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The city of McKinney might be just 30 minutes away from Dallas but the atmosphere and vibe around this part of the state are just breathtaking. Recognized as one of the most livable places within the US, the city is known for its historic importance and contribution to Texas.

As of 2014, Money Magazine defined the city as the “Best Place to Live in America”. With a charming main street, nice people, plenty of shoppers, and some preserved historical infrastructure, we are sure you will spend a great time at McKinney.


History of McKinney

In 1839, William Davis donated 120 acres out of 3000 acres for the townsite. This was the place where McKinney first started. In only 10 years, the site was incorporated and then worked as a major commercial hub. The city got its name from Collins McKinney who was one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence.

Since then, McKinney has been gaining importance because all business sectors were working here. Farmers provided a major stock of wheat, corn, cotton, and other agricultural products. Rapid industrialization took place which led to the creation of cotton mills, cotton compressing mills, cottonseed oil mills, garment manufacturing, and dairy manufacturing as well.

Many banks, churches, and schools then entered McKinney seeing the rising population and the growing demand for such services and products. With a rapid-paced development, McKinney adopted a commission form of government in 1913.

By 1985, the site just had a population of 16,000 with 254 businesses working in the city.  Since the year 2000, there has been a sharp rise in the population from 54,369 in 2000 to 131,117 in 2010.

Weather at McKinney

For those who are planning their tour at McKinney, they should know that McKinney has extremely hot temperatures in the summers because it is in the Sun Belt. On the other hand, humidity gives a much higher temperature feel.

The warmest month is July whereas the coolest month is January when over 8cm of snowfalls in McKinney. Temperatures could drop down up to -22 degrees Celsius so make sure your packing list has all the essential winter items like heavy leather jackets.

It is recommended to visit McKinney between September and March. With all four seasons coming at McKinney every year, the Spring season is the wettest because of the Gulf Winds.

There is a good amount of snowfall at McKinney every year.

Interesting Facts About McKinney


Other than being a hot favorite destination and one of the best places to travel, there are some quite interesting facts about McKinney.

The city has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. This was done because McKinney has one of the most scenic beauties around with tall trees everywhere adding more to the soothing environment and aesthetic atmosphere.

In 2006, First Lady Laura Bush gave the title of “Preserve America City” to McKinney because the state has some of the most important historic infrastructures around. There are plenty of sightseeing areas that are closely linked with American history. Some of these areas are still beautifully decorated to maintain their grace despite being old.

Being a town for historians, it is also said that there are many ghost stories for the buildings that are hundreds of years old. Over 1400 historic buildings are there and legends never fail to come up with ghost stories.

The US Census Bureau has ranked McKinney as the fastest growing city in America multiple times.

The fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States of America has been located in McKinney. It is the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex where huge public gatherings are often seen.

During the 1970s, the world’s largest denim pants manufacturer factory was located in McKinney. They were closed for an unknown reason and were never reopened. Renovations have been done to the area and is now being rented as the event rental area and is known as a famous location for some classic photoshoots.

The city is known for the textile mills that used to be here.

Top Places to Visit in McKinney

Chestnut Square Historic Village

If you love horror films and have no problem with ghost tales, visit this historic village where the buildings are still preserved in their original manner without any changes. There are multiple houses with a chapel, a school and boarding house, and a general store as well. Visit this place to relive ancient times and know how previous communities worked.

Main Street 

If you are going to McKinney, Main Street should be on your list. The point where shoppers meet and diners have some amazing food. It’s the Main Street of McKinney which brings a traditional and modern experience side by side with many buildings as old as 165 years. Plan your visit in the spring season when many festivals are held at “The Main Street”.

Towne Lake Recreation Area

Nature lovers will find this as the perfect spot with the perfect calm in the atmosphere. Stretch your legs in this 108-acre park or go around and visit the lake in a paddleboat. If you are interested in fishing, join the locals who are over there all year round. Volleyball courts and a hiking trail are also present. This makes it a recreational place for the entire family.

Spend time at the lake and enjoy.

Collin County Historical Society & Museum

Go over here and find out more about the Texas Revolution of 1835 which separated Texas and Mexico to form the Republic of Texas. There are many other historical artifacts over there along with documents signed by McKinney and different currency notes from the Republic of Texas. McKinney’s work is highlighted in numerous ways at this museum.

Local Produce 

If you are going to McKinney, we suggest you try out the local and organic products from places like “Local Yocal” which is a direct farm to market shop. One can buy multiple items such as the local beef, poultry, authentic cheese, fresh bread, milk, and other items as well. We recommend you try out some vegetables and fruits from here and you will visibly feel the difference.

Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary

If you or your little one is interested in wildlife and natural living; this place is just the right one for you. There are several interactive exhibits at this museum making it interesting for both children and adults to learn. There are special geology labs inside the museum allowing the visitors to learn from the experts. What’s most interesting about this place is the dinosaur’s exhibit which is a robotic one and just appears to be a real lifelike.

Plan a Tour!

McKinney has been known among the top places to live in America and surely this has been confirmed by the locals as well as many tourists who have been there. With many more recreational and historical places to visit in the city, it will be a delightful experience for all the visitors. We recommend that you plan your tour accordingly and make sure you live the best out of it.

In under one hour from McKinney, you can visit one of the top attractions of Texas, Downtown Fort Worth. More at the page- Downtown Fort Worth Where Business, Culture, and History Are Available.

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