The Top Counties to Consider If You’re Moving to Texas


Texas, also known as The Lone Star State, is the second largest state in the south-central region of the US. It contains 254 counties that range in population from one hundred to more than 4 million people. Five major counties with huge populations are Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Bexar, and Travis.  But if you are looking to move in and settle, you need to review some aspects discussed below before making a decision. 

Establishing and settling in a new place can be as challenging as the initial decision making process of choosing the right place. You have to look into many matters before selecting your region and what suits you better. It all depends on whether you are looking for a place to raise your family with a quality lifestyle, a safer environment with the least crime rate, or if you plan on spending your retirement in peace. 

Things to consider before moving to Texas

Time lapse photography of city during night time. 

The bigger question here is why prominent figures like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk are moving to Texas? How is it only getting bigger and bigger? And why the economy of Texas is booming? These queries will help you ponder on the matter. 

Texas is home to most of the fastest growing cities in the US due to several reasons listed below: 

Strong economy 

The Lone Star State is going through an economic boom, with counties such as Dallas and Houston undergoing their own development. It is also known to have the healthiest state economies in the US and is prosperous due to its GDP growth, famous industry heads, high-tech industries, fortune brands, and new startup businesses. Texas alone is responsible for the 9% of GDP in the US. 

Job market

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The employment rate is higher due to its booming economy. Companies like Black and Decker and Tesla have created a vast job market and new employment opportunities. The jobs pay rate is above the national average while the unemployment rate of the state remains low. 

No income tax

No income tax? Yet another reason to settle in Texas is that it is a tax-friendly state and people can keep more of their earnings. This further reduces the living cost, and people can improve their standard of living. 

Affordable houses

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Are you disappointed in the expensive investment of owning a house? Not in Texas. Even the major cities have relatively more affordable houses.

The cost varies with the region and location of the house, but the average house in the state is over $177,000. The median home price is $375,000 in Plano, which is famous for its outstanding schooling system. While the median home price in Houston is $289,900, and this city provides many job opportunities.

Secure land

You can tick on the section of security when it comes to Texas. Most of its cities and neighborhoods are well guarded and family-friendly. Cities like Plano, Austin, Allen, Georgetown, League City, and Frisco are known for their security and safety.

Educational opportunities

Woman sitting by the University 

The main concern is the educational opportunities available when it comes to the upbringing of the children. Texas can be an excellent choice as it provides top-notch educational facilities, and nobody wants to compromise on the education and the learning environment of schools and colleges.

Texas A&M University and The University of Texas—Austin is renowned for their education all over the country. 

Places to consider if you are moving to Texas

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These considerations are divided into several aspects the shifters can look into before making the decision. Shifters could be either bachelors looking for a fun nightlife, students looking for affordable places, or some may be moving with family. The most suitable places for such individuals are discussed below:

Finest and safest towns to raise a family 

Family on the kitchen table


Teacher asking a question in class

It is a suitable place for a family to shift because it has highly rated educational institutes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 700-800 sections of parkland and trails come under Mansfield.


Outdoor activities 

It is a historic hometown with numerous opportunities for outdoor activities for children. It is a fine community with an exceptional culture that strengthens children’s roots and helps in a well-mannered upbringing.


Although it has a large population, it still has a closely integrated community that people with families crave. This land is home to some of the most hospitable residents. Waco is known for its Baylor University and Magnolia homes. It is rich in history and culture, just waiting to be explored. 


This town lies west of Houston and is the safest when it comes to raising a family. Its violent crime rate falls around 0.1%, and the crime rate of the property falls approximately 4.4%.


It is a portion of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex with a population of 9,220 residents. Families looking for a safer environment can opt for this place as its crime rate is 0.2%. 

Best places to settle for retirement 



It is situated in a hill country with a favorable climate, affordable houses, a low crime rate, and most importantly, abundant retirees. It is an attraction for retirees as it is a hospitable neighborhood with many outdoor activities that people can enjoy. 


Old man and woman at home 

This town sounds favorable for retirees as it has the cheapest housing cost in Texas. It has good medical facilities and even institutes that provide part-time jobs. It is also known as the heart of Texas because of its central placement. 

Best Hill Country towns to move in

Greenfield with house, hills, and trees

New Braunfels 

Wooden boats on the river 

It has the Guadalupe River, which is suitable for swimming, fishing, and other water activities. It has a scenic view as the water runs through the town. It is well known for its German heritage and wine culture. 


Brown and green hills scenic photo

It is the smallest town in Texas known for throwing country music concerts all year round. It has a scenic atmosphere with a diverse heritage. 

So these are the best places in Texas to settle in. What about the best historical places to visit on a trip to Texas? Check out our guide Top Historical Landmarks to See On Your Next Visit to Texas.


Moving to a new place and settling there can be a very crucial decision. So it would help if you reevaluated all the aspects and considerations that are discussed above. Texas sounds like a complete package and a very suitable place to move in. It has a very strong and stable economy, good job market, security, affordable houses, and top-notch educational institutes. 

Speaking of educational institutes, if you are interested in knowing about the best libraries in Texas, check out our guide Top 10 Libraries in Texas.

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