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Plato rightfully said that the sea cures all ailments of man. Being at the seaside does not only heal a lot of your skin ailments but also boosts the spirit and physical energy. So, put your traveling fears in the backseat and get ready for a beach trip. Simply lounging by the beach can be one of the best warm-weather past times. There are a lot of profound effects and benefits of going to the beach. While most people praise the beach and its scenic beauty, only some of them understand the vast array of its benefits. Some of them are listed below.

1. Stress Reliever

Stress Reliever

A well-planned beach trip can act as a perfect stress reliever. There is a reason that people just lay down on beaches and do nothing. Cool ocean breeze, splashes of the waves, and warm sunrays combine to make it an ethereal experience for those who’re looking to relax and have some time for themselves. Anxiety and stress often eat up people from the inside, and when they see no way out, most of them decide to spend some days at the seaside. The thought of being with oneself and pondering upon all the events soothes out most of the individuals and unties the knots in their heads.

2. Primary Source of Vitamin D

Primary Source of Vitamin D

It is medically proven that spending just an hour outside in the sun can make up for the daily dose of vitamin D, and is beneficial for your health. In case, your health is deteriorating and bones need strengthening, a soothing sunbath at a beach would go a long way. It is a wildly popular practice and people often find themselves better, both physically and emotionally, after just laying down in the sun for a while. Getting a proper vitamin D intake also strengthens your teeth and improves the overall functioning of the immune system.

3. Natural Exfoliation 

Natural Exfoliation

Aside from all the health benefits of going to the beach, it can also prove beneficial for your skin. Most of the modern beaches are acquainted with a spa by their side. They provide different organic skin treatments that are different from the spas in the cities. You can make use of different scrubs and exfoliators there, and have a skin day, all for yourself. Even if it’s a traditional beach, you can always place your feet in the sand and soak the sun. The sand acts as an effective natural exfoliator and sheds most of the dead skin cells.

4. A Good Night’s Sleep

A Good Night's Sleep

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, one thing that humans are most deprived of is a good night’s sleep. Due to the late working hours, most of the people don’t sleep on time or can’t sleep at all. Going to the beach can solve most of these problems. It’s medically proven that sea air is filled with healthy negative ions, which accelerate our oxygen absorbing ability. This effect, combined with the soothing and relaxing surroundings of the beach can make you sleep like a baby.

5. UV Rays

UV Rays

While soaking a lot of sun rays is not good for your skin, spending a bit of quality time under UV rays can alleviate your spirits and is good for your physical and mental health. The heat and warmth of the sunrays positively influence our endocrine system. This crucial part of the body is responsible for the effective regulation of our growth, sleep, metabolism, and other important body functions. Just being at the seaside and soaking up the sun means you’ll be benefitting your mind and body in so many positive ways.

6. Ideal Picnic Spot

Ideal Picnic Spot

If you’re bored lately and want to experience the thrill of traveling with friends, a beach can act as an ideal picnic spot. Specifically for those who prefer a rather calm and quiet place for a get-together, some of the beaches close to San Antonio would be a perfect destination. Grab a rug, bucket, and pack up your favorite foodie treats for a nice day out at the seaside. You can also have a bonfire at night with your favorite people singing along with the mood, and have a night of your life and that too with a great view. 

7. Bond with Nature

Bond with Nature

Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Study nature, love nature, and stay close to nature. It will never fail you”. Beach is one of those places that resonate so perfectly with the calm and peace that nature brings to your soul. By taking a trip to your favorite beach, you’ll not only be able to bond with nature but will feel a spiritual uplift. Just a stroll by the beach on a nice sunny morning helps awaken the innermost feelings of peace and happiness. Additionally, environmental psychologists have gone a long way to prove this fact.

8. Improves the Heart Rate

Improves the Heart Rate

If you are one of those who love to take long walks, alone in calm surroundings, going to the beach would be a perfect day out. The calm evening walks along the seaside will not only bring you peace but improve your heart rate as well.

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The pounding of waves at your feet acts as a massage method and will activate blood circulation. Swimming in the ocean can strengthen your muscles and joints. With the endless exercise opportunities at the seaside, your physical health will surely improve. However, you need to be careful of dangerous areas and stay safe during the beach trip.

9. The Perfect Summer Tan

The Perfect Summer Tan

In case you’re living in a part of the world that’s mostly cold or you’re unable to catch the sun in its peak moments, getting a perfect summer tan becomes almost impossible. In such circumstances, start preparing for a day out at the beach. Wear your sunscreen, lay down, soak up the UV rays and get the perfect tanned body this summer. It’ll surely boost your confidence, magnify your overall look and help even out your skin tone. Some tanning experts believe that catching some rays may even lengthen your life.

10. Improves Mental Health

Improves Mental Health

Being near the seaside /beach can positively influence your mental wellbeing. As you sit on the beach feeling the fresh ocean breeze blow through your hair and embrace the warmth of the sun, you are bound to feel more relaxed and at peace. The soothing seaside buzz is also famous with the name of ‘thalassotherapy’, among Hippocrates. The quiet and peaceful environment, along with the rhythmic movement of seawater enables a meditative state. The benefits of meditation include increased happiness, deep relaxation, stress reduction, improved peace of mind, and heightened creativity.

It’s Time to Love Yourself – And Take that Beach Trip! 

It's Time to Love Yourself - And Take that Beach Trip! 

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the fast pace of this world, do not forget to take time out for yourself, and what better way to do that except a nicely planned beach vacation. Going to the beach and soaking your body in the sand will not only prove beneficial for your mental health but also resolve a lot of physical health issues. You’ll be amazed at the healing powers of a quiet and calm seaside environment. Unplug your devices, benefit from the negative ions in the sea air, get a good night’s sleep under the dim-lit moon and most of all, love yourself!

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