Guide to Moving to Texas


Texas is the most populated state in the USA and also one of the fastest-growing and largest states in the country. The job market is quite robust, which means there are amazing job opportunities for everyone – no matter what skills you have. Texans also get surprising benefits due to the low cost of living, and the best thing is that nine states of Texas don’t have to pay state income taxes. These states include Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

Another plus about Texas is that the prices of homes are affordable in most areas of the state. Texas’ average living cost is 90.4% (about 9.4% lower than the US average). But the catch here is that with no state income tax, the residents have to pay a higher property tax (1.94%). The average cost of a home in Texas, according to, is $184,000. However, that is relatively lower than that of New York, which is a whopping $282,000.

Before Moving to Texas

Before Moving to Texas

Before the move, you should follow these steps:

Get to know Texas

Get to know Texas

Since you have already decided to move to Texas, you should research each city’s character to know which is best for you and your family. For example, relocating to Austin is to move into the city of innovation and art. It is the Live Music Capital of the World, and it houses several fortune 500 headquarters, including Dell and Whole Foods Market. To know more about Austin and its History, click here.

On the other hand, if you want to move to San Antonio, you should know what makes the city special. For example, it has amazing theme parks, great schools, and big museums. In simple words, here you won’t find a shortage of education, entertainment, fun, and anything you name it.

Research Your New Neighborhood


Once you have decided on the city, it is time to research your new area where you are moving in with your family. Check out the nearby schools, marts, hospitals, grocery stores, and restaurants. You can explore the area online or during the visit. Visiting the area before moving there is important because you will know where everything is located and the current living conditions.

Create Your Moving Budget

Create Your Moving Budget

When packing your life into bags and loading into a moving truck, and bringing your family across the country, many unexpected expenses can show up. Therefore, it is best if you prepare for the worst. You should make a budget for potential breakdowns, emergencies, and everything that won’t go as planned.

Change or Cancel Things

Change or Cancel Things

You are moving into a new state to start a new life – this means you need to cut ties with many things. These things can include local services, such as utilities, internet, or TV subscription. If you have also subscribed to national magazines, make sure to update your mailing address. In addition, you need to change the address on your driver’s license, bank accounts, insurance, etc.

Things You Need to Know about Living in Texas

1. Texas is a Massive State with a lot of Diversity

Texas is a Massive State with a lot of Diversity

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the US, just after Alaska. It is within 269,000 square miles and consists of everything that a person may want in the whole country. Yes, you read it right – Texas is as big as a country. You can find forest, mountains, deserts, ranchland, an 850 miles interstate route as well as a beautiful coastline spread across 360 miles.

In addition to being a giant of a state, you can find a lot of diversity. There are people of every character, race, and ethnicity. In short, you will definitely have fun mixing with different people.

2. Plenty of Cities to Choose From


Texas also houses three of the USA’s largest states, including Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. All of these cities are full of history, culture, and entertainment. They are so big that we can write a full-fledged article on each of the cities and still won’t be able to cover what they have to offer.

If you don’t want to live in the hustle and bustle of big cities, you can move to Waco, Midland, Midland Odessa, Amarillo, Laredo, El Paso, McAllen, and Brownsville.

3. Texas Has a Good Record in Job Creation


If you are looking for great job opportunities, Texas is the right state to move into. This is why between 2005 and 2013, the state grew by 345 residents per day. Moreover, cities like El Paso have some of the top financial advisor firms.

4. Summer Waves

Summer Waves

Texas is as hot as it can get, and it is getting hotter every year. The temperature in the high 90s is normal in August in most of the cities of the state. Depending on which city you move to in Texas, you may face sticky humidity or dry heat.

According to Weather Spark, the weathers of the following cities on average are:

El Paso

The summers are hot in El Paso, and the winters are cold and short. It is dry and mostly clear all the year. Over the year, the temperature varies from 34°F to 97°F. It rarely goes below 24°F and beyond 104°F.

For more information, click here.


