Port Aransas is a Great Destination for Texas Snowbirds


Port Aransas’ unique history amazes the Texans who visit the Sandpiper Condos located on Mustang Island. Port Aransas was once a stamping ground for pirates, including the legendary Jean Lafitte, who traveled the seas hundreds of years ago. According to the legend, Lafitte buried the treasure on the shores of Port Aransas, and even today, thousands of snowbirds and other visitors come to the white sandy beach to look for treasure.

Port Aransas is home to various species of fish, shrimp, dolphins, and North American birds, including the threatened species of the whooping crane. Many snowbirds enjoy fishing and bird watching because of the natural environment.

The snowbirds find Port Aransas and nearby towns, including the city of Corpus Christi, very interesting. Here, they can enjoy golfing, shopping at local outlet centers and malls, and exploring Corpus Christi’s exciting attractions.

If you are traveling with elderly passengers, the local attractions provide senior citizen discounts on certain days, and some offer low daily rates for Winter Texans. Other attractions offer educational lectures suited specifically to snowbirds.

Best Time to Visit Port Aransas

The most suitable time to visit Port Aransas is between July and November based on the climate, weather, peak travel seasons, hotel, and flight prices. This is because August is the warmest month in Port Aransas, with temperatures reaching 88ᵒF. However, during the winter, the temperature in Port Aransas can drop to as low as 50ᵒF at night.

In Port Aransas, the longest days between sunrise and sunset are usually in July. That is why you should make the most of your daytime activities while you are here. Also, remember that it rains the most in September. So, if you don’t like rainy weather, September is the month you may want to avoid when coming to Port Aransas.  Although it may rain for a short time during the day or at night during the wet season, this does not necessarily mean that the rest of the day will be cloudy. So don’t put off your decision just because of the rain.

Best Places to Visit in Port Aransas

1. Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach

Port Aransas Beach is known as the cleanest beach in Texas by the residents and tourists. This is because people rarely visit it, and there is no trash in the water. During the summer, visitors flock to this area. There is always something to discover with an 18-mile-long shoreline. You can also find seashells on the beach but beware because some of these might be snail shells. If you put them in your pocket without checking, they might bite you, which can be painful.

The beach is safe because lifeguards are on duty all the time. What most snowbirds love about this place is that there is no noise or rush from traffic in the area surrounding the beach.

2. Charlie’s Pasture Nature Reserve

If you are a fan of birds, this nature reserve is a must-visit place for you. Whether you are with family or on your own, this is an excellent spot for taking photos and watching some birds, such as pelicans, black-necked stilts, Wilson’s plovers, etc. You can also walk around as there is a proper trail system here. But keep in mind that the trail was damaged during Hurricane Harvey and that repairs are currently underway, so there may be a little bit of inconvenience.

There are also some picnic areas here, so if you come in a group, it would make a great party spot amid many interesting birds.

3. Museum and Farley’s Historic Boat Shop

Museum and Farley’s Historic Boat Shop

You must visit Port Aransas Museum during your trip to Port Aransas to learn more about the city’s interesting history. Those who visit this place appreciate learning about the historical artifacts. If you go with a volunteer, you will learn all about the interesting facts and stories about the Port Aransas Museum.

Things are updated in the museum from time to time, and it even has a collection of photographs showing the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey on Port A.

It takes about 45 minutes to take a complete tour of the area. Unlike most museums, this one isn’t huge, but it’s still quite informative. Furthermore, there is a Farley’s Historic Boat Shop, a repair shop for boats. The people here are always telling exciting stories to visitors. You can also make some donations to the poor to help them pay their utility bills.

4. Fisherman’s Wharf and Other Shops

Boats docked at Port Aransas

People may forget to bring the necessary accessories when going fishing. But thankfully, Port Aransas has a Fisherman’s Wharf, which is similar to a marina or retail store. You can get everything you need here, including bait, ice, fuel, clothing, hats, sunglasses, and a variety of other items. This shop also has a variety of souvenirs like key chains and cups. There are also a few other small shops in the area.

5. Horace Caldwell Fishing Pier

Port Aransas is home to sea creatures, including hammerhead sharks, black drums, sand trout, shrimp, bull reds, and many others. And Horace Caldwell Pier is one of the top spots to fish and surf in Port A. it is located on the northernmost point of Mustang Island.

Before going, keep in mind that a small fee is required to access the pier, based on the number of rods you have. The majority of those who have visited it have stated that they always catch something which makes their fishing experience great. The Horace Caldwell Fishing Pier has everything you need for a delicious dinner.

The pier is 1,240 feet long and is opened 24 hours a day.

6. Virginia’s On The Bay Restaurant 

Virginia’s On the Bay restaurant is the best place to visit if you want a fine dining experience. They have a variety of American dishes and fresh seafood from the surrounding waters. This place also has a bar, so getting your favorite drink on a hot day won’t be a problem.

You can eat here at any time of the day or night, even late at night. It’s purely a magical experience when you hear the water from the shore at night while eating your favorite food.

Virginia’s On the Bay menu is full of delicious items, ranging from sandwiches to expertly crafted margaritas. You should visit this restaurant if you ever visit Port Aransas. The views here are spectacular because it is located right on the beach.

7. The Corpus Christi Walking Ghost Tour

Over time, as more people seem to be interested in visiting Port Aransas, more tour operators have started to offer mini-tours. The Corpus Christi Walking Ghost Tour is one of those where Certified Tourism Ambassadors take you on a 2-hour journey telling great stories about ghosts in Port Aransas.

This tour also includes a visit to some of the town’s most infamous and mysterious locations. The majority of people who took this tour said it was pretty interactive, with information about paranormal investigations that continue to take place in the area even today.

This is an excellent place for ghost enthusiasts to learn more about the hauntings and manifestations that surround Port Aransas.

For more information on what to do in Port Aransas, click here.

Port Aransas – A Great Place to Visit for Texas Snowbirds

Port Aransas is an excellent destination for Texas snowbirds. You can visit many soothing places here, such as the beach and the museum. You can even catch some fish at the pier and eat it fresh, go on ferry rides and enjoy the lovely view, sky dive and see Port Aransas from the air, fine dine, etc. In short, the opportunities to have fun here are unlimited for Texas snowbirds.

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