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The growth and the success of a company depend on the team it maintains and nurtures. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child, a company could be the brainchild of an individual but its growth is not solely dependent on that individual alone. Understanding the significance of teamwork, Atlassian provides solutions to businesses of all kinds to develop better teams, nurture strong collaborations and resolve issues pertaining to tracking systems by utilizing the Agile development and OpsDev methodologies.

Importance of Atlassian in the Tech Industry

Atlassian makes it simpler for companies to plan and manage their projects competently and makes collaboration between local and cross-country teams a breeze. The Australia-based company has managed to become an integral part of a large number of businesses and organizations worldwide with their project management and tracking tools like Jira and Trello.

Overview of Atlassian

Co-founder of Atlassian

This holding company is the blood, sweat, and tears of two college friends and dreamers, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. Who would have known that two companions who would register a company in 2001 in the name of a Greek Titan would become a big player in the IT Software and Service industry within a span of 22 years? Their reputation can be gauged by the fact that around 86% of the companies listed in Fortune 500 use Atlassian software products.

Scott Farquhar, founder of Atlassian

Atlassian Corporate Culture

Though initially from Australia, Atlassian now has its offices in major technology hubs like Amsterdam, San Francisco and Austin. Many startups start strong but eventually their charm fades away. Atlassian stays, thanks to its commitment to transparency, social inclination and say-no-to-nonsense policy. IT teams of many companies are spread globally. For these IT teams to work without hassle it is necessary that they can collaborate efficiently, and are on the same page with the motive of the task.

Atlassian made it possible for teams around the world to enhance their digital processes, and optimize customer interaction by providing them with tools like Trello, Jira, Confluence. Whether the teams work inter-city or cross-border, they can conveniently collaborate, thanks to the advanced project management tools available to them. No wonder organizations like Lufthansa, Skype, Netflix, Cisco, NASA, Tesla Motors, Twitter and Facebook and many other big names are their loyal customers.

Atlassian Products and Services

Before we proceed, you need to see what are the types of saas software ?

types of saad infographic

Atlassian’s ambition was always to upscale team productivity of organizations. This credo can be experienced in the modern, seamless and optimized software range that the IT giant has to offer, including:


Jira is a project management software built to catalyze multiple organizational processes and procedures. It was their first product, which they launched in 2002. It is based on the agile development approach that allows for swift operation, better regulation and sorted management of projects. The basic skeleton of the software is composed of components called Issue, Project, Board and Workflow. The four components work in tandem to allow a team to track bugs, track issues and manage projects.

With its unparalleled instrumentality, the software has shown exceptional improvement in key areas such as warehouse automation, document flow and expense optimization.


If you struggle with managing a team that works from numerous locations, Confluence is a great option that allows you to maximize your team’s productivity. This virtual workspace lets you bring everything under one roof, a hassle-free management tool that lets you turn ideas and plans into successful tasks. Teams can brainstorm their ideas and set their agendas, keeping all conversations, plans, timelines and feedback in one place.

Not only does Confluence help in building better teams, but it also creates an open environment where every team member feels the freedom to share and get feedback. A culture of creativity and positive criticism aids in sustenance of a robust team. From their structured page tree that lets you organize work on different pages to practical templates that makes it a cinch to dive right in the work mode, Confluence has it all and more to collaborate with equanimity.


BitBucket Pipeline feature

Integrated with Jira, the Bitbucket Cloud provides programmers and developers with flexibility to review code and track bugs, get immediate reports pertaining to codes and access Jira tickets right away. The Git-based cloud service makes coding and bug fixing a breeze.

The Snippets allow developers to easily access segments of the code, review and edit, and keep the workflow smooth with Bitbucket Pipeline. Already integrated with Jira UI, the problems related to Jira can be fixed without switching between various contexts. It is obvious that a built-in CICD tool makes your incremental code changes a cakewalk!


colorful user interface of Trello

Whether you want to build a to-do list for your own assignments or you have a team that is scattered around various locations, Trello is a great choice if you want to manage a project with competence.  Built on the Kanban framework, Trello has made Project Management less of a boring and dull experience. The best part is how Trello lets you integrate with Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, making it simpler to maximize the potential of teams and getting all the issues sorted in one place.

