Pflugerville – A City Between a Rock and a Weird Place


Pflugerville is a city that is situated in Travis County, Texas. Sometimes, this place is known for “being stuck between a rock and a weird place” because it is in between Round Rock and Austin. You might think that Pflugerville is not as popular as other cities in Texas, but do not let that fool you because this place has some unique places that you can go and explore. That is why we are here to get to know more about Pflugerville, Texas, its history, and the places that you should go to when you’re there.Pflugerville Lake

History of Pflugerville, Texas

From late 1949 to early 1950, the area was initially settled by a German immigrant named Henry Pfluger Sr. along with his family. The Pfluger family is known to be a wealthy family in Germany. However, they lost all of their property during the Prussian War. When they arrived in the United States, they decided to purchase 160 acres of land that is located two miles east of Austin. He and his family then built a five-room log cabin and cultivated rye, wheat, corn, sugar cane, and sweet potatoes.

The community in Pflugerville did not develop until the end of the Civil War. In 1870, a school, as well as a Lutheran church, were built at the settlement. Aside from that, the very first commercial business in Pflugerville was established, and it was a general store that was owned by Louis Bohls. In 1893, Pflugerville’s post office was established, and it was Louis Bohls, who served as the community’s first postmaster.

During the mid-1890s, the population of the community reached about 250, and a small downtown started to develop. But still, during this time, most residents of Pflugerville did their shipping and banking in Round Rock.
The track of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad between Georgetown and Austin was completed in 1904 and passed just right outside of Pflugerville, and this caused the town to grow. That is why that same year, the townsite of Pflugerville was platted by George Pfluger and his son. By the 1920s, Pflugerville was home to about 500 residents, and it was also during that time when several school districts were consolidated with Pflugerville High School.

By 1930, around 580 people lived in Pflugerville. However, The Great Depression stopped what could have been a lengthy period of growth in Pflugerville. And by the 1940s, the population in the community fell slightly to 500. After World War II, the town lost about a quarter of its people because people started moving to Austin and other larger cities that have more significant deployment opportunities. However, despite the population loss, Pflugerville still managed to survive.Pflugerville Rock Gym

Places to Go and Things To Do in Pflugerville, Texas

  • Taste Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue

    If you are looking to feast on some barbecue while you are in Pflugerville, Texas, then you should give the Brotherton’s Black Iron Barbecue a try. This place offers a traditional barbecue that is smoked and cooked using post oak. We suggest that you also try their Texas-inspired sandwiches like the Reuben with smoked brisket pastrami and homemade sauerkraut.

  • Go to the Heritage House Museum

    If you want your trip to Pflugerville to be a little bit historical, then you should head on down to the Heritage House Museum. Here your questions as to how the town got its name will be answered here in this museum. You can also see several personal items and photographs that were donated by local families in Pflugerville.

  • Enjoy some fun family bonding at the Northeast Metropolitan Park

    If you want to have some fun family bonding while you are at Pflugerville, Texas, then the Northeast Metropolitan Park should be included in your itinerary. This park has several sports fields, basketball courts, a skate park, playgrounds, BMX tracks, as well as trails for jogging, biking, or walking.

  • Build pebble castles at Lake Pflugerville

    If you want to experience some beach vibes while you’re in Pflugerville, then we suggest that you go to Lake Pflugerville. This is the closest thing that you can have to a real beach while you’re in Austin. The sand is actually tiny pebbles, but you can still form castles out of them. This place also has restrooms, shaded picnic tables, grills, as well as a playground, which means you can actually spend that whole day there with your friends or family. The place also offers kayak rides so you can enjoy some time in the water and be one with nature.

  • Relax and cool off at Falcon Pointe Splash Park

    This park free and open to the public. It has covered picnic tables, restrooms, as well as a little playground that is right of the splash pad.

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