Must-visit Castles in Texas


Texas is the second-largest state in terms of land and population of the United States of America. The Lone Star State has a unique culture, traditions and is famous for its barbeque, live music and incredible history. Texas is home to many tourist destinations that can be seen in monuments or castles that stand tall to witness the history. 

Photo of a brown concrete castle. 

It will be a lie if you say you didn’t wish to have a palace of your own as a teenager because we all grew up watching fairytales where the story mainly revolved around the grand castles. What if your dream came true just for a day before midnight? Would you hop on to the carriage to the marvelous journey of the castles in Texas? 

Feeling adventurous and want to explore Texas? Then be sure to visit the following castles for a mesmerizing experience:

Must-visit castles in Texas

Falkenstein Castle

It is situated in a small town of Burnet, built by Kim and Terry Young, who took inspiration from the Neuschwanstein Castle of King Ludwig II in Germany. King Ludwig II wanted to build a Falkenstein castle but passed away before he could. 

Given the conflicts over his development projects with his uncle, King Ludwig stayed discreet and stowed away the drawings in Neuschwanstein.  So the Young’s discovered the design of that castle and constructed a Falkenstein castle in Texas. 

It is built on a hill country of Texas, giving it a scenic beauty as trees surround it. This palace is mainly rented out for events, filming of movies or weddings. 

Bishop’s Palace

Photo of Bishop Palace in 1970.

This Palace, also known as Gresham house, was built for a local lawyer Colonel Joseph Gresham and his wife in Galveston. It is known for its amazing design and exceptional architecture surrounded by lavish green trees. 

The Bishop’s Palace is a lavish pleasure of hued stone, unpredictably cut adornments, uncommon woods, finished glass windows, mythical bronze serpents and different models, extravagant materials and decorations, and great chimneys from around the world (counting one fixed with unadulterated silver). 

Planned by Nicholas Clayton, Galveston’s head modeller, this Victorian palace was referred to by the American Institute of Architects as one of America’s 100 most significant structures. The house was built from 1886 to 1892.

It is now held by Galveston Historical Foundation that conducts private tours, and allows people to admire the castle closely from the inside. 

Castle Avalon

This magnificent castle is located in the town of New Braunfels. It is the central spot for conducting events and weddings as it is known for its aesthetic environment. 

The castle is surrounded by an appealing lawn and lush green trees. People mostly rent out this place for weddings as it comes with a glorious ballroom, giving it a magical touch. 

Old Red Museum Castle 

Four-story red-brick building.

In 1890, the Dallas County Commissioners Court opened offers for another town hall. The Court has chosen Arkansas modeller M. A. Orlopp to plan the construction and Robert L. James as broad project worker, but that didn’t quite work as the plan was different from the construction of the building.

Old Red museum underwent numerous renovations, but it never got rid of its historic glam. It used to be a former Red Courthouse built by the government. It is known for its huge clock situated on the tower of its fort that has remained constant from the very beginning. 

This four-story building is like an open book if you are looking to explore Dallas. It is a mere reflection of its past and how it should be in the future. 

If you want to learn more about Old Red museum Castle, check out our guide Discover the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture

Pemberton Castle 

The north side of Pemberton castle

The Pemberton Castle, otherwise called the Fisher-Gideon House, is situated at 1415 Wooldridge Drive. It began as a water tower utilized for battling flames and afterwards for watering crops on encompassing ranches. In 1925, development started to change over it into a Gothic Revival palace. 

Pemberton Castle started during the 1890s as a round and hollow water tower. It was changed over into a little palace during the 1920s by Samuel (Budley) Fisher for use as the Pemberton Heights development deals office. The palace was made in 1937 by Samuel Gideon and his better half Sadie Cavitt. 

Gideon, a regarded engineering teacher at The University of Texas, added numerous unmistakable highlights to the construction. The house is an awry gothic restoration style structure with a harsh stone face and unmistakable fortified railings. 

Pemberton castle is one of the most expensive sites of the state because of the scenic landscape that surrounds the castle. This house was also spotted in the movie Blank check in 1994 because of its magnificent interiors. 

Trube castle

Huge White mansion surrounded by trees. 

This place is for people who wish to visit the historic districts of Galveston. This Victorian-style castle was constructed in 1890, covers around 7000 square feet of land, and contains 21 rooms. 

It was built for John and Veronica Trube, and he requested the designer to create a replica of castles in Denmark in which he spent his childhood.

 Over time it turned into a private residence, and people started renting it out for photoshoots, events and even for night stays. It is a lifetime opportunity to get to spend a night in a castle. Appointments are required to tour the building and get a breathtaking view of the harbour.  

Elisabet Ney Museum

White front exterior of Elisabet Ney Museum in Austin

Elisabet Ney, the sculptor, purchased the castle named Formosa in 1982 and converted it into an art gallery. She sculpted the influencers and most famous men of Texas.

Soon after she died in 1970, her friends preserved her work by converting the art gallery into a museum and founded the Texas Fine Arts Association, where all her work is still displayed. 

This place is now open for tours and events. Lectures and workshops are also conducted in Formosa, for which you can sign up throughout the year. 

Newman’s Castle 

Mike Newman took his inspiration from his trip to Europe to build a castle. It took 20 years to bring the idea and design of the castle into reality. 

It features a moat and a drawbridge that leads to the castle, giving a dramatic view of the surroundings. It also has a chapel, central keep and a courtyard that acts as a major tourist attraction. Tours to Newman’s castle are conducted six days a week. 

Shelby County Courthouse Castle

Shelby castle was found in 1885 and is known for its twelve red-brick towers. The building is the only Irish-style castle in the United States and is put together with around 2 million hand-made bricks.

Modern features like a fireplace in the bathroom, Porcelain toilet and air conditions were installed when it was renovated in 2000.  

Why are Castles abandoned? 

Photo of a deserted grey castle.

The ancestors deserted Castles because of the military incompetency due to weapon advancement. Castles were outdated in comparison to the newly built palaces that provided comfort.

 Also, the maintenance expense of a castle is yet another significant reason that constrained the proprietors to leave them.

Things to pack when visiting these castles: 

A Boy holding a backpack and a binocular. 

Binoculars: If you reach the heights of a castle, having binoculars on hand can be very useful as binoculars will help you enjoy the breathtaking scenic view from the towers.  

Travel backpack: A travel backpack is required to store the essential items needed during the trip like water bottles, snacks, a torch and binoculars. An essential survival kit can also fit in this bag. 

Camera: It is best to carry a camera to record and capture the magical views, and it can also be used to make documentaries or any informative videos. 


Texas is home to many magnificent castles all over the place that are now open to the public for tours and events. A rich history lies behind each castle discussed above, and the design and architecture speaks volume of the effort put in for their construction. 

So these were the castles. What about other historical landmarks in Texas? If you want to learn about other historical landmarks in Texas, do check out our guide Top Historical Landmarks to See On Your Next Visit to Texas.

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