From Project Management to setting up meetings, and organizing tasks to collaborating with different enterprises, Trello can do all that. Thanks to its built-in Butler Automation, one does not even have to sweat over things that do not matter. You can set up rules or schedule ahead and let the robots do the rest!


Opsgenie lets you focus on important tasks by reminding you beforehand of all the glitches and disruptions. Not only does it alert you of shortfalls or incidents, it keeps a tap on all the incidents, ensuring to report and analyze the situations in advance. Opsgenie values how integral smooth running of services is for any business. It is designed to let the team work with minimum interruption by providing an immediate messaging service. Stakeholders can be notified in advance and teams can plan proactively to save time. The On-call management becomes effortless with Opsgenie.


An incident could disrupt your peace of mind and clutter your inbox with support requests, but you can avoid all the drama with Statuspage. Its pre-designed templates ensure you alert your users instantly of any glitch. Besides letting you manage your customer communicating with efficiency, Statuspage manages your subscriptions, allows messaging through various platforms and creates transparency by exhibiting incident statuses.

Atlassian Revenue and Growth

In just a couple of decades Atlassian products and services have managed to become  go-to productivity tools used by the companies all over the world. A company that initiated on a credit card loan of $10,000 in 2001 generated $2.8 billion in 2022, which speaks of the kind of growth it has experienced in such a short span of time. Not only the company but the founders have proven that the sky’s the limit when you are clear about your targets, their net worth ($20 B each as per Forbes 2021 statistics) speaks for itself!

Interestingly, the go-getter attitude of the company works to their advantage. Back in 2012, the company dived into app business by launching an Atlassian MarketPlace. The eager beavers that they are, they started off with just 60 apps but managed to have more than 5300 apps and integrations by 2021. Not to forget that the sale it generated for the MarketPlace Partners was over $2 B.

Mission and Value

Atlassian is not just hell bent on building team management softwares but it implements all the team building mantras for itself as well. Teams for Atlassian are the core of a company therefore their comfort is the priority. From planning efficiently to coding and keeping accountability on every step makes it all the more easier for seamless collaboration and undisrupted teamwork.

A clarity of your vision makes all the difference, the one reason why Atlassian’s success is not a surprise. The company works by 5 values and it respects them at all costs. It believes in

  • playing and growing as a team
  • tolerating no nonsense
  • appreciate talent by giving its people wings to fly by trusting their abilities
  • not keeping customers in the dark ever, and
  • be the change that you want the world to see

The company’s mission to “unleash the potential of team” is quite apparent in its own team of 7000 Atlassians who are spread across 13 countries and serving more than 200,000 customers worldwide.  

You know you are doing something better when your own competitors appreciate your hard work. When Atlassian launched Stride in 2017 to compete with Slack, one of their major competitors, Stride along with HipChat were sold to Slack in the same year! Unfortunately, though, both the services ended in 2019.

Philanthropy and Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is at the heart of the company and why shouldn’t it be, after all, everyone has to contribute to make this world a better place. Atlassian not only provides free trials to non-profit organizations, but they can also buy their apps and tools at 75% discounted rates than the usual price. Finance should never be the reason to halt a good cause! 

Atlassian Foundation is another initiative which has partnered with Pledge 1% to pledge 1% of equity, profit, time and products for causes that can benefit the disadvantaged or underprivileged communities. As of now, more than $ 54 million is donated while around 190,000 hours were volunteered for social causes by the employees of Atlassian. These initiatives highlight the fact that together, as a team, we can achieve a lot more than doing it solo.

Atlassian Future and AI

With AI being all the rage, everyone is overwhelmed and slightly scared as to how it will affect their work, but not Atlassian. It staunchly believes that AI cannot solve problems of dysfunctional teams. AI cannot overshadow the reliance on teams, if anything, it can aid them but certainly cannot replace them. 


With its comprehensive approach towards teams, inclusive working culture and ethical perspective towards social responsibilities, Atlassian is here to stay and for the better. While the competition is fierce, with companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, GitHub and Service Now, it is highly unlikely that Atlassian will be deterred. If anything, it is equipped to come forth with better and more efficient project management and software development tools.

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