold von Zychlinski, saw the residents growing and harvest several fruit trees in the area. That is why he thought that Pearland would be the right name for the community and the residents all agreed.

Pearland Education

Residents of Pearland harvested fruit and vegetables like corn, cantaloupes, pears, watermelons, and figs. However, the Galveston was hit by a hurricane in 1900 and 1915, which destroyed several fruit trees and slowed the community’s growth. This is why Galveston entered a period of desertification. In 1938, Oil was discovered near Galveston, and it led to the creation of the Hastings Oilfield. However, it still did not spur much growth to the community because the population fluctuated between 150 and 350 during that time. In the 1930s and 1940s, several dance halls and beer joints were built to entertain people from the Hastings and Manvel oil fields.

From the 1970s up until today, the population of Pearland grew. And by the 1990s, the city limits were extended into Harris County. It was also during this time when home developers started buying large parts of the land, which changed the city’s geography.


Places to Go in Pearland

  • Visit the Sri Meenakshi Temple – The Meenakshi Temple is one of the places you should not miss in Pearland. The temple was intended to be a place where residents can perform daily poojas. Today, you can tour the temple where you can see traditional architectural features of a Hindu temple. Besides exploring the temple, there is also a visitor’s center where you can find out more about the Hindu culture.
  • Play Disc Golf at Shadow Creek Ranch Disc Golf Course – If you are looking for something different to try while you’re in Pearland, you should head on down to the Creek Ranch Disc Golf Course. This place has several baskets where you can try and throw discs. The area has a course intended for you to follow, so do not worry about getting lost. Aside from that, it has a nearby playground and walking trails that feature a pretty landscape.
  • Visit the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railroad Depot – This was built during the 1900s, and it used to be the meeting place of locals and visitors of Pearland, and this is also the place where people would pick up supplies such as livestock and mails. Today, you can visit the railroad depot and see a restored and preserved version of the original depot back in the 1900s. You can also learn about its importance to Pearland’s development as a city.
  • Be One with Nature at the John Hargrove Environmental Complex and Wetlands – If you are a nature lover, then this is the perfect place in Pearland for you. The area is a well-known bird-watching spot, especially from June to September. Besides bird watching, you can also take a walk at Pearland’s first edible trail, a trail filled with fruit trees that you can pick and taste.
  • Watch some Musical at the Kids’ Backporch Productions – If you are in the mood to watch a play or a musical, then the Kids’ Backporch Production is where you can get a little piece of Broadway while you’re in Pearland. The theater is known to feature the best local talents in and outside Pearland. That is why if you are looking for high-quality performances and some fun family bonding time, the Kids’ Backporch Productions should be on your list.
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