Tips for Choosing Formal Style Table Cloths


Wedding, debuts, or even celebratory nights can be very tedious to prepare; preparing the food, table, and overall atmosphere are vital things you need to be wary of. But one thing most people aren’t quite aware of is how the table cloth affects many things. There were studies about how table cloth and their design can make your food taste a lot better. Don’t get confused, though; it doesn’t really add any other flavors to the food being served; table cloths dramatically affect the way we see food – making it look more delightful. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about Dan’s Plumbing.

Table cloths are essential to any party or occasion you’re planning to do. It helps you to convey the theme or message to your guests. Not only do table cloths add aesthetics, but they also make your table look cleaner and comfortable to eat.

What to Consider before purchasing Table Cloths

If you have an occasion coming up and planning to get table cloths, don’t fret, you have a lot to choose from. Various garments can be used as a table cloth, from old pieces of textiles, expandable plastic to high-quality fabrics. The wide variety of options can vary to your liking and budget. So here are some tips you can check before buying a table cloth.

  • Size and Shape: Did you know that the size of the table cloth is the basis of the formality of the occasion. An 8-9” drop is much appropriate for any casual occasion; a 10-15” drop is ideal for formal occasions. Knowing the proper cloth depth is essential for preparing an event, so keep this in mind.
  • Material: This is no rocket science; if you’re planning for a formal occasion, it’s just more fitting to use high-quality fabrics. For a general and casual event, it’s fine to use disposable or single-use materials.
  • Event Theme: Regardless of the event theme, it’s always an excellent choice to put table cloths. It will add simple aesthetics and ambiance to your event.
  • Cleanup Necessities: It’s good to note the type of table cloth you’ll be using at an event.  Some events could be fast-paced, and the need to change the table cloths quickly is a must. That’s why it’s okay to use disposable fabrics on casual or general events. You won’t have time to wash and dry high-quality materials on a fast-paced event.
  • Shading: Rule of thumb, white is the best choice for any formal event. But depending on the theme, you can choose different shades to add dramatic ambiance to the occasion. Adding designs to your table cloth is also recommended to add other aesthetics to themed events.
  • Costing: This is a vital part when choosing the correct table cloth. Even if you want the grandest of designs but don’t have the budget, it’s no use. Always depend on the dispensable money you have before choosing the quality of the fabric. Having a quality fabric is better, but if it means breaking your bank, then make sure to think about it.

Preparing your Table Cloths

Knowing the fabrics to purchase is the first part of the process; now, you need to familiarize yourself with preparing your table cloths. Though it’s not an extensive procedure, it’s still a good to-know-how.

  1. Know your table size: Obviously, knowing the size of your table is a must. If you’re planning to do a formal occasion, the intended fabric drop might not be enough if your table is too large. Make sure to measure the length, width, and height of the table.
  2. Know your Desired Cloth Drop: Once you know the dimensions of your table, you can now determine the desired table cloth drop. It will be your choice if you want the cloth to reach the floor or maybe barely to hang.
  3. Right Table Cloth Size: Once you have details about your table size and cloth drop, you can make adjustments to fit your table correctly. Just make sure to add additional measurements to your desired length.
  4. Choosing the Color: Just what we’ve mentioned, selecting the correct shade and color for your table cloth will mainly depend on the event you’re planning. The color will give different aesthetics or drama to your table, so make sure to consider the color with the event.
  5. Cloth Number Requirement: If you’re planning for an occasion, it’s always best to prepare a piece of extra equipment for your event. For table cloths, it’s good to prepare additional two pieces at least for every ten tablecloths. It’s better to over-prepare things than to miscalculate and be short during the event.

Consult a Professional

Preparing for an event could be nerve-racking; you can get overwhelmed with the things you need to prepare. So, it will be best if you could consult and get assistance from an event organizer. Expect some issues during the preparation, but prepare everything you can to lessen the possible problems you may encounter. Surely everything will be worth the while and efforts afterward, especially you’re the one who prepared the majority of the event.

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