River Oaks: A Prosperous Neighborhood in Houston, Texas

River Oaks Garden Club

River Oaks is an affluent residential community situated between Downtown and Uptown Houston, Texas. Since its establishment in the 1920s, this community became a well-publicized model for community planning. In 2013, this neighborhood was named as one of the most expensive areas in Houston. In this article, we will know more about … Read more

History of USS Texas (BB-35)


Placed in active service in 1914 as the world’s most potent weapon, the Battleship Texas’s most significant contribution is its inception of the usage of cutting-edge aviation, gunnery, and radar during its time. Today, the 27,000-ton New York class war vessel is the last Dreadnought and battleship in existence to have survived … Read more

Hakeem Olajuwon – NBA’s “The Dream”

Hakeem signing

Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon is a Nigerian-American basketball player that grazed the National Basketball Association’s courts between 1984 to 2002. Renowned as “The Dream,” he cemented himself as one of the league’s top-notch players not only of his era but in the entire NBA, thanks to his distinct playing style, blending strategical defensive … Read more

Houston Skyline District – The Reflection of Houston’s Development

Houston Skyline District - The Reflection of Houston’s Development

Houston Skyline District is a geographic area in Downtown Houston, boasting one of the largest skylines in the United States and stunning architecture, with a myriad blend of Italian renaissance. art-deco, post-contemporary styles. Today, the skyscrapers collection continues to serve as the home of many renowned multinational institutions and businesses and reflects … Read more

Kashmere Garden – A Thriving Community in Houston

Kashmere High School

Kashmere Gardens is a historic African-American neighborhood, lying northeast of downtown Houston and spanning 2,582 acres or 4.3 square miles. Annexed by the city, the community now serves as a home to many single-family households, with a 19,950 population as of the 2017 Census. In this article, let’s know more everything you … Read more

Mahatma Gandhi District – Houston’s Little India

Mahatma Gandhi District in Houston Texas

Named after the renowned and influential social activist and leader, the Mahatma Gandhi District is an ethnic enclave located in Houston, with an Indian and Pakistani neighborhood, showing how it’s like to be an immigrant community while leaving a lasting mark on the new grounds they’ve chosen to live in permanently. Dubbed … Read more

Kingwood – Houston’s Livable Forest


Renowned as the “Livable Forest,” Kingwood is a master-planned community spanning 14,000 acres (57 km²), located northeast of Downtown Houston, Texas. The majority of its part lies in Harris County, while the remaining smaller portion is in Montgomery County. Five decades after it was founded, the longtime residents say that the area … Read more

History of Fifth Ward, Houston

Fifth Ward is a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, that is located about northeast of Downtown. Fifth Ward is one of Houston’s wards and is bounded by Jensen Drive, Buffalo Bayou, Lockdown Drive, and Liberty Road. In this article, we are going to learn more about the history of Fifth Ward, Houston. History … Read more

Learn More About Buffalo Bayou

Rosemont Bridge in Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou is considered to be one of Houston’s most significant landmarks. The city is also known as Bayou City because of the impressive waterway in the area. Buffalo Bayou is also home to Houston’s best parks, and since its founding, the site has been in the middle of Houston’s community and … Read more