The Best Zoos in Texas

Texas, known as the Lone Star State, is not only known for its rich culture. Not many people know that it is teeming with wildlife too!

In fact, there are a few zoos and wildlife centers that you can visit in Texas. Whether you are an animal photographer, someone who loves animals, or has a child who wants to explore wildlife, make sure to stop by in any of the zoos in Texas!

In this article, we rounded up the best zoos in Texas. Make sure to read further!

Fort Worth Zoo

This zoo is ranked number one in the whole country by USA Today, so it is natural that this zoo comes on the top of our list. Fort Worth Zoo opened in 1909, making it one of the oldest zoos in Texas. But despite being old, it can still keep up with the latest maintenance practices, which is why many people still visit it.

What sets this zoo apart from the other is that they house 540 species, including 148 bird species, 72 mammal species, and 172 ectotherm species. The zoo also offers two exhibits: the elephant springs, which is a place where guests can view elephants, and the African Savanna: a trip that allows guests to experience the feeling of being in an African safari, around animals such as springbok, giraffe, ostriches, zebras, and more. What is more amazing is that they also let guests feed the giraffes! So, if feeding the tallest mammal in the world is a part of your bucket list, the Fort Worth Zoo is your perfect destination!

Another experience you can enjoy in this place is the Museum of Living Art (MOLA), wherein guests can see and be thrilled with the 5,000 reptiles, amphibians it houses, including some Komodo dragons!

Dallas Zoo

A perfect summer getaway with the family includes the Dallas Zoo in their itinerary! It holds a large number of extraordinary animal species, so make sure to always get your camera ready to capture these wildlife creatures!

Never miss visiting the Wild Encounters Stage to get an up close and personal encounter with a variety of animals, such as free-flighted birds, reptiles, porcupines, and a whole lot more! They also have summer camps and outreach programs that you may want to enroll your kids in.

Cameron Park Zoo

Situated in Waco, a visit to Cameron Park Zoo is definitely one for the books. Arrive with the wonderful sight of Gibbins Island, a local favorite! You will get to see bald eagles and meet new creatures like lemurs. And if you cannot afford a trip to the African savannahs, this park will make up for it! It hosts a lot of animals you would see in savannahs.

Locals of Waco are in love with this small park, and some even consider it as one of the best zoos in Texas. What is more to expect? The aquarium, indoor exhibits, boat rides, play park, and so much more amenities that your kids will surely enjoy.

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

Just 2 hours from DFW sits the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, which makes you feel as if you are in Africa for its lush landscapes and overwhelming view of animals.

This drive-thru park is an ideal destination to witness exotic animals in their natural habitat. Do not forget to bring binoculars for each family member so you can take a closer look at the animals! The Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a 7-mile drive with more than a thousand of animals waiting for you to come. They have a restaurant and gift shop where you can stop about halfway through the park.

Ellen Trout Zoo

If your whole family enjoys water activities and seeing amazing animals, then the Ellen Trout Zoo is the perfect place to be. It is located in Lufkin, and is relatively smaller than the other zoos mentioned. But just because it is smaller in size doesn’t mean it is not fun to be here!

Despite its small size, Ellen Trout Zoo features white rhinos, tigers, tortoises, hippos, and many more. Spend a day with the animals within a peaceful environment because not many people come in here. The zoo also offers summer programs, so make sure to enroll your kids if you want them to be more exposed to wildlife!

San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo was first developed with a donation from George Brackenridg in the 1800s.

Housing more than 300 animals, the San Antonio Zoo features animals from other facilities that have retired due to health issues, old age, and many more. If you want to appreciate older animals for their bravery and strength, then this is the place to be. They also had the world’s biggest bird collection. There are also several interactive experiences that your kids will surely enjoy.