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Downtown San Antonio is considered as the central business district of San Antonio, Texas. Aside from this, it is also the urban core of Greater San Antonio. This area was built on San Pedro Creek banks during the early 1700s, and it initially served as a Spanish mission. Over the centuries, Downtown San Antonio has developed and flourished; that is why today, it holds a spot for being one of North America’s most populated cities.

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Downtown San Antonio is also a melting pot of a diverse culture because its history was influenced by native indigenous Papaya Indians, settlers from Europe, Canary Islands, and Africa. In this article, we are going to list down the best things that you should not miss while you’re in Downtown San Antonio.

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  • Visit the Tower of the Americas – This is a seven-hundred and fifty-foot observation tower that has a sky-high restaurant on top. Elevators will send you to the tower’s observation deck, where you can enjoy a 360 degrees panoramic view of San Antonio’s skyline. Aside from the fantastic scenery, the tower also has a café and a revolving restaurant where you can dine while watching the sun go down on Downtown San Antonio. It sounds like a perfect date, right?
  • Explore, shop, and Dine at the San Antonio River Walk – This is a one-stop-shop in San Antonio where you can relax, eat, and shop. River Walk is lined with restaurants, cafes that give you a real cosmopolitan atmosphere. The River Walk is fifteen miles long, and it runs through the downtown district. Do not worry if you get tired from all the walking because you can go on the River Walk Cruise to continue your tour.
  • Shop till you drop at the Market Square – This is a historic plaza in Downtown San Antonio because it has served as a social hub and market since 1890. The Market Square is three entire blocks of galleries and shops where you can purchase authentic Mexican handicrafts and watch artists while they do their work. Market Square is considered to be the largest Mexican Market in the United States, that is why we suggest that you should not miss out on the excellent Tex-Mex cuisine in the food hall. Aside from this, it would help if you also had a cup of coffee at the Mi Tierra Café while enjoying some live music from the Mariachi band.
  • Explore the Alamo Mission – This place is located in Downtown San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza, which is an eighteenth-century Spanish mission. The Alamo Mission is also the site of one of the most famous battles during Texas’s independence from Mexico. The fortress is now a museum where you can see several well-preserved structures such as the military barracks and a church. This place also allows you to learn more about why the BaAlamo’s Battles is one of Texas’s important events.
  • Enjoy some art at the San Antonio Museum of Art – The San Antonio Museum of Art is located on Jones Avenue, and it features both ancient and modern art in all forms. The museum specializes in collecting contemporary Texas art, offers several themed galleries, and even has the most extensive collection of ancient Mediterranean artwork.
  • Liven your nightlife at the Majestic Theatre – This place was built in 1929, and it is considered one of San Antonio’s historical landmarks because it is one of the largest and oldest theatres in the area. You can witness different acts here, from Broadway plays and musicals to stand-up comedians.
  • Have some fun at the Buckhorn Saloon – This place is a historic watering hole in Downtown San Antonio. It opened in 1881, and up until today, it is still adorned with some of the original furnishings such as the collection of rattlesnakes, horns, and antlers—no wonder why this place is considered as a museum as well. While you’re here, you can sit back and relax while you sip on some Alamo Golden Ale while you’re under the stare of antelope and buffalo heads hanging on the wall.
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