Planning a Camping Experience on a Texas Beach


The Lone Star state has around 350 plus miles of coastline. It is known for practicing the camping culture, but not many people are aware of the option of camping on a beach. Few Texas beaches are worthy of camping as not all provide primitive sites or amenities. So before heading out, do explore your options listed below and plan accordingly.  

Waves crashing on seashore

Do you wish to witness sunrise or sunset in a scenic beauty where you are engulfed by water and your loved ones, making sandcastles while the sea breeze blows against your skin in the purest form of nature. Then buckle up to explore the peaks and valleys, sights and scenes and the twists and turns that come with camping on a beach.

Must-visit beaches in Texas

Here is a list of beaches in Texas that are suitable for camping experiences which you can put on a planner.  

Sea rim State park

Sea rim State park view

This location has more than ten campsites right next to the beach. These sites provide an outdoor grill, water supplies, tent, picnic tables, and lantern posts after dark. You can enjoy the experience of cooking fresh food as this beach comes with an outdoor grill, adding more to the already available activities.

It is a good spot for swimming and surfing as well.

Bird Island Basin 

Beach trees

You don’t need to worry about the facilities available on the shore as you will find yourself more indulged in the water activities. It has warm water, steady breeze shallow depth suitable for windsurfers. It also promotes other water activities like kayaking and fishing, and people can take a tour of the protected seashore. 

Matagorda Bay Nature Park

White powerboat at the dock

This beach comes with many facilities like a barbeque pit, fireplaces, shade and toilet and shower rooms. It has a campground with 13 sites available at the docking area. You better rush quick as it comes with the first –come-first-serve basis. 

Extra activities are also promoted as it has a volleyball net that children can use as well as adults. 

If you want to learn more about Matagorda, check out our guide Introduction to Matagorda, Texas.

Padre Island- North beach

sea beach water wave

This beach requires no reservations or any permits for tent camping. It has a visitor center about 12 miles away that provides facilities like a food court and a toilet and shower. 

It can be a good space to carry out fun games like surfing as there are no restrictions. You can enjoy loud music and an outside campfire. 

Padre Island- South beach

It has the same amenities and campsites as North beach. The only difference is that it has more landscape and it comes with a chemical toilet. Kids can enjoy such an open space, and it will be easier to fit larger tents on the shore. 

Mustang Island State Park

Person riding kayaking

It is a camp-friendly space with 48 sites that provide electricity and up to 50 primitive sites. To ensure that things go as planned, reservations are required as it can be packed at times. 

You can do all kinds of water activities like swimming, fishing, surfing, and using kayak boats.

Other activities may include building sandcastles, ride mountain bikes and play board games. 

San Jose Island

a beach island 

It is a privately-owned island that is only accessible only by boat. Visitors are only allowed at the beach area. 

People enjoy the freshly cooked fish as fishing is the main activity carried out on this beach. 

So these were the must-visit beaches in Texas. What about the natural disasters that hit Texas’ beaches? If you want to find out, do check out our guide Worst Disasters in Texas History


After making up your mind about the camping experience, you need to plan to execute it. You require to look into the following aspects before rushing things.

What to Pack 

Woman’s hand using a pen noting on a notepad

You first need to list down your gear list, including all the essential items required when camping and specifically on a beach. Plan making would not be successful without the items listed below, so make sure to pack the gear.


Tent with the ocean view

To ensure that the tent stays put in its place, you need to purchase a tent with sand stakes. Sand stakes anchor firmly into the ground and prevent it from flying away. 

Sleeping bags and folding chairs

Comfort comes first! Choose a sleeping bag that is suitable for the weather you will be camping in. Folding chairs will provide you with a comfortable sitting space. They are lightweight and portable.

Food and storage unit

Water supplies are essential if you want to stay hydrated. These can be stored in a cooler along with the food supplies to keep them fresh. Single pot meals can save you from the trouble of cooking the meal from scratch. These cooked meals can be stored in the cooler, just to be heated later for consumption. 

First aid kit

First aid and survival kit

You need to set a kit for the basic emergencies, and it must include the following:

  • Ice packs: for bruises, sprains or any injury.
  • Calamine ointment: for rashes and bug bites.
  • Adherent bandages in case of an accident. 
  • Hand sanitizer to keep away the germs and to apply before eating. 
  • Alcohol wipes, scissors and tweezers. 
  • Instant Pain killers and deep heat spray. 
  • Tape

Cooking equipment

Hunger strikes the minute you get out of the water, so it is essential to pack the cooking equipment to enjoy the freshly cooked food on a beach. A propane pot is required to prepare your meal, a matchbox or a lighter, a multi-tool knife, disposable plates and glasses. 


It would be best if you carried a swimsuit, a hat to protect your eyes from the sun, extra shirts and shorts that dry quickly and water shoes. 

Survival kit

 This kit includes basic precautionary items like sunscreen, sunglasses, towels, toothbrushes, and personal medicine. 

Tool kit

It can include items like extra batteries, rope, a utility blade or a knife, trash bags. 

It is always good to pack some self-defense gadgets when camping outdoors. You can keep a pocket knife, pepper spray, flashlights and stun guns.

Baby powder 

It works wonders when it comes to getting rid of sand from your skin before you dig in for snacks or any other activity. 

Life vest 

a person on a kayak with a life vest on 

You can enjoy your time at the beach without having to worry about supervising children when they are swimming. A life vest is a precautionary measure that must be taken even if you are a good swimmer. 

The significance of camping 

People mostly plan camping trips because they need a break from their mundane lives and reconnect with nature. Camping eliminates all the external distractions and brings you closer to the new hobbies that you enjoy. Following are the benefits of camping:


Silhouette of a person meditating

Camping is an excellent opportunity to focus on yourself as you are disconnected from worldly affairs and problems. Just switch off your phones and laptops to experience peace and inhale the simplicity of nature. Meditation helps you increase your lifespan. 


Man swimming at a beach during sunset

You indulge in all kinds of physical activities while camping. Activities like putting up tents act as a warm-up, swimming burns a lot of your calories etc. 

Stress-free time

People end to feel less stressed when on vacation or camping as they leave their worries behind and gather to enjoy each other’s company.


To conclude, it is essential to have a plan before going for a camping experience. Camping provides you with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature. You need to make sure to carry everything from the gear list mentioned above. And visit the Texas beaches for unique and mesmerizing experiences. 

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