Kashmere Garden – A Thriving Community in Houston


Kashmere Gardens is a historic African-American neighborhood, lying northeast of downtown Houston and spanning 2,582 acres or 4.3 square miles. Annexed by the city, the community now serves as a home to many single-family households, with a 19,950 population as of the 2017 Census. In this article, let’s know more everything you should know about this thriving neighborhood in Houston.

Population, Transportation, and Employment

Kashmere Gardens is located in Houston’s northern 610 loop area, tucked within a rail corridor and an industrial area. Many of its houses are within vast lots, though light industries and warehouses are also found in the community.

From 1990 to 2000, Kashmere Gardens saw a downswing in its black population. The same decline was also noticeable with Houston’s other black African-American neighborhoods. In turn, the Hispanic population in Kashmere Gardens grew from 19% to 31% as Hispanics began moving into most of the community’s key areas.

Despite the said move, the neighborhood’s entire population plummeted by around 16%, from 23,695 people in 2000 to only 19,950 in 2017. In line with the said decrease, the number of housing units fell 8%, having only 8,517 in 2017, from a total of 9,357 in 2000. The given downturn happened over the same period when Houston experienced a 16% increase in its population.

Meanwhile, Kashmere Gardens appears to be well-reserved in terms of public transit. Nine percent of its population, aged 16 and above relied on public transport to get to work, more than doubling Houston’s average of 4%. Six bus routes pass the neighborhoods. One goes every 15 minutes, three comes every 30 minutes, while the remaining two routes run every hour.

In terms of employment, Houston has one of the United States’ sturdiest markets and is estimated to attract more jobs, especially in healthcare, education sector, professional services, retails, food industry, and construction. The latter’s growth is reflective of Kashmere Gardens, with construction as its most significant employment sector, taking 19% of its employed workers.

Education, Organization, and Recreation

Various schools cater to Kashmere Gardens residents, namely Isaacs Elementary School, Ross Elementary School, Yes Prep Northside, Francis Scott Key Middle School, Fleming Middle School, Kashmere Gardens Elementary School, and Kashmere Gardens High School.

People from Kashmere Gardens also enjoy support from different civic organizations, such as Northeast Concerned Citizens Civic League, Kashmere Former Athletes Association, Kashmere Alumni Association, and Super Neighborhood 52. Different churches of varying denominations can also be found in the community, like the Kashmere Gardens Missionary Baptist Church, Harris Temple Church of God in Christ, Cogic Gospel Temple, and Apostolic Tabernacle Church.

As for recreation, Kashmere Gardens have various public parks where residents can relax, exercise, jog, have picnics, and play sports. The establishment of these parks is inline with the 2015 Parks and Recreation Master Plan, allotting 2.5 acres of area for parks for every 1,000 people. Though Kashmere Gardens is in a park deficit, there are five notable public parks to visit: Hutcheson Park, Evella Park, Mickey Leland Memorial Park, Delce Park, and Tuffly Park.

Things To Do in Kashmere Gardens

So, if you happen to drop by the communication, don’t miss satisfying your appetite as Kashmere Gardens boasts top-notch restaurants to fill your appetite.

Mattie’s Catfish Kitchen & More – Located at 6011 Cavalcade Street, this restaurant is a local favorite, offering a wide array of delicacies, from fried catfish to hamburgers and chicken wings. Plus, they also have gumbo, boudin balls, and po’boys, proving that they indeed offers “more” in their versatile and palatable menu.

MC’s Barbecue – Another famous go-to restaurant in the neighborhood, this place serves baked potatoes, meat platters, salads, and sandwiches. Of course, don’t miss trying out their signature tasty barbecue. Try them yourself and tickle your taste buds by visiting them at 4301 Fairbanks.

Taqueria El Rojo Loco – If you’re looking for some Mexican twist, the restaurant is your best bet. From pancakes, tacos, and egg platters to start your day and mixed grill plates, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas for lunch, this place has it all for you.

Then, finish the night by having fun at Silver Slipper, a renowned family-owned live music venue. It has transcended many generations and still remains as special as in the old days. Everyone in the neighborhood knows that Silver Slipper is the place to be when you’re up for Zydeco dance, soul, rhythm blue, and live music.

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