The Rangertette Showcase and Museum


The Rangerettes are the dance and drill team of Kilgore College. Founded in 1939, the Rangerettes were one of the first dancing drill teams to entertain at sporting events, particularly during the halftime period at football games.

The Kilgore College Rangerettes are often called one of the world’s most famous drill teams, and over the years, the Rangerettes have traveled not only across the U.S. but across the world entertaining audiences.

The Rangerette Showcase and Museum is in the Physical Education Complex at the corner of Broadway and Ross streets on the Kilgore College campus. The showcase features mechnized displays of Rangerette props, costumes, photos, and newspaper clippings detailing the group’s history. Two wall-mounted televisions plus a small theater also show video of the Rangerettes.

The Rangerettte Showcase and Museum is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m., and Saturdays 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is free.

Best Things to Do in Kilgore

East Texas Oil Museum

The East Texas Oil Museum provides another alternative to those who wish to understand the oil history in the Long Star State. Here, you will get to see the U.S’s largest oil field along with the past times of the town, tools, and the way of living through sound and movie presentations. Furthermore, you can take pictures with wildcatters and can have an authentic feel of what the town was like back in the day.

World’s Richest Acre Park

The World’s Richest Acre Park is home to different oil resources and how they were used by towns back in the day. You can get yourself photographed with the park’s oil wells and take home some history lessons about how long they have been here and use. Furthermore, you can also entertain yourself by visiting the Kilgore city pool, attending the Great Texas Balloon Race, and the town’s community concert association.

Van Cliburn Auditorium

The Van Cliburn Auditorium is a must-stop destination if you were to pass by Kilgore. This auditorium organizes different acts in addition to musicals and plays, therefore, attending to the special needs of those who are interested in theaters and live performances. People have praised it for its intimate settings as well as the professional performances displayed by artists.

Country Tavern Barbeque

After a long day of adventures and exploring areas, you are bound to get hungry. Therefore, head to the Country Tavern Barbeque for the best barbeque variety there is. From ribs to sausages and Turkey, you will find almost everything here that suits your taste buds. Since the waitresses are as helpful as they can get, you will have no problem selecting the best option.

Final Word

You can shortlist Kilgore as one of your travel destinations but make sure to visit it in Summers. It is a cute little city that does not have to offer much other than a little bit of history and adventure but enough for those who are looking for a quick getaway.

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