Interesting Facts About Houston, Texas

Texas is known as second to the largest state in the United States in terms of landmass and population. Interestingly, it is home to various tourist attractions that attract visitors from around the globe. It is also known for its large and classical cities famous worldwide. And when it comes to popularity, Houston, Texas, is probably included in the top list. 

Houston is a city in Texas known for being the most populous. The city alone has a growing population of more than two million people. Numbers are incredible as it is considered the fourth most populous city in the United States. Furthermore, Houston home to several tourist spots, wherein it is visited by millions of tourists annually. Other than spending your week-long vacation, Houston is also a great place to settle down. A lot of people consider living in Houston, Texas, mainly because of its warm atmosphere, outstanding health care services, excellent education system, and relatively low cost of living. All of these factors contribute to how great Houston is. 

Moreover, there are many other interesting facts that you should learn about Houston. This massive city is more interesting than it seems and holds several secrets and information that is sure to catch our attention. Here are some of the interesting facts that we can find in the capital of space exploration: 

  • Houston was founded by brothers named Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen on August 30, 1836. 
  • Houston is known for its massive size, wherein it gained recognition as the most populous city in Texas and Southern United States. In addition to this, it is the fourth most populous city in the United States and the sixth in North America.
  • Houston is home to the first multi-purpose, domed sports stadium around the world, also known as the NGR Astrodome or Houston Astrodome. This sports stadium was established in 1965 and became the standard for most giant stadiums in the country and around the world. 
  • Interestingly, Houston is home to other establishments that are considered first in the country. The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir of Houston was known as the first Hindu mandir located in the United States. 
  • Houston is also home to the largest building in Texas: the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower. This tower is not just known for being the tallest in the state; it is also famous for being the tallest five-sided structure around the globe. In addition to this, the J.P. Morgan Chase Tower was initially designed to significantly taller; however, changes were made since there would be a conflict in interference from the nearby airport. 
  • Besides having the tallest five-sided building around the world, Houston also boasts having the largest medical center worldwide. The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical center in the world, which is known for its advanced medical facilities and exceptional medical experts.
  • Houston also flaunts its mega-sized shopping mall. Just like the earlier entries, Houston is home to the largest shopping mall in Texas, known as the Houston Galleria. The Galleria was opened in 1970 and was considered the largest in the state ever since.  
  • Houston is the first word ever heard from the moon. Most people might be aware of the famous Apollo missions, and this information is nothing new. Upon landing on the moon, the first words that were sent to the Mission Control were “Houston, Tranquility Base here.” 
  • Greater Houston is considered the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the country, with more than 145 languages spoken by locals and residents from foreign countries. 
  • Houston also has some well known sports teams as well, which compete in the national leagues. These teams include Rockets, Texans, Astros, Dynamo FC, and so on. 
  • Houston is also famous for having more than ten thousand restaurants, which are home to diverse cooking styles, including Asian and European dishes. Because of this, Houston is considered one of the best culinary places in the United States. 

These are only some of the interesting facts found in Houston, Texas. From its massive size to its world-class establishments, it is no wonder Houston is often considered one of the most significant cities in Texas and the United States.