What Are the Major Hospitals in San Antonio?


San Antonio, Texas, is at the forefront of the bioscience and healthcare sectors, with cutting-edge facilities shaping the future of medical care for local families. This city is a significant healthcare center offering a wide array of emergency and specialized services. Residents benefit from access to top-tier medical professionals and researchers who are pushing the boundaries with new technologies and treatments. Learn more about the major hospitals central to San Antonio’s healthcare.

Baptist Medical Center

Established in 1903, Baptist Medical Center is one of San Antonio’s oldest healthcare institutions and a leader in orthopedic, cardiovascular, and endocrine care. Ranked as the 22nd-best hospital in Texas and the second-best in San Antonio, it sees over 3,600 patients per month in its emergency department—the busiest in the city.

The center underwent significant renovations in 2018, including a $8.5 million upgrade of its emergency room. Known for employing advanced technologies such as the da VinciTM Surgical System, Baptist Medical Center is highly regarded for its innovative medical treatments and personalized patient care. This hospital, part of the Baptist Health System, has been the region’s most preferred provider for over two decades.

University Hospital

the outside of the University Hospital in San Antonio, cars passing by

University Hospital is the flagship hospital under the University Health system and has been a fixture in San Antonio’s healthcare landscape since its inception in 1917. It has stood at the forefront of healthcare innovation and community service within the University Health System for over a century.

Known for its compassionate care, the hospital has earned designations that highlight its commitment to comprehensive health services. It is recognized as a Level IV maternal center—its highest mark for maternal-infant care—mirroring its acclaimed Level IV neonatal intensive care unit.

As the region’s only facility with a Level I adult trauma center and a Level I pediatric burn and trauma center, University Hospital offers around-the-clock access to specialized teams, including general surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and more, ensuring immediate availability of critical care. This robust framework of services underscores its pivotal role in advancing medical practice and improving patient outcomes in South Texas.

Methodist Hospital

Founded in 1955 and situated within the South Texas Medical Center, Methodist Hospital is a premier facility in San Antonio and one of the largest in the United States by bed count. It holds the distinction of hosting the only heart transplant program in the area. The hospital offers a diverse array of specialties, including cardiology, emergency medicine, oncology, and neurosciences, among others. It is recognized for its exceptional neurosurgical services, conducting more neck and back surgeries than any other Texas hospital.

Methodist Hospital’s Comprehensive Stroke Center is accredited, reflecting its high standards in stroke care. Methodist Children’s Hospital, part of the Methodist Healthcare network, features specialized pediatric care with innovative programs such as a dedicated children’s imaging center and specialized pediatric transport services. It also offers unique support services through art therapists and Child Life Specialists, enhancing the healing environment for children. This facility has consistently been recognized for its high quality of care, including top ratings from The Joint Commission and The Leapfrog Group.

UT Health San Antonio Multispecialty and Research Hospital

Opened in 2024, this cutting-edge facility is already making significant strides in the medical field, particularly in cancer treatment, orthopedics, urology, and bariatric surgery. Located within the South Texas Medical Center, it features state-of-the-art technology and facilities that aim to provide exceptional, localized care that reduces the need for residents to seek specialized treatment elsewhere.

The hospital is recognized for its innovative use of minimally invasive surgical techniques and its robust cancer care program that includes advanced immunotherapy options. This commitment to advanced treatment and patient care places it among the top medical institutions in the region.

Mission Trail Baptist Hospital

Mission Trail Baptist Hospital, a key component of the Baptist Health System in San Antonio, has recently expanded its services to include new maternity offerings. This enhancement aligns with the hospital’s commitment to serving the community’s growing needs, particularly for expectant mothers in the Southeast San Antonio area.

The addition of maternity services is part of a broader initiative to provide comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring that families have access to quality prenatal and birth care close to home. This development not only upgrades the hospital’s capabilities but also strengthens its position as a community-centered provider that adapts to the evolving health requirements of its residents.

Methodist Texsan Hospital

Methodist Texsan Hospital is a leading facility within the Methodist Healthcare System, specializing in cardiac care. It offers state-of-the-art cardiology and cardiovascular surgery services.

Known for its exceptional quality of care and patient outcomes, Methodist Texsan has earned a reputation for excellence in treating heart health. The hospital provides a range of advanced procedures and treatments, including minimally invasive surgeries and innovative therapies that emphasize patient recovery and health optimization. This commitment to cardiac excellence makes Methodist Texsan a critical resource for patients across the region.

Christus Health Hospital

Christus Health Hospital, an integral part of the CHRISTUS Health system, stands out for its comprehensive emergency care, advanced oncology treatments, specialized orthopedic services, and commitment to integrating cutting-edge medical technologies.

