Best Beaches Close to Houston

Galveston Island State Park beach

Houston is an unexpectedly convenient gateway to a myriad of magnificent beaches. Houston does not have any beaches. However, the sandy beaches of Texas are only a quick ride away from the city. It’s also surrounded by several state parks with revitalizing lake beaches. So, treat yourself to a fantastic seaside vacation … Read more

What Are the Top Golf Courses in Houston?

people strolling around the Memorial Park golf course with the Williams Tower in the background

Houston, Texas, is a popular destination for golfers of all skill levels, thanks to its more than 165 golf courses designed by renowned architects and its mild winter climate. Houston courses are known for their stunning views, challenging play, and lush landscaping. Here are the best golf courses in Houston that will … Read more

What Are the Major Hospitals in Houston?

the Houston Methodist Hospital building, cars passing down the street

As a result of various ailments, we occasionally require access to medical services. So, where can you get good medical care? If you live around Houston, Texas, or its surrounding areas, there are several hospitals to consider. Houston remains a medical facility hub. These are the various hospitals that are regarded as … Read more

25 Of The Best Things To Do In Houston

Houston skyline at night

Houston, among the heavily populated cities in Texas and North America, is known for its diverse history and culture. This city was called “the American city of the future” and is known to have skilled and soulful residents living a smart lifestyle.  One reason Houston has a big population is the massive … Read more

Things to Do in Houston First Ward

Allen’s Landing park

Houston is a city with a thriving economy, diverse population, and an abundance of things to do. In Houston First Ward, there are many opportunities for residents and visitors alike to find their own niche in the community. For those interested in getting more involved, volunteering at one of the many organizations … Read more

River Oaks: A Prosperous Neighborhood in Houston, Texas

River Oaks Garden Club

River Oaks is an affluent residential community situated between Downtown and Uptown Houston, Texas. Since its establishment in the 1920s, this community became a well-publicized model for community planning. In 2013, this neighborhood was named as one of the most expensive areas in Houston. In this article, we will know more about … Read more

Learn more about the amazing career of Earl Campbell

Earl Campbell Signing

Earl Christian Campbell or popularly known as Earl Campbell was a professional football player who used to be a running back for the New Orleans Saints and Houston Oilers of the NFL. He is known for his punishing and aggressive running style and his ability to break tackles. He is also hailed … Read more

Things to Do in Chinatown, Houston

Chinatown Houston Sign

Chinatown, Houston is located near Bellaire in Houston, Texas. Asians of different descent mostly populate the neighborhood; Koreans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, and other races live and work here. The Chinatown in Houston is filled with restaurants, shops, and grocery stores. That is why whether you are looking for Vietnamese pho, a Japanese Ramen, … Read more

History of USS Texas (BB-35)


Placed in active service in 1914 as the world’s most potent weapon, the Battleship Texas’s most significant contribution is its inception of the usage of cutting-edge aviation, gunnery, and radar during its time. Today, the 27,000-ton New York class war vessel is the last Dreadnought and battleship in existence to have survived … Read more

Hakeem Olajuwon – NBA’s “The Dream”

Hakeem signing

Hakeem Abdul Olajuwon is a Nigerian-American basketball player that grazed the National Basketball Association’s courts between 1984 to 2002. Renowned as “The Dream,” he cemented himself as one of the league’s top-notch players not only of his era but in the entire NBA, thanks to his distinct playing style, blending strategical defensive … Read more

The College of Health Care Profession Has Nine Campuses Around Texas


The College of Health Care Professions (CHCP) is an accredited private educational and training institution of allied health professions with nine campuses around Texas. Tracing its roots in 1953, CHCP now serves a leader in the medical career education, helping thousands of students start their professional healthcare journey, and guiding them towards … Read more

Houston Skyline District – The Reflection of Houston’s Development

Houston Skyline District - The Reflection of Houston’s Development

Houston Skyline District is a geographic area in Downtown Houston, boasting one of the largest skylines in the United States and stunning architecture, with a myriad blend of Italian renaissance. art-deco, post-contemporary styles. Today, the skyscrapers collection continues to serve as the home of many renowned multinational institutions and businesses and reflects … Read more