What is Hawaiian Falls?


Located throughout Texas, the Hawaiian Falls Waterparks franchise offers a great way to cool down during the humid summer while spending quality time with friends and family. This famous Texan waterpark is managed by ProParks Management Company, which has five branches to choose from located across Texas.

The first Hawaiian Falls Adventure Park opened its doors in Garland, Texas, on December 18, 2002, with the welcoming presence of its founder David Busch, paving the way for this Adventure Park in the heart of Texas. Mr. Busch has built and run water parks throughout the United States, most notably one on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. For the water park, the City of Garland Council and the Board of Parks & Recreation made a generous donation of property.

Hawaiian Falls The Garland

waiian Falls The Garland

The Garland Hawaiian Falls was the first ever built Hawaiian Falls in Texas in 2003, which proudly sits on 12 acres of the vastness of land adjacent to the Spring Creek Forest Preserve. Eleven water slides, a lazy river, an interactive water treehouse, a wave pool, and an activity pool are among the park’s fifteen attractions, including a few snack outlets. The park was created in a public-private collaboration between the city of Garland and Hawaiian Falls for around $5.5 million. A year later, CNL Lifestyle Properties purchased Hawaiian Falls Garland for $6,305,000. ProParks Management Company took over the park lease in May 2018 from Horizon Family Holdings, which had been leased back by CNL.

Hawaiian Falls Garland is a North Texas waterpark that draws visitors from far and wide. Whether you’re just passing through or calling Hawaiian Falls home, you and your family will have a blast in the sun while enjoying all the water rides and slides. Richardson waterparks may be found nearby at Hawaiian Falls Garland, just a short drive from the city. Garland Hawaiian Falls Park is your family’s Plano waterpark for limitless summertime fun. If you’re looking for a waterpark near Texarkana, look no further than Hawaiian Falls Garland in the direction of the west for thrilling water rides for the whole family. The Sherman-Denison waterpark in Garland, Texas, is just an easy 50-minute drive down Highway 75.

All ages can enjoy Hawaiian Falls, even babies. A 48-inch-tall child can ride everything! A few tips when you’re out and about in the park, be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, for the grounds could be so hot. Even though there are hoses and misters to keep the ground cool, there are still extended areas of hot concrete. It is convenient to wear flip-flops so that you can slip them on and off. A modest locker can be rented for ten dollars to keep your stuff safe; this is where you can stuff towels, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Visitors need not worry about getting hungry while they’re at the park; on-site dining is offered, which is not as pricey compared to the other amusement parks. Their free parking offers are a bonus attraction for the visitors also.

Hawaiian Falls The Colony

The Hawaiian Falls, located in Colony, Texas, was the second in the Hawaiian Falls Water Parks network to open in 2004. Just like The Garland, visitors can enjoy 11 water slides, a lazy river, an interactive water tree house, and a wave pool. Tourists also have various snack kiosks to choose from as they enjoy their time at the waterpark. The park is a public-private partnership between Horizon Family, Inc. and the city of The Colony, TX. Purchasing The Colony from Horizon Family Holdings for $5.82 million, CNL Lifestyle Properties now owns the property. ProParks Management Company took over the lease, and CNL had leased the park back to Horizon Family Holdings, who had run it until then. Since 2006, Hawaiian Falls has been a popular tourist destination.

The Colony is a family-friendly waterpark with a giant wave pool for body surfing, inner tubes, and swimming. While in the park, visitors can also have fun by experiencing different waterpark slides and rides. Such as the Hawaiian Halfpipe, a two-person tube ride that pushes riders up and backward from a four-story drop, Kona Kooler, a pleasant continuous lazy river, and Waikiki Wipeout. While the Pipeline features three twisting, enclosed, open, or partially enclosed two and three-person tube slides.

People who have been to the park advised those who are planning to visit the waterpark to be there early so they can grab the best spots in the park. Your stay will also be much more enjoyable if you rent a cabana where you can lounge while enjoying the view, with an attendant ready who constantly checks on your needs. Bringing a cooler for extra refreshment, is also a wise thing to do, and if you have kids with you, it is advised to check first the height requirements of the slides. One should not miss the wave pool and the dive-in movie nights, which is an excellent experience. Visitors should bring a waterproof phone or camera case to capture their thrilling experience at the waterpark.