This hospital is dedicated to offering state-of-the-art treatment options that meet the complex health needs of its patients. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, Christus Health Hospital ensures that its services not only respond to immediate health challenges but also set new standards in healthcare excellence.

Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

an aerial of the South Texas Medical Center in northwest San Antonio

The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, part of the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System, is a premier facility dedicated to pediatric care in downtown San Antonio. It is notable for its collaboration with Texas Children’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine, enhancing its range of specialized services. The hospital manages a significant volume of pediatric care, with nearly 80,000 emergency visits and 73,000 outpatient visits annually. Baylor physicians offer extensive subspecialty care, including pediatric infectious disease, pediatric nephrology, and pediatric neurosurgery. This collaboration ensures access to high-quality pediatric care for San Antonio and South Texas children.

Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC)

the old BAMC during winter Storm Uri

Brooke Army Medical Center, located at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston in Texas, is the Department of Defense’s largest and most productive military healthcare organization. It serves as a pivotal healthcare facility within the Military Health System (MHS), offering comprehensive services to veterans, military personnel, their families, and civilian emergency patients. BAMC operates the Army’s largest inpatient facility, supported by approximately 8,500 staff, including active-duty members from all uniformed services, contractors, and volunteers. It features a Level I Trauma Center, which handles over 80,000 emergency visits annually, making it a critical component in both local and military healthcare. The center is also noted for its Center for the Intrepid, which specializes in rehabilitation for extremity injuries and has advanced the care of amputees and those undergoing limb salvage since its inception in 2007.

Major Hospital Systems in San Antonio

Some of the major hospitals listed above belong to the major hospital systems in San Antonio, which includes:

University Health System in San Antonio

The University Health System in San Antonio serves as a cornerstone in regional healthcare, featuring an extensive network of facilities led by the acclaimed University Hospital. This flagship center is a leader in trauma and emergency services, boasting a Level I trauma center. The system’s diverse offerings include:

  • University Hospital – Renowned for comprehensive adult and pediatric care, including a state-of-the-art cancer therapy center.
  • Robert B. Green Campus – Home to an advanced outpatient clinic providing a range of services from routine screenings to specialized medical treatments.
  • Texas Diabetes Institute – A pioneering facility in diabetes care and research, offering cutting-edge treatment and educational programs for managing and preventing diabetes.
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center – Specializes in providing outpatient surgical services with the latest technology for a variety of procedures.

Baptist Health System in San Antonio

The Baptist Health System is a major healthcare provider in San Antonio, known for its extensive network of hospitals and specialty clinics that offer a wide range of medical services. Key facilities within the system include:

  • Baptist Medical Center – The flagship hospital known for advanced cardiovascular care and comprehensive emergency services.
  • Mission Trail Baptist Hospital – Specializes in maternity services and general medical care.
  • Northeast Baptist Hospital – Focuses on orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation.
  • St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital – Renowned for its oncology department and bariatric services.
  • North Central Baptist Hospital – Features a strong pediatric department and women’s health services.

Methodist Healthcare System in San Antonio

Methodist Healthcare System stands as a prominent healthcare network in San Antonio, renowned for its specialized cardiac care and comprehensive medical services. The system includes several key facilities:

  • Methodist Hospital – The flagship facility known for its advanced cardiac programs and broad medical services.
  • Methodist Texsan Hospital – Specializes in cardiac care, offering cutting-edge cardiology and cardiovascular surgery services.
  • Methodist Children’s Hospital – Provides dedicated pediatric care, including specialized emergency services.
  • Methodist Stone Oak Hospital – Focuses on serving the northeast side of San Antonio with a variety of medical specialties.
  • Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital – Known for its transplant and specialty surgeries, this hospital houses one of the largest living donor kidney transplant programs in the U.S.

Christus Health System in San Antonio

Christus Health System is a key healthcare provider in San Antonio, known for integrating the latest medical technologies across its facilities. The system is notable for its strong emergency care, oncology, and orthopedics performance. Hospitals under this system include:

  • Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center – Serves as a major hub with comprehensive emergency and specialized care.
  • Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – Westover Hills – Focuses on providing extensive services in orthopedics and maternity care.
  • Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – Alamo Heights – Specializes in outpatient and surgical services.
  • The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio – Dedicated to pediatric care, it offers specialized treatment in a family-friendly environment.


San Antonio boasts a robust network of hospitals providing specialized and advanced medical care. From the comprehensive services at University Hospital to the innovative cardiac treatments at Methodist Texsan Hospital, each facility contributes uniquely to the region’s healthcare landscape. With ongoing expansions and the introduction of new technologies, these hospitals ensure San Antonio residents have access to top-tier medical care close to home, solidifying the city’s reputation as a healthcare hub in Texas.

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