The summers are hot and oppressive in Houston, and winters are cool. It remains wet and partly cloudy all the year. Over the year, the temperature varies from 47°F to 95°F. It rarely goes below 35°F and beyond 100°F.

For more information, click here.

Dallas Fort Worth

The summers are hot and muggy in DFW, and the winters are windy and cold. It remains partly cloudy all the year. Over the year, the temperature varies from 37°F to 97°F. It rarely goes below 25°F and beyond 102°F.

For more information, click here.


Like Houston, the summers are hot and oppressive in Austin, and winters are short, windy, and cold. It remains partly cloudy all the year. Over the year, the temperature varies from 43°F to 97°F. It rarely goes below 30°F and beyond 102°F.

For more information, click here.

San Antonio

Like Houston and Austin, the summers are hot and oppressive in Austin, and the winters are short, windy, and cold. It remains partly cloudy all the year. Over the year, the temperature varies from 43°F to 96°F. It rarely goes below 31°F and beyond 101°F.

For more information, click here.

5. Energy Industry Plays an Essential Part in the Economy

Energy Industry Plays an Essential Part in the Economy

The energy sector, especially the gas and oil industry, plays a vital part in offering job opportunities. These industries are number one for offering an array of career options, ranging from different fields.

Following are some of the biggest energy companies headquartered in Texas:

Exxon Mobil

Doing business as ExxonMobil, it is a multinational Oil and Gas Corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas. The employees of this corporation come from diverse demographic backgrounds, which means there is a chance for everyone, regardless of their background.

Exxon Mobil was founded on November 30, 1999, by John D. Rockefeller. Currently, this industry leader consists of 71,000 employees, and their annual revenue is about 215.3 billion US dollars.

Conoco Phillips 

ConocoPhillips is an American multinational energy corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. They are also one of the industry leaders with about 11,400 employees and generating an annual revenue of 38.7 billion US dollars.

ConocoPhillips was founded back in 1875 by Frank Phillips, L.E. Phillips, and Isaac E. Blake.

Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum, organized in Delaware and headquartered in Houston, is an American company that works in hydrocarbon exploration in the Middle East, Colombia, and the USA. In addition, they have their roots in petrochemical manufacturing in Canada, Chile, and the United States. They have about 11,000 employees and are generating an annual revenue of 17.8 billion US dollars.

Occidental Petroleum was founded back in 1920 by Armand Hammer.

Citgo Petroleum

Citgo Petroleum is a US-based refiner, transporter, marketer of lubricants, petrochemicals, transportation fuels, and other industrial products. The corporation is headquartered in the Energy Corridor of Houston. The majority of the corporation is owned by PDVSA, which is owned by the Venezuelan government.

Cheniere Energy

Cheniere Energy, Inc., headquartered in Houston, is a medium-sized company that works in liquefied natural gas. It became the first-ever US company to export liquefied natural gas in February of 2016. It is a Fortune 500 Company (as of 2018). They have about 911 employees and are generating an annual revenue of 3.5 billion US dollars.

Cheniere Energy, Inc. was founded back in 1996 by CharifSouki.

6. A Range of Quality Higher Education Options

A Range of Quality Higher Education Options

Texas has a diverse economic population, which means the quality of higher education also varies a lot. This is what makes moving to Texas best for families with kids. The University of Texas at Austin and Texas A&M University are two of the USA’s best universities. Other top public universities in Texas’s vicinity are the University of Houston, Texas State University, University of North Texas.

Moreover, for private universities, you also have several options, including Austin College, Baylor University, Rice University, and Southern Methodist University.

7. Amazing Sports Culture


On any weekend, you will find crowds of Texans in stadiums and sports bars rooting for their favorite teams. Since it is a large state, Texas residents have many well-loved sports teams to cheer throughout the year. Some of the most popular professional teams in Texas include the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers, Houston Texans, San Antonio Spurs, and many more.

