You Can Visit Europe in Texas


Do you ever want to visit some European destinations such as Italy, London, or Paris? Well, if you happen to live around and near Texas, you have a chance to take a trip across the world and visit all the cities we mentioned in the great state of Texas. You read that right, you can visit several European named towns in the Lone Star State that you should add on your bucket list. You do not need to get on a plane and fly away to Europe because these cities are in the great state of Texas.  You can go on your own Texas European Tour!

Paris, Texas

Paris TexasA lot of people, especially the locals, calls this place the second largest Paris in the world. This old-fashioned little town is located in Lamar County, which is on the western edge of Piney Woods and just northeast of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Here in Paris, Texas, you can see a 65-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower, which is situated at the Love Civic Center. The only difference that this Eiffel Tower has is it has a big red cowboy hat on its tip, and it is like a crown. Aside from this, Paris, Texas, also has several 19th and 20th-century houses. Apart from that, this town has an annual “Hamfest” wherein they draw ham radio operators to Paris in droves. This is usually held every second Saturday of October.

Italy, Texas

Italy Texas

This place is often hailed as the biggest little town in Texas. Italy, Texas is located in Ellis County, just 20 miles north of Hillsboro and 15 miles south of Waxahachie. Settlers first came in Italy, Texas, in 1870, and there they began to farm in the fertile soil that is surrounding the town. They cultivated cotton, corn, sweet potatoes, and wheat. When the railroad was built in 1890, it passed through Italy, Texas, that is why this place became a market center. From then on until the Great Depression started, the population in Italy, Texas, continued to grow.

Edinburg, Texas

Edinburg Texas

Edinburg, Texas is situated in Hidalgo County near the Rio Grande Valley. It was founded in October 1908, and today it serves as the county seat. Here in Edinburg, Texas, you will find a strong sense of community among its locals. This town has a reputation for having top-notch educational facilities, proving their residents an excellent quality of life, as well as having a pro-business attitude. In fact, Edinburg, Texas, has been hail as an All-America City by the National Civic League for three times. We can assure you that Edinburg, Texas, is home to good-natured and hospitable Texans.

London, Texas

London Texas

Located in Kimble County, London, Texas is a small town gem because its population is only around 180. This place has a town square that was designated as a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark back in 1971. One mysterious thing about this place is that they keep a furtive artifact called London Hammer. This said hammer is made out of wood and iron, and it is found encased in rock. Some experts believe that the hammer was an out-of-place artifact, and they question how a man-made tool can be found contained within the formation of rock. This weird artifact was found by a man named Max Hahn and his wife while they are taking a walk around Red Creek near London, Texas. At first, the couple thought it was just a piece of rock with a bit of wood in it; that is why they decided to take it home. It was only until ten years later when their son accidentally broke the rock, and they discovered that there was a hammer hidden inside the rock.

Athens, Texas

Athens Texas

 Athens, Texas, is located in Henderson County, and people often refer to this place as the Black-Eyed Pea capital of the world. This town has the charm and feels of a small southern town, but at the same time, it has several qualities of a large city. If you are planning to go here, you will discover that Athens, Texas, is a town that you can explore and have fun with your whole family. It has excellent outdoor parks where you can take a walk, relax and be one with nature, a shopping center, as well as art galleries and a historical museum. Athens, Texas, is a town that is rich in heritage, and the people here are always ready to welcome guests and visitors with open arms.


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