16 Scenic Beaches of Galveston Island


Galveston beaches are stunningly beautiful, which is why it is desired by many vacationers. The 32 miles of beaches are great for walking and relaxing. It has a range of beaches like East Beach, one of the most popular, and Stewart Beach. All the beaches in Galveston are open to the public. Some have easy access points, but all of them have something good to offer. From the beaches of Galveston Island to the crystal shores of Bolivar Peninsula are a wide variety of pristine shorelines that offers numerous activities. Enjoying the calming effect of the beach is one of the top 10 things to do in Port Aransas which can be enjoyed at the Galveston beaches too. These beaches are places where good memories take place that can give an imprint of a lifetime. Here are 16 scenic beaches on Galveston Island.

A look at Galveston Island after Hurricane Ike

1. East Beach

Galveston’s East Beach is the biggest beach and one of the most popular on the island. The 80- acre beach park has all the amenities that each beachgoer needed for a day, from restaurants to volleyball courts and an entertainment pavilion. Swimming and enjoying the summer beach is the reason why people enjoy driving to East Beach as compared to others on the island. They also have available chairs, cabanas, and umbrellas for rent.

2. Stewart Beach

One of the family-friendly beaches in Galveston is Stewart Beach. It is a popular beach because of its location.  Food, restrooms, activities, and the popular seawall promenade are available here. There is plenty of space on the sand where volleyball games happen during summer. Near the beach, it provides a nice playground for children. The best beach season starts from March to October.

3. Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is located on the Bolivar Peninsula, one of Galveston’s top beaches which requires a ferry ride to get there. You are allowed to have a full day out going to Crystal Beach next to the blue Gulf of Mexico waters. There are available hotels and vacation home rentals near Crystal Beach and for outdoors you are allowed to spend the night using a tent. Savor the many benefits of going to the beach like spending the day relaxing or basking in the sun for your perfect summer tan.

One of the scenic captures on Galveston Island of the Gulf Coasts of Texas

4. Seawall Beach

Seawall Beach is the best-known beach in Galveston, the most central beach located on the island.  It has the famous seawall and the longest sidewalk in the country. There are no restrooms available in Seawall Beach, but across the street, you can find many restaurants and convenience stores.

5. Galveston Island and State Park Beach

A picturesque sunset at some of the beaches of Galveston Island

This is a must-visit place for your vacation, it has wide sand and plenty of rooms. If you’re planning to have a full day at the beach you can include a hike in one of the state parks trails, like the Clapper Rail Trail which leads you to the brackish marshes and see Galveston’s unique ecosystem. This beach will never fall short of activities for you, your friends, or your entire family.

6. Bolivar Beach

One of two popular beaches on the far- east edge of Galveston is Bolivar Beach. It is a wide beach with lots of semi-hard sand which is good for long walks on the coastline. You can access Bolivar Beach from Galveston on the Bolivar Ferry; it is free and runs throughout the day. It is a 15-minute ferry ride with a view of seagulls and pelicans following the ferry.

7. Sunny Beach

This is a small beach located on the west side of the island. It is a quiet dog-friendly beach with sand dunes and a comfortable place to relax by the water. There are no available restrooms, and you need to spend a few hours walking or driving on the sand.

8. Bermuda Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet beach place away from the busy central Galveston beaches, try Bermuda Beach on the island’s west end. There are no public restrooms on the beach, but it is perfect for the morning walk and for catching the sunset. This is a perfect spot for some meditation and soul-searching moments where you can be at peace with nature and relax with a serene mind.

9. San Luis Pass Beach

The Galvez Hotel and the beach shore at Galveston Island, Texas

One of the best scenic beaches on Galveston Island is San Luis Pass Beach. Unlike the other beaches, this is not recommended for swimming because of the dangerous current present in the water. It may not be good for swimming, but a great beach for ocean scenery and natural surroundings.

10. Shell Beach

One of the smallest beaches in Galveston is Shell Beach, it is located on Pelican Island next to Seawolf Park. As its name shows, Shell Beach is made up of tiny shells that cover the semi-circle-shaped beach. There is no assigned parking, it is best to park at Seawolf Park and walk across the grass to the beach. This is a fantastic place to spend time and to explore millions of small shells decorating the ground with different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can arrange a full day plan on Pelican Island visiting Shell Beach then go to Seawolf Park and enjoy the wide space used for fishing and picnics. Also on the spot is the Galveston Naval Museum, which has two U.S military vessels, including a WWII submarine that you can board.

11. Babes Beach 

One of the most popular beaches in Galveston is Babes Beach. It is known for its extraordinary water and easy access. Babe’s Beach has great swimming waters and other exciting water activities that you can engage in. Restaurants are available and several beach shops across the street.

12. Porretto Beach

Porretto Beach is a privately owned beach in Galveston. It is located on the island and is separated from other beach areas. It is a family beach owned since 1958 and is a popular option for tourists visiting the city.

13. Beach Pocket Park 1

This is a quiet beach in Galveston’s west end that allows you to drive directly to the beach. It is a nice option for families who wants to stay away from crowds. The 7.5-mile shoreline is well-maintained. You can sit and relax and feel the breeze blowing from the ocean. There are no restrooms or rental amenities on this beach, you will need to bring everything with you for your visit and head into the central part of the island to find restaurants and restrooms.

14. Beach Pocket Park 2

If you are looking for a light soil spot away from the crowds, with parking and some accessible amenities. The soft sand is a big draw for this beach, it’s a quiet place to relax. There are shower and restroom facilities available, and the Tipsy Turtle Grille has food and changing rooms for beachgoers.

15. Beachtown Beach

Beachtown is not far from Galveston’s Each Beach there is a huge difference in the number of crowds that you will experience. Beachtown Beach is situated within a suburb community on the island’s east end, it can easily be reached from public access point 1A. The beach has large sweeping sand dunes.

16. Texas City Dike

This beach is more of a recreational beach opportunity as opposed to swimming, but it is very popular, especially for fishing. It is considered the longest fishing pier in the world, and a great place to watch the locals that enjoy coming here. You can access the Texas City Dike across the bridge from the Galveston in Texas City.

In conclusion, Galveston cradles many beaches that are very safe for families. If you skip away from Galveston’s 32 miles of sun-drenched shores, you’ll discover a place that balances the old and the new with fascinating ease. As this amazing place cradles, the beautiful beaches and captures the most breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset, the possibilities of activities and relaxation are basically endless.

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