Nine Amazing Sites to Check at Fulton Texas


Nine Amazing Sites to Check at Fulton Texas

Since the turn of the century, Fulton, Texas has been a popular tourist destination. In addition to providing opportunities for outdoor recreation such as boating, fishing, and birding, Fulton is home to some of the most acclaimed dining and lodging establishments in the Texas Coastal Bend region. Shoppers will find vendors selling a wide variety of goods, including fresh seafood, jewelry, beachwear, art, and more from the Gulf of Mexico.

A Brief History

Fulton, Texas, is in Aransas County. This South Texas fishing town had 1,358 residents in 2010. George Ware Fulton, a local developer, named the town he founded in 1866 after his wife Harriet Smith Fulton, who inherited 11,000 acres (4,500 ha) on the northern end of the Live Oak Peninsula. Fulton was an Indiana teacher who came to Texas by flatboat during the Texas-Mexico independence war. He arrived in Texas after the war ended and joined the Army of the Republic of Texas for a few months. He married Henry Smith’s daughter, Harriet. They raised a family while George supervised railroads and built bridges. Harriet inherited 48,000 acres of Texas coast, so they moved to Live Oak Peninsula.

The Fulton’s built the Fulton Mansion ten years later and formed a cattle company. George Fulton invented the first chilled slaughterhouse. Cattle from south Texas were driven to Fulton, where many slaughterhouses opened. In the 1880s, when railroads reached the area, live cattle could be shipped to cities like Chicago.

Here are some of the beautiful places to check when you happen to visit the beautiful small town of Fulton:

1. The Fulton Mansion Historical Site

The Fulton Mansion is one of the historical architecture that you must visit at Rockport.

The Fulton Mansion State Historic Site is in Fulton, Aransas County, Texas. It’s one of the earliest Second Empire buildings in Texas and one of the most important in the Southwest. Colonel George Ware Fulton and Harriet Gillette Smith finished the 4-story structure in 1877. The “Oakhurst” home had indoor plumbing in every bedroom, gas lighting, central heating, three bathrooms, and two copper tubs.

1907-1943: Joe and Lillian Davidson owned the mansion. The May family bought the house and turned it into an RV park in 1952. Felix and Gladys Boldin bought the property in the 1960s and ran the RV park until 1969 when they sold it to the Copelands, who ran it until 1974. The state bought Mrs. Copeland’s dilapidated house in 1976.

The mansion was listed in 1975. The State of Texas bought the mansion and 2.3 acres (0.93 ha) in 1983. Fulton Mansion was transferred to the Texas Historical Commission on January 1, 2008, from Texas Parks and Wildlife. The house was restored from 2013 to 2015.

2. Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

A relaxing view of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Aransas County, Texas, United States

The Aransas National Wildlife Refuge is an enormous protected natural area that is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including several endangered species like the whooping crane, which is the tallest bird that can be found in North America. In fact, it was recognized by the USA today as one of the best national wildlife refuges. It features wildlife watching where you will have the opportunity to see a great number of species of animals including the endangered whooping crane which is also available in other areas of Port Aransas, a great destination for Texas snowbirds and other wildlife species. In addition, fishing and hunting are permitted in the refuge so long as the appropriate permits are obtained.

3. Rockport Cultural Arts District

During your exploration of the Rockport Cultural Arts District, you can stop in one-of-a-kind shops to look for one-of-a-kind works of art and home decor, and you can also visit historic sites and places that host performing arts. This pedestrian-friendly section of the city was given the designation of a cultural arts district in 2016 by the Texas Commission on the Arts. It is home to a variety of art studios, galleries, and sculptures.

4. Rockport-Fulton Little Theatre

Rockport-Fulton Little Theatre puts on shows that are not to be missed by anyone who has even a passing interest in the performing arts. At least one month out of every year, performances are put on at this theater in Rockport, which is in the heart of the city. The theater is home to some of the most skilled actors in the region.

5. Rockport-Fulton Visitors Center

You should get off to a good start during your time in the Rockport-Fulton area by paying a visit to the Rockport-Fulton Visitors Center. In this location, you will find a wall of history, a shop selling a variety of souvenirs, and information about local attractions, businesses, upcoming events, and historic sites. In addition, there is a place where you can purchase items related to the area’s history.

6. Texas Maritime Museum

At the Texas Maritime Museum in Rockport, you can learn about the state’s extensive maritime history, beginning with early European exploration and continuing up to the present day. After you’ve had a chance to peruse the museum’s displays of maritime navigational tools and artifacts related to the shipbuilding and oil and gas industries, head up to the observation tower to take in an unforgettable sunset.

7. Memorial Park

Rockport-Memorial Fulton’s Park is the perfect place to go if you want to spend some time outside because it features 1.65 miles of trails for hiking and biking, as well as a nature trail that is 3/4 miles long and other amenities that are similar to what you can enjoy when you visit Padre Island National Sea Shore with the numerous ways to unwind in the area. Play a round of disc golf on the nine-hole course, work up a sweat on the outdoor fitness court, or enjoy a picnic while soaking up the abundant sunshine along the Gulf Coast. These activities can be done from one of the several observation areas that are located throughout the park.

8. Goose Island State Park

The Big Tree, which is one of the biggest live oak in the world belongs to Rockport, Texas.

There are many enjoyable activities that can be done along the Texas Gulf Coast, ranging from fishing and hiking to kayaking and watching birds. Goose Island State Park in Rockport provides a setting that is picture-perfect for engaging in all these exciting activities. You can fish off the 1,620-foot pier, in addition to the miles of hiking and biking trails that are scattered throughout the park. In addition, there are more than a hundred camping spots available. Every day of the week, visitors to Goose Island State Park are required to pay a nominal fee to enter the park.

9. Fulton Schoolhouse Museum

A look at the history of Texas as seen through the eyes of students is provided by the Fulton Schoolhouse Museum. Visit the museum, which is housed in Fulton’s original one-room schoolhouse, and you’ll get to see a wide variety of authentic artifacts from the early decades of the 20th century, such as desks with inkwell holes in them. This can all be observed on the afternoons of Saturdays and Sundays throughout the entire year.

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