Should You Take Your Cat Boating?


Should you take your cat boating? That’s the question that cat owners are trying to answer when they find out there is no cat-friendly watercraft available. There are many things that need to be considered before making the decision, and in this blog post, we will explore some of them – including safety factors.

The Risks of Taking Your Cat Boating

Before you decide to bring your cat boating, always remember that there are various risks that come with this activity, including:

  • Cat injury or death during the trip – since there are many moving things on a boat that could harm your cat if they were to touch them, such as propellers. Cats are commonly known for their fear of water, making them more irritable when it comes to boating. Not only can this be very painful for your cat, but it can also lead to more serious injuries or even death depending on the cat’s injuries.
  • Cat injury or death after the trip – since cats are curious creatures, they may decide to explore while you’re still on your boat and end up falling into the water, which could lead to them drowning or having other serious issues due to exposure to the cold weather.

What To Do If You Want To Take Your Cat Boating?

If you are planning to bring your cat boating, you have to follow these steps to ensure their safety:

  • The cat must be wearing a life jacket at all times while on the watercraft – this will help to keep them safe if they fall into the water and gives you peace of mind as an owner;
  • Always have a cat carrier or restraint system onboard in case your cat gets scared and needs to be contained;
  • The cat should be kept under supervision at all times while on the boat to ensure that they don’t run away or get into any trouble.

Factors to Consider Before Taking Your Cat Boating

You have to consider various factors before deciding to take your cat boating, including:

  1. Cat’s Personality – since cat personalities can vary from cat to cat, you have to figure out which one your cat is and what their characteristics are. If they’re shy or easily spooked, then this may not be a good idea for them. If, on the other hand, your cat loves being around people and seeing new places, then they may enjoy the trip.
  2. Your Cat’s Age and Health – if your cat is elderly or has any health conditions, you should consult with your veterinarian before taking them on a boat as this could exacerbate their condition or put them at risk.
  3. Weather Conditions – always check the weather reports before planning to take your cat boating, as cat boating is not recommended in rough weather conditions.
  4. Boat Size – cat-friendly watercraft are often very small and maybe uncomfortable for your cat if they were to get on one. If you’re going cat boating, always find a boat that can accommodate both of you comfortably without sacrificing safety factors such as room or space.

Items Needed For A Boat Trip With Your Cat

A cat inside a carrier

You have to make sure to prepare these items to ensure your cat’s safety and make your boat trip a worthwhile experience for both of you:

  1. Cat Life Jacket – as mentioned before, your cat must always be wearing a life jacket while on the watercraft to ensure their safety.
  2. Cat Carrier or Restraint System – if your cat gets scared and needs to be contained, this is the best way to do so without having to worry about them running away or getting into danger.
  3. Food and water – make sure to pack a lot of food and water for your cat as they may get hungry or thirsty during the trip.
  4. Sunscreen, Hats, Sunglasses, etc. – since cats are susceptible to the sun just like humans, it’s essential to protect them from getting a sunburn by packing sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, etc.
  5. First Aid Kit – cat boating can be an exhilarating experience for your cat, but it is also one that comes with certain risks. As an owner or caretaker of the cat, you should always have a first aid kit on hand in case anything were to go wrong during the trip.
  6. Treats – cats love treats, and they make for great rewards when your cat does something good. Make sure to pack some cat-friendly treats during the boat ride if you want to make it memorable.

Tips For Keeping Your Cat Entertained During Your Boat Trip

A cat playing with a toy

Bringing your cat on a boat trip is truly a memorable experience. It is a great bonding experience for both of you and your cat; it is also a fun activity you can do in the Port Aransas area. To make this activity a lot more exciting, you can follow various tips to ensure your cat’s entertainment, including:

  1. Bring Cat Toys – there are plenty of cat toys available on the market today that you can bring with you to keep your cat entertained. Just make sure to choose toys that won’t be a choking hazard for them and ones that fit their size and strength capabilities.
  2. Scratch Board or Scratching Post – cat boating is a great opportunity for you to introduce your cat to the wonders of water and ensure that they stay fit by running around. However, it’s important to have a scratching board or cat scratching post on hand in case they get bored from being indoors all day long.
  3. Toys That Float In Water – there are also various cat toys that float in water, and your cat will enjoy watching these as they move around.
  4. Catnip – catnips is a great way to keep your cat entertained with their own toy, which you can sprinkle some on the boat floor for them to play with or lick off of their paws.

Cat boating is an exciting experience for both cat and owner alike. By following the tips provided in this blog post, you can ensure that your cat has a safe and enjoyable time on the boat. As always, consult with your veterinarian before taking your cat boating to make sure they are healthy enough for the trip.

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