8. Most People Own Guns


In Texas, it is legal for citizens to carry and conceal weapons with a Texas LTC, and many households own more than one gun. For non-residents, concealed carry is also legal but with a concealed carry license/permit from a state honored by Texas. It is one controversial fact about this state and something you should be aware of wherever you go. One should be at least 21 years old to get an LTC (source: USCCA).

One needs to perform a four to six-hour training course along with a written exam and shooting proficiency demonstration. Following are some more Gun Laws.

Open Carry

One can open carry if he/she has a Texas License to Carry (TLC) or a concealed carry license/permit. But the handgun should be in a belt or a shoulder holster. The minimum age for open carry is 21 years and 18 years for active-duty military.

Self Defense

Texas is a “Stand to Your Ground” state, which means a person is not bound to retreat any place that he/she owns and has a right to be in a situation where one has to use deadly force to protect oneself or another. For more information on the Gun Laws in Texas, click here.

9. Full of Nature

Full of Nature

If you are a nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, you will be happy to know that Texas has enough national and state parks to make you happy. The most popular outdoor activities include hiking, camping, boating, and of course, barbeque.

Following are some of the best state parks in Texas:

Big Bend Ranch State Park

Big Bend Ranch State Park, located on the U.S./Mexico border in West Texas, is the largest state park in Texas. It consists of over 300,000 acres of high-desert terrain, which offers countless exploration opportunities, including hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, and more

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

It is a national historical park and a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located in San Antonio. It is known for preserving four out of five Spanish Frontier missions in San Antonio.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a popular spot for hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, and exploring. You can also experience Texas Outdoor Musical throughout the summer. It features dancing, singing, fireworks, and much more.

Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park encompasses more than 5,000 acres of land and is less than two hours’ drive north of Austin. You can enjoy three types of activities in this state park: Land, Water, and Underground activities.

10. The Food and Drink are Amazing

The Food and Drink are Amazing

The Lone Star State is famous for its BBQ, beef brisket, Tex-Mex dishes, chili, Frito pie, margaritas, Shiner Boch beer, and more. In short, you will be amazed to found so many food options, and that too full of taste and joy.

11. Don’t Mess with Texas


“Don’t Mess with Texas” is a famous slogan of a successful anti-littering campaign. In addition, it is also an excellent general rule. Texans love their state, and they cannot hear anything negative or bad about it. If you are moving to Texas, it would be great if you stick to the positive when communicating with a longtime Texan.

Pros and Cons of Living in Texas


  • You can enjoy both rural and urban living situations in Texas.
  • As already mentioned above, Texas has a low cost of living. This means that shopping, grocery, gas, and everything else is available at a low cost than most other cities. For instance, the price of gas alone is about a dollar lower than the average gas price in California.
  • To live in Texas is emotionally uplifting. According to a survey, the Lone Star State boasts the fourth-lowest level of adult depression. Moreover, this survey shows that people are well satisfied with their work and lifestyle.
  • Texas offers excellent education. Many schools in the state have received top ratings due to their great policies and teachers.
  • The job opportunities are just massive. Texas is ranked 5th in the nation, and there are several headquarters of major companies located in the state.
  • If you are moving to Texas with your family, you will find everything best there as the state is known to be family-friendly, with several activities and accommodations for both kids and adults.


  • The public transport of Texas needs a little bit of attention. The options are somewhat limited if you are not in the mood to drive your vehicle.
  • If you are going to Texas because of its summer vibes, yes, the state gets a pretty good share of sun. However, the weather isn’t always blissful, as you will occasionally see severe thunderstorms and tornados.
  • The roads into various cities of Texas are congested. So, the closer you get to the city, the more crowded the roads become.
  • If you don’t like humidity, Texas’ weather isn’t suitable for you. This is because it is a humid area, and you might often feel sticky and wet.
  • You will have to pay higher property taxes than most other states. The average household in Texas has to pay about $3,000 in property taxes each year.

