Top Camping Destinations in Texas

Texas is a vast state that offers lots of stunning tent camping sites or beautiful locations to park your RV. Here in the Lone Star State, you can enjoy your camping adventure to the fullest, with the distinct characteristics of each spot accentuated by striking beaches, rivers, pools, and ancient caves, making it a prime camping destination. So, go ahead and pack your essentials, as below are some of the best and can’t-miss campgrounds in Texas!

Inks Lake State Park


Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, the Inks Lakes State Park is a famous place for campers, thanks to fairly-sustained lake water level throughout the year. With that, you can enjoy lots of water activities, from kayaking, canoeing, boating, and swimming. If you’re the adventurous type or wanting something extreme, don’t miss cliff jumping into the Devil’s Waterhole. Just an hour drive from Austin, it is a camping gem with 200 camp and RV sites to choose from, plus other amenities like the trails, playground, and store. 

Big Bend National Park


One of the most awe-inspiring camping destinations in Texas, Big Bend National Park, boasts scenic landscapes and allows campers to various species of reptiles, birds, mammals, and plants, with its abundant wildlife. Aside from that, it also has rich cultural value, as the vast area is home to archaeological sites dating 10,000 ago. You can lay claim from any of its 200 campgrounds sites and enjoy other activities, such as scenic drives and stargazing.

Colorado Bend State Park


Colorado Bend State Park is a 5,328.3-acre park lying in the Texas Hill Country. Perfect for outdoorsy campers, the site offers great activities closer to nature, such as mountain biking, primitive camping, and cave exploration. If you prefer hiking instead, you can take the Spicewood Springs trail, which allows you to encounter numerous spring-fed swimming holes along the way or the Gorman Creek trail that would take you to the spectacular Gorman Falls.

Padre Island National Seashore


If you’re torn between camping and beaching are in your mind, don’t fret as the Padre Island National Seashore offers both options. Camp at the park is located at Texas’s bottom tip and enjoy a 70-mile coastline, which houses the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island on the planet. This camping destination is also a haven for nature and wildlife lovers, as the park is also home to witness coast-dwelling creatures, like sea turtles and sea birds.

Big Thicket National Preserve


Unlike the first four on this list, the Big Thicket National Preserve provides campers with a different feel. It has a fascinating biological diversity, with many different species co-existing in various types of habitats, from cypress and pine forests, hardwood forests, swamps, and meadows. There are no developed campsites or cabins available, but you can secure permits for primitive camping.

Davis Mountains State Park


Located in Jeff Davis County, the Davis Mountains State Park has over 100 camping sites, from primitive to more cozy lodges. Bring your camera with you and take a snap of the picturesque mountainous landscapes that turns magnificently orange-red at sunset. At night, it provides impressive views of the sky, perfect for stargazing. Then, enjoy other activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Situated 25 miles from downtown Amarillo, the Palo Duro Canyon State Park provides a spectacular view of Palo Duro, the nation’s second-largest Canyon. It covers 30,000 acres, with half of its serve trails for you to bike or hike to your heart’s content. Moreover, the state park has various parking areas and camp spots fit for day trips with your family or overnight camping with your friends.

Guadalupe River State Park


Quickly and easily accessible from San Antonio and Austin, the Guadalupe River State Park features a four-mile river frontage, perfect for camping, fishing, canoeing, tubing, and swimming. You can also go mountain biking and hiking if you’re up for more rigorous activities. Lastly, don’t miss out on saying “hi” to some of its residents, such as warblers, racoons, armadillos, white-tailed deers, to name a few.

Possum Kingdom State Park


Possum Kingdom State Park is located in Palo Pinto County, built by Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1940s. It provides access to the vast Possum Kingdom or P.K. Lake, renowned for its clear blue waters. If you want to deviate from regular tent camping, the state park has air-conditioned cabins, ideal for the hot Texas summer. Fun activities you can engage in includes snorkelling, boating, swimming, and water skiing. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy the views and have a shoreline picnic with your friends and family.


Those are some of the top camping destinations in Texas! Make sure to plan your trip, assess which landscapes you’re looking to see, and activities you want to do – rest assured that you’re in for a memorable and unique camping experience in Texas!