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Texas is the second-largest state of the US, just after Alaska. It occupies about 7% of the United State’s land and water area and is divided into six parts: North, East, Central West, South, East Texas, and Panhandle (we can link the content here). In this article, we will briefly talk about North Texas.

Also known as Northeastern Texas, North Central Texas, or what the natives call Nortex, is a 9,000-square-mile region that majorly falls upon the Dallas–Fort Worth. Consisting of 150 cities, North Texas is home to 7.5 million people. The areas that come under the radar of this region include north of Waco, south of Oklahoma, west of Paris, and east of Abilene. 

Fort Worth Skyline at Sunset 

People use various names to talk about this part of the state. You would hear some calling it DFW or Metroplex, while others would usually call it simply North Texas. Back then, during the early years of the Civil War, this area had a number of Unionists living in the rural counties of Texas. Due to them, many big North Texas cities outside Forth Worth and Dallas still follow the rural southern way of lifestyle, especially regarding mannerisms, cuisine, religion, and dialect. 

The best thing about North Texas that most people like is it has all resources to skyrocket your business and get your business plan off the ground. Doesn’t matter you are an entrepreneur or a fresh startup; there are several opportunities for everyone. Here, you can find everything booming – be it real estate, tech companies, startups, etc. Interestingly, North Texas houses over 20 Fortune 500 companies that drive the corporate services ecosystem and play an essential role in this area’s economy.

Besides, North Texas has the 5th highest concentration of tech workers in the US, and the median age of a person here is 35. If you are thinking to move to North Texas to work in the technology industry, you will not find yourself short of options here. 

  • Weather


North Texas has a subtropical climate with scorching summers. You will face severe storms frequently in the spring as it lies in the southern section of “tornado alley.” Most of the time, the winds coming from the south are quite high and persist for several days. However, dusty winds are infrequent as they only come from the west. Most of the year, even in January, the weather remains mild. However, the last record-setting snow fell in Feb of 2011, which was about 12.8 inches. Moreover, the warm season stays here for about 249 days (also known as the freeze-free period). 

There are only a few summer nights when the low temperature exceeds 80°F. But the temperature during this time of the year exceeds 100°F frequently. Therefore, all the residents tend to use air conditioners when indoors and while traveling via a vehicle. 

  • Major Cities 

Dallas is one of the major cities in North Texas, with a population of about 1,331 million (as of 2019). Following Dallas is the Fort Worth, Arlington, and Plano. These cities are a major hub of arts and culture in North Texas. 

  • Sports 

There is no shortage of sports facilities and management in North Texas. This region of the US has countless teams for about four major professional sports leagues of the country. These leagues were introduced in 1960 following the first time Dallas Cowboys participated in the National and American Football Leagues. 

Some years later, in 1972, the Texas Rangers were formed when the Senator belonging to the Major League Baseball moved to Arlington, Texas from Washington. The year 1980 also boosted sports in the state when the Dallas Mavericks were added to the National Basketball Association (NBA). Apart from basketball and football, North Texas also ardently supports hockey. The Dallas Stars was formed after the Minnesota North Stars of the National Hockey league moved to North Texas. 

  • State Fair in Dallas

One of the most culture-exclusive aspects of North Texas is the State Fair of Texas that is held in Dallas at the historic Fair Park. This State Fair is an eminent part of the Dallas culture as it has been held annually since 1886. It has only been canceled for different durations during the World Wars and the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. 

The fair is inaugurated on the last Friday of September and spans over 24 days. A lot of visitors come to attend this event from all over the country. This annual State Fair is famed for fried food, corn dogs, and the tallest Ferris wheel in the Western Hemisphere. 

  • History of Texas

The history of this state is very much related to the current culture in the state. There is an interactive museum named Frontier Texas in Abilene, which dates back to the rich history of the state. Texas Historical Commission is dedicated to performing duties regarding the historic preservation of various historical places and events in the state. 

  • Folklore of the State 

The Folklore of the state has a substantial connection with the alluring history of ranching and cowboys of the state of Texas. The management body overlooking this aspect of Texan culture is known as The Texas Folklore Society and ranks second in the country. 

Some popular folklores associated with Texas are:

  1. Pecos Bill: A fictional cowboy 
  2. Davy Crockett: A brave folk hero who served America as a frontiersman, politician, and soldier in the Texas Revolution. He is narrated to have died at the Battle of the Alamo.
  3. Ottine Swamp: This is the name of an old urban legend of a swap monster in Ottine, Texas
  • The Cuisine of North Texas 

Dallas, the center of North Texas, is very famous for its barbeque and Mexican food, also known as Tex-Mex cuisine. Dallas is well-known for offering a wide variety of food from different cultures. If you are a foreigner in Dallas, you are bound to find some outlet offering your native cuisine. The restaurants in the suburban areas of North Texas peculiarly feature Chinese, Korean, Indian, African, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Taiwanese, Persian, and numerous other cuisines. 


North Texas is one of the most vibrant and historic regions of the state. It has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, deep-rooted culture, arts, and food. There are lots of events and celebrations happening all year-round in the cities of North Texas. The hospitality of the residents is also very appreciable. 

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