Best Places to Live in Texas

Texas, also known as the Lone Star State, is a large and diverse state. It won’t be wrong if we call it a whole other country. Now, you might be aware of what Texas has to offer to the people moving in here. It is time to know about the best places/cities in Texas.

1. Austin


Austin is a small city of Texas filled with great food, music, and nightlife. To promote local businesses, they used the slogan “Keep Austin Weird,” which has gained the city international notoriety for its offbeat culture. If you enjoy music and live shows, Austin is known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” for a reason. In this city, you will find several festivals, live performances, and music events year-round.

Whether you are a fan of indie rock, jazz, or blues, there is something for everyone regardless of your taste in music.

Compared to other large cities of the US, the cost of living in Austin is relatively cheaper.

2. San Marcos


San Marcos, while being smaller and more affordable, has an Austin-vibe to it. According to the US Bureau, it is named the fastest-growing city from 2013 to 2015. Home to Texas State University, most of the population you will find in San Marcos consists of college students. This also means that you will get all the benefits of a young, energetic, and youthful community.

3. Denton


Denton is known as a music city. The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival is the most popular highlight each year, where both big and small musicians gather for a weekend music party. Like San Marco, Denton is also a college town with two major universities; Woman’s University and the University of North Texas (UNT). UNT is well-known for its jazz/music program.

Moreover, this city is home to highly rated public schools, active nightlife, and a mix of city and suburban feel. Housing in Denton is relatively affordable, and the median age of people there is 28. Therefore, the city is full of younger, working professional demographic.

4. San Antonio


Being the second-largest city of Texas, just behind Houston, San Antonio is much more affordable than most other big cities in Texas, including Austin and Dallas. If you and your family need more square-footage on a budget, moving to San Antonia might be an excellent option for you.

With a large concentration of Hispanics, you will find San Antonio’s culture to be quite diverse. Cultural events like Diwali, Texas FolklifeFestival, and Fiesta San Antonio promote ethnic diversity and can be enjoyed by people belonging to all backgrounds without any discrimination.

5. Plano


The concentration of big businesses having headquarters in Plano makes this city an ideal location for business. This also means that Plano has several job opportunities to offer. Libraries, schools, parks, and other facilities are becoming more developed as more and more people settle into Plano.

Top Employers in Texas

If one of your major reasons to move to Texas is getting the best job, then Texas is the place to go. From financial to tech to energy sectors, the following are some of the top employers in Texas:

1. Dell Inc.

  • Headquarters: Round Rock
  • Industry: Technology
  • Employees: 145,000

2. AT&T Inc.

  • Headquarters: Dallas
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Employees: 268,000

3. Phillips 66

  • Headquarters: Houston
  • Industry: Gas and Oil
  • Employees: 14,600

4. American Airlines

  • Headquarters: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Industry: Airlines
  • Employees: 126,600

5. Sysco Corp.

  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Industry: Food
  • Employees: 66,500

6. EB Grocery Company

  • Headquarters: San Antonio
  • Industry: Food
  • Employees: 100,000

Quick Tips

  • When choosing your moving company, make sure to check if the company you are going for has a TxDMV license.
  • Ideally, you should update your address information with the United States Postal Service before moving. This way, you will be sure that your mail is moving with you. Moreover, you will also receive coupons in the mail to help you save on many things in your new neighborhood.
  • When moving to Texas, you need to update your Driver’s Licenses, Vehicle Registrations, Voter’s Registrations, etc. You will find all the information related to this on the official site of the State of Texas.
  • Texas’ law dictates that one should secure a driver’s license within three months of moving to the state. You can find all the information related to it here.

The Bottom Line

Apart from the information regarding the move, there is quite a lot to know about your new home’s history and culture. If you have already decided to make a move, it would be great to consider how it will impact your budget. If you are worried about the budget and everything related to money, we recommend contacting a professional financial advisor as he will help you identify and meet your financial goals.

All in all, moving to Texas would feel great if you are looking forward to a friendly community that is always in for giving a great company, and of course, making the best BBQ.

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