Post World War II Art Viewable at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Entrance

The Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth is home to some of the most acclaimed modern and contemporary art collections in the United States. It is dedicated to presenting and interpreting international art from mostly the 1940s and onward. Its permanent collection includes more than 3,000 art pieces, including those by Jackson … Read more

History of St. Edward’s University – Austin’s Only Catholic University

St. Edward's University Building

St. Edward’s University is a Catholic university that accepts qualified students of all backgrounds, ages, and beliefs. The university offers several undergraduate programs that help graduates be more competent in their chosen discipline. Since its founding, the university aims to give quality education to those who want to see their full potential. … Read more

The State Symbol of the Lone Star State and the Texas Longhorn

A man riding a Texas Longhorn on Padre Island in Texas

Texas is a state with some really rich history backing it up. Bordering Mexico, the Lone Star State as it is called, is the largest state in the United States following Alaska. It is known not just for its unique shape with a protruding southern end, but also for its populous and … Read more

History of Highland Village – An Affluent Suburb of Dallas

History of Highland Village - An Affluent Suburb of Dallas

Highland Village is an affluent suburban city located in Denton County, Texas. It is a suburb of Dallas, which is near the south side of the western branch of Lewisville Lake. In this article, we will know more about the history of Highland Village, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Denton County, … Read more