Buying Electricity in Texas

electricity power poles

Since the deregulation of energy in Texas in 2002, many residents have had a golden opportunity to opt for their own electricity provider. Rather than relying on their local utility to provide electricity, one can easily choose the best electricity supply company from a variety of options. It is just like shopping … Read more

Guide to Moving to Texas

Texas State Capitol, Austin

Texas is the most populated state in the USA and also one of the fastest-growing and largest states in the country. The job market is quite robust, which means there are amazing job opportunities for everyone – no matter what skills you have. Texans also get surprising benefits due to the low … Read more

Texas Driving Miles Between Major Cities

Big Bend Texas

Yes, it’s true: Texas is a big state. And depending on where you want to go, a drive across the state can be a real haul. For example, getting from the southern end of the state to the northern end – from the Rio Grande Valley to the top of the Panhandle – will … Read more

Is Houston Closer to Dallas or Austin?

Downtown Houston skyline just after sunset

Houston is a state in the United States that is known for its diversity in dining, shopping, culture, and unique attraction. It manages to attract millions of tourists each year and even people from other states such as New York and Las Vegas tend to pay a visit to Houston for a … Read more