Houston Skyline District – The Reflection of Houston’s Development


Houston Skyline District is a geographic area in Downtown Houston, boasting one of the largest skylines in the United States and stunning architecture, with a myriad blend of Italian renaissance. art-deco, post-contemporary styles. Today, the skyscrapers collection continues to serve as the home of many renowned multinational institutions and businesses and reflects Houston’s remarkable development.

A Postcard of Houston Skyline District

History of Houston Skyline District

Houston Skyline District is a product of Downtown Houston’s transformation as a major business hub. After the conclusion of the Texas Revolution, Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen, two real estate investors from New York, bought half of the land, owned then by Thomas F.L. Parrot and wife, Elizabeth Austin. The Allen brothers resided at the corner of the Buffalo and White Oak Bayous, now regarded as Allen Landing.

Through their persistent efforts, Downtown Houston has seen massive growth across the years, attracted many businesses, and increased its population. While it caused the demise in the area it devastated, the Galveston Hurricane in 1990 proved to become a significant event for Downtown Houston as it forced investors to look for new sites to settle but sans the threats of natural disturbances often affecting Galveston and other key cities. As the most intense hurricanes only reach Houston, it proved to be an excellent resort for investors.

Nighttime view of Houston Skyline District

The following year, the Spindletop oilfield discovery further helped the area surge, as more oil companies and shipping industries started transferring to east Texas, and with the majority of them choosing Houston. Combining the two events, Downtown Houston experienced rapid development, and skyscrapers were erected in the city.

JPMorgan Chase Tower, completed in 1981, originally named as the Texas Commerce Tower

With the continuous improvement, Downtown Houston was then divided into smaller districts, giving birth to the Houston Skyline District. As years passed, the area has then seen expansion and surge of new skyscrapers, the same boom experienced by other key cities, such as Dallas and Los Angeles. In the 1970s, more structures were constructed as Houston benefitted from the rise of the energy industry.

In 1971, One Shell Plaza, the first major skyscraper in the city, was constructed, with a height of 218 meters, with 50 floors. Subsequently, more buildings were built, such as the JP Morgan Chase Tower in 1982, boasting 75 floors and standing 305 meters, and the Wells Fargo Plaza, having 71 floors, with a height of 296 meters. The latter two, at some point, ranked as one of the tallest buildings in the country. Today, Houston Skyline District serves as a home to 10 out of 26 Fortune 500 Companies in the city. Its massive workforce benefits and gets connected through an intricate Skywalk and Pedestrian Tunnel system, running over six miles long.

Places To Visit Near Houston Skyline District

While gazing at skyscrapers is undoubtedly enticing, there are other places near the Houston Skyline District that can complete your Houston experience.

Houston Zoo

It is a zoological park situated within Hermann Park, spanning about 55-acres. If you’re a certified animal lover, get ready to be filled with glee as the zoo houses about 6,000 animals from over 900 species. Each year, the zoo gets about 2.1 million visitors, making it the second most visited zoological park in the United States.

The Museum of Fine Arts

One of the ten largest art museums in the country, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, offers a vast collection of approximately 64,000 works of art from six continents, keeping six millenniums of history. The museum supports the Houston community through publications, publications, media presentations, programs, workshops, programs, and resource centers, making it an integral part of the city.

Discovery Green

Regarded as Houston’s Backyard, Discovery Green is an urban oasis, providing residents and visitors an ideal place to play, relax, and meet. It features a playground, dog runs, recreational area, bandstands, and venue that everyone can relish.

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