The Best Places to go Fishing Around Port Aransas


A mere 3,480 people call Port Aransas home during the summer, but that number can easily swell to more than 60,000 people. Anglers are welcome to bring their families along for a day at the beach, during which they will have the opportunity to participate in surf fishing, and there are several piers in the area where they can find some peace and quiet. When you factor in the possibility of fishing from the seat of a kayak, you can rest assured that you will find a method of fishing that is a perfect fit for your preference.

When it comes to fishing which is one of the fun activities that you can do in Port Aransas, the next significant question is which specific location to visit. But the good news is that you can’t make a mistake. If you want a memorable fishing trip, you can’t go wrong with any of these spots, which all offer excellent fishing:

1. Horace Caldwell Pier

One of the most well-known places in Port Aransas for anglers to cast their lines is the Horace Caldwell Pier, which can be found in IB Magee Beach Park. Both fishing and surfing are highly recommended activities in this part of Mustang Island, which is the island’s most northern point. The 1,240-foot-long pier is a popular destination for fishermen throughout the year. The longest pier in Port Aransas stretches out into the Gulf and provides anglers with access to larger nearshore species. This pier is located just minutes from the downtown area.

2. Fish Pass Jetty

Fishing is a favorite pastime around Port Aransas. 

In the early 1970s, this channel was opened as a passageway to the Gulf of Mexico from Corpus Christi Bay. The short jetties that were built to support it at the northern end of Mustang Island State Park were not long enough to prevent it from becoming buried by sediment over time. Even though the pass has been closed for many years, there is still a good cut back into the flats that are located behind Mustang Island through this passage. On the Gulf side, one of the most popular places to fish the surf is along the jetties that were built to protect the Fish Pass.

3. Aransas Causeway

The channel that can be reached via the Aransas Causeway is home to yet another fantastic fishing spot. This land formation lies between Aransas Pass and Port Aransas, separating the two locations. You can get your kayak into the water at any one of the many ramps that are located along the Aransas Causeway. This is the most advantageous location from which to fish in the channel. You can also set up camp at varying distances, and there are ramps for kayaks to get into the water as well, so feel free to bring the whole family.

4. South Jetty

Port Aransas Pass is a natural channel that has existed for hundreds of years. The jetties that exist today were built between 1906 and 1911. The jetties are free to use. Both the North and South Jetty are popular with fishermen and can be productive for a wide range of species all year. A look back at the fishing reports for the Port Aransas South Jetty. Perhaps you can find a seasonal pattern, bait, or technique that has previously worked.

The South Jetty, which protrudes from the southernmost point of Port Aransas, offers the most desirable aspects of every conceivable scenario. While the inshore creatures are still biting where the waters are calm, your best bet will be to go after the nearshore fish as they come closer to the shore.

5. North Jetty

This jetty, widely regarded as the best on the Texas coast, can be reached by taking the Jetty Boat from Woody’s Sports Center in Port Aransas. A round-trip ticket is approximately $10. If the fish aren’t biting, beachcombing along the remote San Jose Island shoreline is an option. Depending on the weather, water conditions, and time of year, trout, redfish, pompano, black drum, Spanish mackerel, and sheepshead are common on either side of the rocks. There is always something in season. Summer and spring are ideal. Keep an eye out for fish-stealing raccoons.

6. Indian Point Pier

While enjoying a boating experience, fishing can be another fulfilling alternative

This Portland pier juts out about 1,000 feet into Corpus Christi Bay which is one of the must-see places when visiting Port Aransas for the first time along with the many beautiful destinations like PAIS and the Mustang Island State Park. Night fishing for drums and redfish is a popular pastime on this pier. However, speckled trout and sand trout are also caught on a regular basis, depending on weather and water conditions. It costs $1 per person, plus $1 for each fishing pole with a three-rod limit. Food, drink, bait, and fishing tackle are all available. Restrooms are available. Rods and reels can be rented.

7. Humble Channel

On the JFK Causeway, choose between Trainer’s Pier and Red Dot Pier. Early in the winter, look for croaker, flounder, redfish, and trout, and late in the winter for redfish and drum. Bad weather can be ideal for fishing. Both piers offer concessions, live and dead bait, and tackle. $1 per person and $1 per pole for Red Dot with a three-rod limit. The trainer’s charge is $2 per person for two rods. Children under the age of 12 fish for free, and anglers over the age of 55 fish for free on Wednesdays. Try the $4.50 pier pass/pound of shrimp special.

8. Bob Hall Pier

Kayak fishing can be a nice option too. 

Bob Hall Pier protrudes 1,240 feet into deep waters, making it a revered refuge for anglers to discover new species of fish, such as grouper and speckled trout. While the pier is undergoing renovations and is inaccessible to the public, Padre Balli Park provides a delightful beach experience.

Here you will find miles upon miles of idyllic sand and waves. Visit Beach Bum Rentals, located near Padre Balli Park Rd., to rent a golf cart for the day and explore the area like a local. If you forget any essentials for your beach bag, the park office has you covered. There, you’ll find beach buckets ideal for collecting shells to take home, sports equipment for activities, and sunblock, among other defining coastal items.

9. Oso Bay Bridge/Pier

Fishing is a very relaxing activity. 

The shallow waters of Oso Bay empty into the deep waters of Corpus Christi Bay at this location on Ocean Drive near the campus of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Because the waters of Oso Bay are warmer than those of Corpus Christi Bay, it is a popular winter hangout for redfish and trout. Anglers fish the channel beneath the bridge as well as the shoreline on either side of the bridge facing Corpus Christi Bay. Oso Bay Pier is a good summer night spot for trout and a popular winter and early spring spot for black drum. Rental is $1 per person and $1 per pole with a three-rod limit.

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