The Island Life in The Bay of Port Aransas


The Bay of Port Aransas is one of the most exciting and interesting tourist locations in the world. It offers multiple entertainment sources and tons of other things that will not only re-energize your body but refresh your soul as well. Plus, it has a year-round moderate climate that makes it easy and comfortable for tourists around the world to make the most of their time outside and even get some tan during the process as well. The Bay of Port Aransas offers unique dining and shopping opportunities that are hardly found anywhere else. Read on for many of the important things to do to enjoy the island life in the Bay of Port Aransas.


Amongst the first things you should try is the Chute ‘Em Up Parasailing that has been providing high-quality Texas Coast aerial adventures for the entire family for more than 15 years. The company only offers guided parasailing excursions that begin from the Lydia Ann Channel and travel along the Gulf of Mexico.

While you are high above in the air, you get to see the Aransas Point Lighthouse, the shipwreck of the USS Worthington, and Turtle Cove. All flights are guided by the company’s trained boat captains and even allow riders to reach heights of upto 300 feet above sea level. Furthermore, state-of-the-art safety features tend to make parasailing both easy and safe for parasailers, although those with back or neck injuries are not recommended to go parasailing.

Coffee Waves

The Bay of Port Aransas offers a unique coffee experience through its regional Texas coffee shop franchise that is located in Corpus Christi, Alameda, and Port Aransas. You will find coffee here that is made from top-quality coffee beans brewed in the world along with hot and ice lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and macchiato. While coffee is one thing, you can also munch on pastries that are made using local ingredients along with Paninis and smoothies. And the good part is, you can get the same coffee experience as you get in some of the best luxury resorts in the US.

If you are into gelato then you are in for a treat because Coffee Waves serves gelato in more than 90 rotating flavors and even holds a musical evening including local musicians on Friday and Sunday evenings. The vibe of Virginia’s port Aransas is such that it has made local coffee shops such as Coffee Waves a popular gathering spot, where artists get to display their local art as well.

Dolphin Watch Nature Tour

The Dolphin Watch Nature Tour has been operating in Port Aransas for nearly 30 years and offers a variety of different wildlife-watching experiences aboard the Mustang. The Mustang is a 100-seater Coast Guard-certified trimaran that offers an enchanting view and experience of wildlife at its best. Furthermore, it consists of two decks amongst which one is for the riders and captain’s level upper deck with a tank that is built-in touch allowing up-close experiences with marine life.

If you were to go on a tour during the sunset, you will get to see panoramic horizon views while educational tours offer the students to learn more about marine ecology and coastal history. In addition to that, you can also opt for private charters for weddings, family reunions, and corporate outings. 

Hot Spot Fishing Charters

Once you are done experiencing the Dolphin Watch Nature Tour it is time to shift your attention to the Hot Spot Fishing Charters that are led by Captain Arthur Serrano, an individual who carries a mountainous experience in deep saltwater and is as enthusiastic as it can get. Charters are available for rental for four, six, eight, and 10-hour reservations with both beginner and extreme experience packages available as well.

The trips are made on the company’s 750-hp vessel, which is powered by three engines and is a 36-foot Yellowfin center console vessel. Moreover, it is not only the vessel that takes you on a ride but complete fishing equipment is provided as well including reels, lures, rods, bait along with other fishing techniques and experiences. However, those who charter the service must possess a valid Texas Saltwater Fishing License if they were to decide to fish and provide their own beverages, food, and cover-up gear for the entire day. 

Mustang Island State Park, Port Aransas, TX

The Mustang Island State Park is a 3,954-acre state park that gets its name from the wild mustangs that frequented the island during the 19th century. The park not only offers a spectacular view of the pristine beachfront but a variety of recreational activities as well such as hiking, surfing, and swimming, etc.

Kayakers can also explore the Mustang Island State Park through a paddling train that runs is a 20-mile trail running along the shoreline of Corpus Christi Bay and perhaps offers one of the best shallow-water fishing experiences in the world. Another interesting feature of this area is bird watching. With more than 400 unique bird species alone just in this area, you are up for some exciting bird-watching experience. Moreover, the area also features 48 fully equipped campsites available for visitor use in addition to 300 primitive drive-up sites. 

Port Aransas Museum

The Port Aransas Museum is a building that belongs to the 20th century and is essentially a kit house. It was donated to the Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association in 2007 and was amongst the most endangered structures of its time during the donation. However, later on, it was relocated and renovated so that it could be operated as a public museum that houses permanent exhibits highlighting the area’s history and culture.

