Lakewood Heights History Began in 1850s


Lakewood Heights is a residential neighborhood located in Dallas, Texas. The neighborhood covers approximately 240 acres of land, and It is next to several East Dallas neighborhoods, such as Lower Greenville, Lakewood, and Wilshire Heights.

The land where the Lakewood Heights sits is a part of the three land grants made in the 1850s by the State of Texas to, Amon McCommas, John McCommas, and Allen Beard. Amon McCommas, decided to start his own family on this land in 1844. That is why the McCommas Boulevard, which is located north of Lakewood Heights, is named after the McCommas family.

In 1914, Lakewood Heights was platted and Dan Sonnenthel Real Estate Company opened. The company added lots and began selling them. However, it was not until 1921 that land purchases in Lakewood Heights started to hit a high demand. The surge in sales resulted from post-war economic growth in Dallas where people had the desire to leave congested areas settle for more suburban neighborhoods.

The City of Dallas pushed through with the expansion and development of Lakewood Heights in the early 1920s. The expansion and development was completed in 1940. Over the years, there were efforts to preserve the historic Lakewood Heights. However, these efforts have been spurred by a fear of losing the neighborhood’s unique personality and character. But luckily, the neighborhood surpassed every problem and what was once known as a simple neighborhood of bungalows, is now an place of larger houses. Today, Lakewood Heights is a location of over 900 houses, and most of them were built are one-story brick houses that was built in the 1930s. Lakewood Heights somehow has the best location because it is near White Rock Lake, Lower Greenville, and Lake Tietze. Besides that, it is also accessible to different shops and restaurants located along Live Oak and in the Lakewood Shopping Center.

Parks and recreation

Located near Lakewood Heights is the 9-acre public park named Tietze Park, which is owned and operated by the City of Dallas. The park is located on the western side of Lakewood Heights just between Llano and Vanderbilt Streets. The City of Dallas bought the park in 1924 and it named after W.R. Tietze, who happened to be Dallas’ Superintendent of Parks from 1896-1933.

Aside from the great view and fresh air, Tietze park has a sandstone picnic pavilion built in 1934, a lighted baseball field, a community swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court, and other recreation and picnic areas.

Aside from that, Tietze Park is also home to more than 75 red oak, cedar, and live oak trees. The Friends of Tietze Park Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization aiming to improve, preserve, and beautify Tietze Park. In 2009, Preservation Dallas gave the Friends of Tietze Park Foundation a preservation achievement medal for having the Best Rehabilitation project of a Historic Landscape or Park.

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