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Formerly known as the Dallas Holocaust Museum and Center for Education and Tolerance, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is a history education museum located in the West End District of Dallas, Texas. The museum aims to educate people about the history of the Holocaust and advance human rights to help fight hatred, prejudice, and indifference. In this article, we are going to know more about the history of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum and the exhibits that you can see while you’re there.


in 1977, the Dallas-based Jewish Holocaust decided to form and organization and called it the Holocaust Survivors in Dallas. After seven years, the survivors and the North Texas benefactors built the Dallas Memorial Center for Holocaust Studies. It is located in the Dallas Jewish Community Center. In 2005, the center changed its name to the Dallas Holocaust Museum and Center for Education and Tolerance. Along with this, the museum was also moved to a transitional space that is located in downtown Dallas. Today, the museum is now known as the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, and it now stands in a 55,000 square-foot permanent location that is situated in Dallas West End.

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Permanent Exhibitions in the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

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The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum has four wings where its permanent exhibits are located. These are the Pivot to America Wing, Orientation Wing, Holocaust/Shoah Wing, and the Human Rights Wing.

  • Orientation Wing – This is where the museum tour begins. Guests and visitors will enter a small theater where they can view a short film. After that, they are shown fundamental questions such as why one should care about the Holocaust and human rights and what they can do about it. On this exhibit, visitors will learn more about the Jews and what triggered Hitler and the Nazi’s hatred towards them. Besides that, visitors can also see what Jewish life in Europe was before the Holocaust.
  • Holocaust/ Shoah Wing – In this wing, visitors and guests can explore the Holocaust’s history. They will also get to witness nine original films and local survivor testimonies. On this exhibit, visitors can also experience walking through an authentic Nazi-era rail car. It was also the first-ever Nazi-era rail car to be ever displayed in a museum.
  • Pivot to America Wing – This exhibit addresses the American experience, American reality, and American ideals. Here in this part of the museum, visitors can explore the development of civil and human rights in America through interactive kiosks. Aside from that, this exhibit also allows visitors to learn more about Upstanders, who drive the process of repair in America. This is also where they can connect with organizations and activities if they want to start and make a difference.
  • Human Rights Wing – In this wing, visitors will see an exhibit that focuses on the advances in the world’s approach to human rights. Aside from that, the human rights wing also allows the visitors to learn about the importance of the Nuremberg Trials for representational justice that happened after World War II and the Holocaust. The Ten Stages of Genocide Gallery also sits here in this exhibit, and visitors will see ten floor-to-ceiling islands, representing a historical genocide.

Aside from these permanent exhibits, the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum has a permanent interactive exhibition called the Dimensions in Testimony. This theater has a 3-D holographic technology and artificial intelligence that presents genocide Survivors answering questions about their experiences.

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