Furthermore, the house also includes the original fourth-order Fresnel Lens from the nearby Lydia Ann Lighthouse along with 12,000 original civic documents and photographs. Lastly, the museum also offers guided tours of several historical locations that are nearby such as the Little Chapel.

Red Dragon Pirate Cruises

The Red Dragon Pirate Cruises offer interactive entertainment aboard a 70-foot replica pirate ship with 10 canons that are digitally recreated. Although the vessel is designed to mimic the pirate ships of the 17th century but it features several modern amenities such as a full-service concession bar along with full restroom facilities. The cruises travel on the waters of Aransas Bay and feature live dancing, entertainment, and battle reenactments. In addition to that, standard cruises are available for participants of all ages and include adult gaming and beverage cruises offered to individuals who are aged 21 and older.

Roberts Point Park

The Roberts Point Park is a 50-acre peninsula park that is located along the Port Aransas waterfront near the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and serves as a regular harbor for more than 250 boats. The Park also features a special pavilion that is intended for events including local fishing tournaments and weigh-ins and can also be rented for special family events.

Furthermore, the Patsy Jones Amphitheater presents the Sunset Sounds Concert series that is hosted every second Friday between April and October. It includes talent competitions and regional festival performances. If you are bringing your kids along, you can have them spend some time at the observation tower, children’s playground and soccer, etc.

Skydive South Texas, Port Aransas, TX

The Skydive South Texas is the only tropical skydiving adventure of the state that departs from Mustang Beach Airport’s Hangar 1. Skydiving experiences are not only available for the experienced divers but novice as well. These excursions are led by certified skydiving instructors that put a huge emphasis on safety and pack all the reserve parachutes that are recertified every 6 months by licensed technicians. You can opt for packages that include beach landings and remote skydives over nearby San Jose Island. Plus, if you were to pay an additional fee, professional photographs and videos may be added as well. You can also book private skydiving excursions for wedding parties, birthdays, and team-building events.

 Texan Warbird Adventures

The Texan Warbird Adventures provides opportunities to tourists to fly the Port Aransas Coastal Bend in a vintage North American T-6 Texan Warbird. It was a warbird that was used and developed by the United States for World War II intended to train the pilots for combat. Furthermore, the warbird was retired from use in the 80s, and today, around 600 of them exist throughout the world.

Trey Hayden who is a licensed pilot and flight instructor leads the flights that depart from McCampbell Porter Airport or Mustang Beach Airport. You can also opt for the half-hour flights that showcase many sights near Corpus Christi such as the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium.

 The University of Texas Marine Science Institute

The University of Texas Marine Science Institute is the oldest and most prestigious marine research facility in Texas. It was founded in 1892 with the intention of studying the marine flora and fauna of the region. Furthermore, the marine permanent laboratory of the facility was founded in 1946 that included two buildings that are still a part of the campus.

Today, the facility also serves as an educational museum that features several aquarium exhibits showcasing the marine life of the Texas coastal ecosystems. While the Estuary Exploratorium teaches visitors about the local estuary’s environment, the Wetlands Educational Center offers marsh birdwatching and opportunities for waterfowl.

Whooping Crane Boat Tours, Port Aransas, Texas

The Whooping Crane Boat Tours takes the visitors to the National Wildlife Reserve that is a 114, 657-acre natural preserve located along the southwestern side of San Antonio Bay. Tours are conducted on an 84-seater Wharf Cat between November and April. In addition to that, the vessel offers the highest observation deck of any vessel that is operating in the same region. Ray Little narrates the tour who is a Master Naturalist and Ornithologist.

The guide will take you crane watching that are an endangered species native to the area. Plus, both beginner and experienced birdwatchers can experience up-close encounters with the cranes as a part of the shallow-water tours. The tour lasts between 45-90 minutes while food and beverages are offered at a concession. However, if you were to put in advanced reservations, you can charter the service for private tours as well.

Soak up the sun

Once you are done exploring almost all that Port Aransas has to offer, you are going to need a break. The best way to relax and re-energize yourself is by soaking up the sun at the beach. The beach stretches for 18-miles and therefore, it is a must-visit if you are visiting this coastal city. You can look for seashells, build a castle and even sunbathe neat the shore.

However, if you are still up for something interesting and fun, you can opt for jet skiing, kayaking, and windsurfing that are available on rentals. Here, you will also find amenities like pure drinking water and bathrooms. This is what when combined makes Port Aransas Beach amongst the best in the world.

Final Word

The Island Life in the Bay of Port Aransas is one of the most exciting you can experience and opt for. It has something for everyone and perfectly balances natural beauty and thrilling activities and opportunities. It is one of the places where you can never get bored and mark memories by privately chartering some services. Therefore, make sure this place is amongst your considerations this year.

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