Tips and Tricks for Enjoying a Hammock


Hammocks are popular for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they are entertaining, pleasant to relax in, and easy to set up. Hammocks are becoming “must-haves” for Scouting campouts. Many are compact and light enough to be taken on day hikes. Down are some ideas for making the most of your hammock.

1. A good sag is the most crucial point to making your hammock comfier. A deep sag lowers the hammock’s center of gravity, making it more sturdy and difficult to fall out of. If you want to nerd out, a 30-degree angle from horizontal is a decent place to start.

2. Once you’ve gotten a good sag, you may lay diagonally over the fabric. It feels as your head and feet sink into the material, and your body reclines ergonomically flat. Hammocks were designed to work in this way.

3. Keep your heavier body from sinking into the hammock if two people are riding your hammock about 8 to 10 inches higher. To keep your body from slipping to the floor, raise your foot end to a higher position when you’re in a hammock.

4. When sleeping in a diagonally-lounging hammock, you may detect a tight ridge beneath your legs. Place some padding beneath your knees to ease the pressure. A small cushion or extra clothing may be sufficient for extra padding beneath your knees.

5. Sure, jungle hammocks have bug netting sewn on, but not regular leisure hammocks. Your hammock might be completely enclosed with a full-length bug net. It may be used to create a comfortable reading, resting, or relaxing pod for napping or sleeping.

How to Pick the Best Hammock for You?

Woman Relaxing In Hammock

1. Purchase a hammock for camping.

Look for a high-quality hammock made explicitly for camping while buying for a hammock. String hammocks, typical in backyards, are inappropriate for sleeping in the woods. Choose a camping hammock that is built of durable, long-lasting materials.

2. Choose the correct size

Hammocks come in a range of sizes to accommodate people of different heights and weights. When picking the correct length for your hammock, add at least two feet to your height. If you want a double hammock, double your weight by your partner’s weight.

3. Consider the hammock’s weight.

Look for a hammock composed of lightweight yet robust material if you want your hammock to be light and portable. Consider the hammock’s weight if you’re only going on camping trips or short holidays away from home.

4. Get a rain fly or a tarp.

A rain fly is required if you wish to be sheltered from the elements while hammock camping. Some hammocks include a rain fly that is the appropriate size.

5. A bug net should be purchased.

Invest in a mosquito net that can be stretched 360 degrees around the entire hammock to avoid insect bites in the morning if your hammock does not already come with one. It’s also possible to include a built-in insect net that hooks to the top borders.

6. The best option is wide tree straps.

Wide tree straps, as opposed to ropes that can cut into the bark, protect trees. Thanks to a suspension system with multiple connection points, it’s also simple to alter the distance between campsites.

7. Additional Features Must Be Considered

Thanks to a built-in gear pocket, you can store valuables in a secure spot. The suspension ropes at each end of your hammock are wrapped in snakeskin coverings. Several hammocks come with added features or accessories, making hammock camping easier.

8. Test it out first to be sure.

Before venturing into the woods, make sure your hammock is up to par. When you arrive at your campground, you’ll know just how to set it up. If you’re going hammock camping for the first time, it’s a good idea to have a tent with you just in case.

Camping in a hammock could be a more enjoyable experience than sleeping in a tent. To be safe, follow these safety tips from the BSA Health and Safety team.

  • To avoid dangerous falls, hang your hammock no higher than 3 feet off the ground.
  • Do not hang your hammock over water features, chasms in the ground, tables, or sharp objects.
  • Do not indulge in hammock stacking, which entails vertically stacking many hammocks.
  • Just as you wouldn’t keep food in a tent, you shouldn’t keep it in a hammock.

Final Thoughts

Buying a hammock is definitely a must for those seeking a relaxing getaway from a tiring day at work. It is an excellent item to help us relax and enjoy leisure time. If you go hiking, bringing a hammock is also a good idea since it is easy to fix and carry. So the next time you are looking forward to having a relaxing day-off, you can consider using a hammock to further enjoy your free time.

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