Hawaiian Falls Mansfield

On September 10, 2007, Hawaiian Falls Mansfield was announced and opened on Memorial Day Weekend in May 2008 in Mansfield, Texas. Heritage Parkway and Texas State Highway 360, where the water park is located, cover 14 acres. With 14 water slides, a lazy river, a water tree house you can interact with, and a football field-sized wave pool, this water park has something for everyone. David Busch, the owner of Hawaiian Falls Water parks, created the park as a combination public/private partnership with the city of Mansfield, which cost about $10 million to build.

Hawaiian Falls Mansfield is one of the top waterparks in the state of Texas because of its extensive range of rides and activities, from thrilling to chilling. The 14 water slides at the Mansfield Waterpark will wow the Big Kahunas in every family, from the four-story-high Torpedo to the Hawaiian Halfpipe. The Keiki Kove has geysers, pulleys, and buckets of water to keep the little ones entertained. Hawaiian Falls Mansfield has a wave pool and a lazy river for the entire family to enjoy. It is a family-friendly waterpark, where safety and sanitation are the top priorities; they are also famous for their generous freebies. All Mansfield waterparks have facilities that every family visits a memorable one. Free parking and locker rentals are among the many amenities offered at Mansfield Waterpark. These waterparks provide everything from private cabanas to birthday party areas to suit every visitor’s specific amusement requirement.

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke

Kona river adventure

Roanoke, Texas, is home to Hawaiian Falls Roanoke. After months of anticipation, the park finally opened on Memorial Day weekend in 2011. When it opened, it became home to a three-lane racer, an exhilarating raft ride with several body slides, one 500 and one 1,000-gallon dump buckets, various interactive pulleys, and wheels, and more. The waterpark attracted a lot of attention because of the waterpark’s state-of-the-art water rides, unique attractions, and interactive experiences. One of Hawaiian Falls’ newest Texas waterparks, this premier waterpark is sure to give a fun-filled experience for the whole family and create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Hawaiian Falls Roanoke’s Mega Water World is the world’s largest aquatic play structure; it elevates Texas waterparks to new heights of excitement. Roanoke Waterpark is home to the first multi-tube slide where competitors can race against each other to the finish line at Beach Blasters.

Aside from its exhilarating rides, the waterpark also offers numerous food and shopping centers. Stop into the Surf Shop or Sharkey’s Café for a quick bite to eat. A private cabana can be reserved for some pampering fun and rest. If a tourist is looking for a waterpark in Texas with something for the whole family, look no farther than Hawaiian Falls Roanoke.

Hawaiian Falls Waco

Hawaiian Falls Waco is the chain’s fifth and most recent addition. Until October 2011, it was known as the Waco Water Park, but Hawaiian Falls and the city of Waco agreed to take over ownership. On May 26, 2012, it reopened as Hawaiian Falls Waco, a facility three times its previous size. It has 12 slides, three eateries, and a gift store. It is well-known for its 800-foot-long Kona Kooler lazy river and the Breaker Bay family wave pool, Central Texas’s first large-scale wave pool. New rides and aquatic adventures fill 10 acres of land at Hawaiian Falls Waco, an amusement park in Waco, Texas. When it comes to soaking up the sun, your Hawaiian Falls Waco waterpark is an absolute must-see attraction. The management advised their visitors to come early and stay as long as they can for them to be able to maximize their stay at the park.

Wakiki Wipeout

This Hawaiian-themed Waco waterpark has something for everyone, from the tiniest Keikis to the biggest Kahunas. The six-story Tempest Tower offers a variety of exhilarating slide options, including enclosed tube slides and freefall body slides. Waikiki Waterworks’ covered Waikiki Waterworks spray field is a great place to let the kids run about and have a good time. Just like the other branches of Hawaiian Falls, Hawaiian Falls Waco is a family-friendly waterpark with a variety of activities and amenities that will make tourists’ family time together a memorable one. Starting with an option of VIP or free parking, family-friendly perks begin. Indulge in a hearty meal at Sharkey’s Restaurant or get a quick bite at the Surf Shop. Locker rentals and surf shops with sunscreen and extra towels are also available in these Texas waterparks.

Texas is home to an array of Parks and Recreation where family can spend quality time together. Most of these amusement places are managed and owned by either private company or the government of Texas. All Hawaiian Falls parks are established under the public-private partnership model, in which communities contribute funding and other incentives, and the parks are constructed on public land. Lease agreements for each of the seven parks vary in city involvement, from providing land and infrastructure to fully financing the project.


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