The Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial


Inside the Henry Huneke Park in Lubbock, Texas, you can find the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial – a symbol of courage and a constant reminder of the courageous soldiers who served the United States in times of war. Let’s explore the memorial’s history, its architectural significance, and the surrounding attractions that make Lubbock a memorable visit.

About the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial

Located at Henry Huneke Park on the corner of Nashville Avenue and 82nd Street, the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial is a prominent fixture in Lubbock, Texas. This memorial is noted as one of the largest in the United States. Constructed with a budget of $1.2 million, the memorial features walls elegantly decorated with bricks, each bearing the name of a soldier who died in the line of duty. These bricks are continually added, allowing for the memories of fallen soldiers to be preserved for future generations.

The primary marble wall of the memorial is reserved for the names of those who enlisted in local counties and were classified by the Department of Defense as Killed in Action. This ensures a dedicated remembrance for those who sacrificed during their service.

What personalizes the memorial are the engraved bricks that line the paths. Each one bears the name of a soldier, allowing individual families and friends to have a personal connection to the space. It’s a growing feature; new bricks are added as more families decide to honor their loved ones here.

Above everything, a tall flagpole flies the American flag, a poignant reminder of the country these soldiers served. It’s visible near the park and draws people towards the memorial.

Honored Conflicts

The memorial honors soldiers from multiple war eras, which include:

  • Persian Gulf
  • Panama
  • Lebanon/Grenada
  • Vietnam
  • Korea
  • WWII
  • WWI
  • Other wars

Each name engraved on the granite slabs tells a story of bravery and sacrifice, with 931 soldiers commemorated dating back to World War I.

Adjacent Monuments

Adjacent to the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial is the West Texas Regional Monument of Courage, erected on November 11, 2018. This monument honors 12 Medal of Honor recipients, Purple Heart recipients, and Gold Star families from across West Texas. It serves as an additional tribute to the courage and service of the region’s military personnel.

History of the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial

The idea for the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial originated in the late 1980s when local veterans groups felt a growing need to recognize and honor the sacrifices of those from the Lubbock area who served in the United States armed forces. The initiative gained support from various community leaders and veterans’ associations, all united in the desire to create a lasting tribute.

Fundraising efforts began in earnest in the early 1990s, with contributions from local businesses, individual donors, and community fundraisers. These efforts underscored the community’s commitment to recognizing their veterans. Schools, civic groups, and veterans’ families participated in raising awareness and funds, reflecting a widespread communal effort.

Design and Construction

The design phase involved local architects and veterans to ensure the memorial would be both respectful and representative of the community’s spirit. The chosen design featured multiple granite panels, each representing a different military conflict involving the United States from World War I onwards. The site selected for the memorial was Huneke Park, a location central and accessible, underscoring its communal importance.


The memorial was officially dedicated on Veterans Day in 1994, with a ceremony that drew hundreds of community members, veterans, and active-duty military personnel. The event was marked by speeches highlighting the courage and dedication of military service members and the unveiling of the granite panels that bore the names of local veterans.

Since its dedication, the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial has served not only as a place for annual commemorative events but also as a daily reminder of the costs of freedom. School groups frequently visit, learning about the sacrifices made by the men and women named on the panels. Veterans and their families find it a place of solace and reflection, often leaving flowers or flags in memory of a loved one.

The memorial plays a crucial role in the community, serving as a venue for Veterans Day and Memorial Day services, which see participation from various sectors, including schools, military units, and family groups. These events are key to maintaining the memorial’s relevance, ensuring it remains a focal point for remembering past sacrifices and educating the younger generation on the importance of service.

Surrounding Attractions Near the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial

When you visit the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial, it’s worth taking some extra time to explore the other attractions Lubbock has to offer. Here’s a look at some nearby spots popular with locals and visitors.

Buddy Holly Center

The Buddy Holly Center

Just a short drive from the memorial, the Buddy Holly Center is a must-visit for music lovers. This museum is dedicated to the life and music of Lubbock’s own Buddy Holly, a rock ‘n’ roll legend who left an indelible mark on the music world. The center includes a gallery with Buddy Holly memorabilia, personal items, and even his famous glasses. They also have a music venue on site, which hosts live performances, making it a lively spot to learn about and celebrate Buddy’s legacy.

Silent Wings Museum

If you’re interested in more military history, the Silent Wings Museum is just around the corner. This museum tells the story of the World War II glider pilots, an often-overlooked group who played a crucial role in the war. The museum houses a fully restored WACO CG-4A glider and offers detailed exhibits and documentaries that dive into the pilots’ daring missions. It’s both educational and inspiring, especially if you’re keen to understand different facets of military history.

National Ranching Heritage Center

To get a taste of Texas’ ranching history, head over to the National Ranching Heritage Center. This museum offers a fascinating look at the evolution of ranching and livestock in North America. You can walk through historical ranch structures, see artifacts from the old days, and learn about the pioneers who shaped the region. The center’s outdoor exhibits feature over 50 authentic ranch buildings dating from the late 18th to the mid-20th century, providing a real sense of stepping back in time.

Science Spectrum & OMNI Theater

The Science Spectrum & OMNI Theater is a great choice for a family-friendly outing. This hands-on science museum caters to curious minds of all ages with interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, and an aquarium. With its giant domed screen, the OMNI Theater offers immersive documentary viewings that can transport you from the ocean’s depths to outer space.

Prairie Dog Town

Don’t miss Prairie Dog Town in Mackenzie Park for something uniquely Lubbock. This area is home to a colony of prairie dogs, and you can watch these adorable creatures as they pop in and out of their burrows. It’s a fun and quirky experience that’s perfect for nature lovers and families.

Each of these attractions offers a different slice of Lubbock life and history, making your visit to the Veterans War Memorial even more memorable. Whether you’re into music, history, science, or just enjoying the great outdoors, you’ll find plenty to do around Lubbock.


The Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial not only commemorates the past but also educates and inspires current and future generations about the sacrifices made for freedom. Alongside Lubbock’s other cultural and historical sites, the memorial forms an integral part of a visit to this vibrant city, offering a deep and resonant experience that honors the spirit of America’s veterans.

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