The Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial

Located inside Henry Huneke Park, the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial is dedicated to the military veterans of Lubbock and the South Plains.

An attractive, stately circular monument of brick and marble, the Lubbock Area Veterans War Memorial consists of three parts. The center section honors veterans from the South Plains who were killed in action. On either side of the center section are areas dedicated to honoring living and deceased members of the United States Armed Forces. And the third section of the monument is for citizens who wish to show their support for veterans and for the memorial.

Top Attractions of Lubbock

Bayer Museum of Agriculture

The Bayer Museum of Agriculture is the perfect place to witness farm development over the years. It showcases the techniques and tools used by farmers over the years to introduce new farming methods. Furthermore, the museum is also home to impressive 3D touch displays that display information related to different tools. You will find everything from tools to more than 700 tractors used by farmers over the years.

American Windmill Museum

Traveling along America’s highways, you will come across gigantic windmills that hard to ignore. If you want to take a closer look and discover their humble beginnings, it is best to visit the American Windmill Museum. The complex is spread over 28 acres and features the largest collection of windmills. The two custom-built buildings include more than 200 windmills that date back from the 1860s to this day. One of the most impressive things at display here is the 6,600-square foot model train display, which is intended to highlight the relationship between railways and windmills.

National Ranching Heritage Center

The National Ranching Heritage Center offers a different perspective of ranching and associated architecture of the West. It includes 49 historic structures that dates back to the 1780s and 1950s. Every structure here is in its original condition except one that was relocated from other countries. Furthermore, the oldest building here happens to be a replica. Moreover, the buildings are arranged in chronological order. The main building on the other hand is a 44,000-square-foot museum that contains information regarding ranching, from cowboy boots to cattle rustling. Make sure to visit Lubbock in April because that is the time when chuckwagons, cowboys, and horses mostly perform.

Silent Wings Museum

The Silent Wings Museum was once Lubbock’s former airport terminal. Today, it is dedicated to the American grader pilots of WWII, 80% of whom were trained here. The most notable display here is a perfectly restored WACO CG-4A. This gigantic glider is hung from the ceiling and happens to be low enough for you to take a look inside and imagine how it would have felt to descend 1,500 feet without an engine during war days. You will find several other war-related machines here as well such as small gliders, jeeps, and bulldozers, etc.

Buddy Holly Center, Statue, and West Texas Walk of Fame

Lubbock is home to an artist by the name of Buddy Holly who was an American rock-and-roll artist of the 1950s. The Buddy Holly Center, Statue, and West Texas Walk of Fame is dedicated to his life, career, and most important personal statement. You will find everything from his childhood days to when he was at his peak. The most notable attractions here include Holly’s Fender Stratocaster guitar along with his signature hone-rimmed glasses. It is easy to spot and recognize the museum due to the large horn-rimmed glass figure installed at the entrance.

Prairie Dog Town

The Prairie Dog Town is home to a small field of prairie dogs offering unlimited cuteness. These animals are extremely friendly with humans. Furthermore, it is also free. You will see several of the little fellows sitting on fences and running around. They go about their business and are not concerned with humans in their company. You can watch them standing on their legs, peeping loudly, or dramatically falling over.

Final Word

Considering the size of Lubbock, one cannot imagine the number of activities and sites it has to offer. From the moment you enter Lubbock till your last day here, you will discover the history, take part in fun activities and enjoy everything in a natural setting. It’s not easy to pull off all of this but Lubbock does It every time, every year.