Top 10 Things to Do in Port Aransas


Port Aransas is a city in Texas, 180 miles away from San Antonio. It is the only city established on Mustang Island. If you are planning a trip to visit this beautiful place, you might want to know everything about it. Also, you must know the best time to visit this city. In Port Aransas, the warmest month of the year is August. The average temperature in Aransas during August stays around 30°C to 31°C. On the other hand, in winters, the temperature can go as low as 10°C during the nighttime. However, the best time to visit the city is in September, when it’s not extremely hot neither too cold.

Once you visit Port Aransas, there are great outdoor activities that you must not miss. Here is a list of the top 10 things you must do during your trip to Port Aransas.

1. First and Foremost, Head to the Beach

If you are a sucker for oceans and beaches, Port Aransas is the best place for you to visit. The beaches there are wide and clean. The brown sand on the beaches of Aransas is perfect for running and riding a bike, as it is hardly packed and soft.

The ocean waves are not dangerous for kids, and the temperature stays comfortable for almost half the year. The fun doesn’t just end here; you can also hire the sandcastle guy. The Aransas sandcastle guy will teach your family or group how to build a giant sandcastle. For the people who love a vacation with long walks along the beach and building castles while enjoying the beautiful breezy weather of a beach, the Port Aransas beaches are the best place for a visit.

However, make sure to check the weather predictions before you visit the beaches as sometimes the amount of seaweed can be too much, which might make most people uncomfortable.

2. Go Fishing

Port Aransas is also known as the “Fishing Capitol” of Texas. All around Mustang Island, the shallow water and Bay fishing are very famous. You can also go fishing around the jetties and fishing piers.

However, if you like deep-sea fishing and want to try it, you can do that as well. In the Gulf of Mexico, the most popular fishes are Marlin, Tuna, and sailfish. Moreover, you can book fishing charters for four to ten hours. In these charters, you are provided with all the supplies required for fishing, including lures, reels, rods, tackle, and bait. The crew members will guide and teach you all the basic fishing techniques.

3.  Spend Quality Time with the Dolphins

For more than 30 years, Dolphin watch nature tours are being operated in Port Aransas. These tours allow you to watch dolphins in their natural habitat (the ocean). For the visitors, two large decks are offered. One coast guard certified trimaran is allowed to board only 100 passengers at once.

There are two types of tours; sunset cruises and educational nature tours. The sunset cruises panoramic horizon view of the ocean and dolphins. However, the educational nature tours allow the people who are keen to learn about the ocean to learn more about the coastal history and the marine ecology. Not just that, people also book private charters for weddings and other functions.

4.  Dine Out with Family or Friends

Port Aransas is an internationally known tourist spot, and this is why you can find excellent restaurants there. For example, you can check out Virginia’s on the bay, famous for its beautiful views of the lighthouse and two-story waterfront eating space. If you are lucky enough, you might also get to see dolphins playing in the nearby waters and a magical sunset.

Virginia’s on the bay’s menu is full of delicious dishes, including starters, main courses, drinks, and desserts. Moreover, the restaurant also offers special options for vegans and kids.

5.  Don’t Forget Parasailing

You can’t miss out on parasailing while you are visiting Port Aransas. It is one of the most popular activities because of the amazing breeze that blows off the Gulf of Mexico and the vast ocean. Kids who are seven or above can enjoy parasailing. If you are not really into it but want to watch your friends or family do so, you can get on board as a rider. It is an excellent option because some people just don’t like heights, or some kids are too young to enjoy parasailing.

6.  Pirate Ship Adventure

The red dragon pirate ship will take you on a treasure-hunting adventure, with swords, canons, and storytelling. In this exciting adventure of two and a half hours, you will experience a complete adventure as a pirate in a pirate ship. Oh, and you will also get to enjoy some light snacks during the adventure. This pirate ship adventure is especially very fun for kids.

7.  Birdwatching

Port Aransas consists of six key sites on the most significant birding trail – the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. During the spring and fall migration times of birds, you can watch around 450 different species of birds. The unique location of Port Aransas makes it an attractive point for people who love birdwatching.

The boardwalks and observation towers are present all around the area, and even a casual observer would feel like a pro birdwatcher there.

8.  Horseback Riding

Nothing can beat the fun you will have while riding the horseback on the beach. The combination of the ocean breeze, wet sand, and a beautiful horse cannot get any better. The rides are completely guided and safe. Moreover, the tours are family-friendly, offering rides across the Gulf of Mexico’s sand and surf. Don’t forget to get your photo taken while riding the horse.

9.  Jet Skiing

Every ocean lover would want to enjoy a Jet Ski ride at least once in life. In Port Aransas, you can rent a jet ski for a whole day to enjoy the water, waves, and wind of the ocean. You can reserve a jet ski by calling before your arrival or after you reach there if a jet ski is available.

10.  Shop till You Drop,_Texas#/media/File:Port_Aransas.JPG

Port Aransas is a famous tourist destination and an excellent point for shops, galleries, and boutiques. You can find everything from home décor to dresses inspired by Mustang fashion there. You can buy souvenirs for your friends and family, just simply go to the market for window shopping at night and gather as many memories as you can.


Port Aransas is a place full of excitement, adventures, nature, history, arts, and culture. It is impossible for a person to get bored at such a beautiful and versatile place. It is equally great for young kids, elders, and even older people to visit. You will find yourself at a very peaceful place where the sceneries are not earthly, and the weather is just perfect.

Once you visit Port Aransas, you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything that this place has to offer. It is guaranteed that your visit will be memorable, and you would like to visit Port Aransas, again and again, every year. The place is undoubtedly full of nature and beauty, and of course, humans are made to see and praise nature’s beauty.

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