What is a Rash Guard?


A rash guard is an athletic shirt made of spandex, nylon, or polyester that was originally created for surfers to protect the wearer’s skin when swimming, including injury from rashes, chafing, and scrapes. Rash guards are an excellent technique to prevent sunburn and can also be used as a coverup over your swimwear. They are also known as water shirts, swim shirts, surfing shirts, or sun shirts.

Here are some responses to some often-asked concerns about our rash guards, along with reasons why you ought to include one in your summertime swimwear collection.

A Comparison between Rash Guard and Swim Shirt

Rash guards are a comfortable fit and very convenient even in active water sports. 

The fit is the primary distinction between a swim shirt and a rash guard. Rash guards are more like water-ready compression shirts because they are designed for surfing or other high-intensity water sports. Swim shirts, on the other hand, are intended to protect against UV rays while also being comfortable. Technically, your rash guard size will be smaller compared to your swim shirt size. As a result, you may feel more at ease wearing a swim shirt or sun shirt around town, but it really comes down to personal preference. Both of these are useful when you explore the top beaches close to San Antonio or the huge miles of the coastal area of Port Aransas.

The Proper Fit of a Rash Guard

Some mixed martial arts players also use rash guards during their match or sparring.

When shopping for a rash guard or sun shirt, look for comfort and functionality. The ideal fit will differ depending on the activity. If you’re going to wear your rash guard or swim shirt for exercise or outdoor summer activities, make sure it’s not too tight that it restricts your movement as you run and play. You don’t want men’s swim shirts to be too baggy, or else the fabric will get caught on things, especially if you’re going on a hike or camping trip. Just like with other types of swimsuits, you should try on your rash guard options before deciding on one for the summer swimming season.

Do rash guards feel hot?

Rash guards protects the skin of surfers from long exposure to seawater and the sun on very warm days. 

Rash guards, particularly long sleeve rash guards, are the warmest type of protective clothing but they are not hot. Most are made of the same water-resistant fabric as swim shirts, but if you want something warmer, you can find them made of thin neoprene, the same fabric used for wetsuits.

Some Uses of a Rash Guard

Rash guard protects you from some microorganisms that can cause rashes or allergies on your skin. 

Rash guards and swim shirts are well-known for providing excellent skin protection during water sports, beach activities, and sun exposure. Rash guards, on the other hand, can be useful in situations other than the beach. Here are some of our favorite rash guard ideas.

1. For water or beach sports

As you They provide superior sun protection, keep you warm on cooler days, and provide a better streamline when swimming than a shirt. You will be able to swim faster and with less resistance as a result. Because rash guards dry quickly, they can make transitioning from the water to the beach more comfortable. If you’re swimming in the ocean or a lake, a rash guard will keep you safe from algae, other plant life, and even dangerous marine wildlife like jellyfish. Using rash guards or packing beach essentials are common tips for staying safe when visiting beaches like the vastness of Port Aransas.

Before wearing a rash guard in a pool, always check the pool rules to ensure that they are permitted. It is also critical to check the rash guard label to ensure that it is suitable for use in a chlorinated environment. Otherwise, your rash guard may not last as long as you’d like. While rash guards have long been a favorite of surfers and water sports enthusiasts, they’re also a great option for those who want more coverage when swimming or spending the day at the beach. You can swim safely while wearing a rash guard if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. A swimsuit cover-up

If you plan to spend the day lounging on the beach, a rash guard shirt is an excellent piece of clothing to have on hand for when you decide to come in from the sand. You won’t have to worry about unsightly water marks left behind by your swimsuit because it dries very quickly, and you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of stylish patterns so that it looks just like a regular t-shirt even when you’re strolling along the boardwalk or stopping for lunch.

3. Gardening or Lawn Work

Any activity that involves outside raises the possibility of getting sunburned. Your skin will be protected from the sun and scratches from plants while you are working in the garden if you throw on your rash guard or a men’s swim shirt over a pair of shorts and spend the day working on your garden or mowing the lawn outside instead of having to lather on sunscreen repeatedly throughout the day.

4. Hiking

A rash guard can be worn as a layering piece on a hike to protect you from the sun, or it can be worn alone with your regular hiking gear. The wicking, the quick-drying fabric keeps you cool and comfortable even on the hottest and sweatiest days. Swim shirts for men with extra fabric coverage and UV protection fabric provide additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Your rash guard protects your skin from scrapes and cuts caused by branches or rocks because it is made of a thicker fabric.

5. For grappling / mixed martial arts

Over time, MMA rash guards have evolved to include the following features: reinforced stitching; a gel panel on the bottom of the rash guard to keep it from rolling up while sparring; fewer stitches; and an 80/20 polyester/spandex blend. They also have unique designs, which are usually centered on martial arts but are not always.

BJJ competitors are permitted to compete in rash guards with long or short sleeves. Some organizations and promotions, such as the IBJJF, require participants to wear a solid color – usually black, or black with at least 10% of their belt color always. Other organizations allow competitors to wear any rash guard they want. The same is true for gyms and academies, with each setting its own standards for its students.

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