A Guide to East Texas

Map of East Texas

if we compare East Texas to other regions, such as North Texas, it is quite different. For instance, you can clearly see many differences in culture, geography, and ecology there. According to the Handbook of Texas, East Texas is separated from the rest of the state by a border that extends from … Read more

A Guide to North Texas

Map of North Texas

Texas is the second-largest state of the US, just after Alaska. It occupies about 7% of the United State’s land and water area and is divided into six parts: North, East, Central West, South, East Texas, and Panhandle (we can link the content here). In this article, we will briefly talk about … Read more

A Guide to South Texas

San Antonio, the fastest growing city of South Texas

South Texas is considered one of the most cost-effective regions for both mission-critical operations and international businesses. SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, the richest man on this planet, is located in Brownsville, and the headquarters of H-E-B is in San Antonio, South Texas. Therefore, it won’t hurt to say that South Texas … Read more

A Guide to Central Texas

Covering about 17,400 square miles, Central Texas is spread around Austin and is roughly bordered by San Marcos to Hillsboro and San Saba to Bryan. This region includes and overlaps the Texas Hill Country, and it lies within the Edwards Plateau in terms of geography. The most popular areas of this region include: Austin–Round Rock Waco metropolitan areas … Read more

A Guide to Texas Panhandle

The Texas Panhandle is a rectangular area bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma. It includes northernmost 26 counties and has a land area of 25,823.89 sq. mi, or you can say it covers nearly 10% of the state’s total area. An extra 62.75 square miles is covered by water. The Panhandle is slightly larger than West … Read more

A Guide to West Texas

West Texas consists of 30 counties and has many unique economic conditions. According to the census of 2018, the median age of the residents was slightly younger than that of the state. However, Loving County has the region’s oldest average population – and it is also one of the least populated counties … Read more

Geographic Regions of Texas

El Paso, Texas

Texas is quite diverse and large in terms of geography; in fact, it is the second-largest state of the US, just after Alaska. It occupies about 7 percent of the land and water area of the US. The state of Texas is generally divided into six parts: North, East, Central West, South, … Read more