Learn About Eagle Eye Observatory in Burnet County, Texas

Canyon of the Eagles – A Calibre Resort

In the Upper Highland Lakes region of the Texas Hill Country, a one-of-a-kind resort and natural park called Canyon of the Eagles can be found in Burnet County. It is named after the American Bald Eagles that nest in the area from fall through spring each year. It encompasses more than 940 acres and is located on the banks of Lake Buchanan, the largest of the Highland Lakes. The unspoiled setting combines the best land, ocean, and sky experiences in one area. 

Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park & Resort is a nature-based resort that allows you to be active, do nothing, or do a little of both. The Resort highlights the natural beauty of the area as well as the splendor of Lake Buchanan. The grounds are home to endangered species such as the Black-Capped Vireo, Golden-Cheeked Warbler, and American Bald Eagle. Animals commonly seen in the park include rabbits, deer, foxes, roadrunners, snakes, bobcats, feral pigs, armadillos, and more than 200 species of birds, which are just some of the flora and fauna that call the park home. Wildflowers such as bluebonnets also bloom in abundance throughout the spring and early summer!

Find your way to Canyon of the Eagles whether you’re looking for a memorable outdoor experience or a relaxing Hill Country getaway. The Resort is ideal, whether solo, on a romantic date, or on a group or family outing. It has the perfect mix of natural Texas Hill Country landscape, fun things to do, and pampering. Park visitors can access 16 miles of hiking trails seasonally, go on guided hikes, use nature blinds, take scenic boat tours, watch birds, fish, kayak, and stargaze. The activities and amenities also include Smores firepit, Eagles Nest Lounge, Park Store (lakeside), swimming pool, music, and movies under the stars. The Eagle Eye Observatory is a popular stop for park guests because it allows them to observe the night sky through a number of different instruments.

Along with its breathtaking environment, there are various places to stay at Canyon of the Eagles, including cabins, lodges, and campgrounds. The resort offers spacious guest rooms with luxurious amenities, on-site dining, and a variety of other attractions that will surprise and please tourists of all ages. The venue has a 60-room lodge, 10 basic campsites, 25 developed campsites, a group campground, 23 full-service RV sites, a lounge, a game room, and the posh Overlook Restaurant, open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Several live bands and music artists perform at the Eagle’s Nest Lounge, which is available for drinks and if you’d like to grab dinner and watch them play music.

All in all, the Canyon of the Eagles is a fantastic place to visit for those who appreciate nature and want to see the Texas Hill Country away from the noise of the metropolis.

Eagle Eye Observatory


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Eagle Eye Observatory is a proud offering from Canyon of the Eagles, a Calibre Resort, to its tourists and guests. The resort’s address is 16942 Ranch Road in Burnet, Texas. Take Hwy 29 west, about four miles from Burnet, then turn right on RR 2341, which finishes at the Canyon of the Eagles entrance.

The dark-sky area is one of Texas’ top spots for astronomical gazing. The elevation of Eagle Eye Observatory is located at the height of around 335 meters or 1,100 feet above sea level. The location is a former cornfield on a huge plateau with superb horizons within the park’s boundaries. On clear nights, the limiting magnitude at this location can reach +6.5.

The observatory has two independently movable roof sections and features a sliding roof design. Each roof section may be moved separately to produce a variable-size side-viewing slit, or both sections may be moved to obtain a variable-size central-viewing slit, or both sections may be opened to reveal the entire night sky. This design provides a lot of versatility for a number of public and private activities. 

The observatory is equipped with modern telescopes with computer-enhanced images and astronomy equipment. The 16-inch Ealing Educator Telescope, a research-grade Cassegrain donated to the Society and refurbished by its members, is housed at the Eagle Eye Observatory. The Society’s original 12.5-inch Harlan Smith Telescope is also housed in the observatory. It is a Newtonian telescope that was originally built in the early 1970s and was recently restored for the second time in its history with the Society.

Certified astronomers run the Eagle Eye Observatory. If the weather is good, it is usually open to park visitors on afternoons, nights, and during special events. When the weather prevents telescope viewing, Eagle Eye Observatory offers programs on a huge screen television that include planetarium software, films, and extensive interactive Q&A sessions. Observatory training sessions are provided on a regular basis for Society members.

If you want to witness astronomical events, the Eagle Eye Observatory is the place to go. This is a fantastic chance to learn about the solar system and see planets up close by looking through the giant telescope and the galaxy of stars right before you! Enjoy night sky constellation tours and cosmic views. Astronomer Jim Sheets leads the observatory experience, making the celestial bodies exciting and understandable for adults and children. Spend the night under the stars at the Eagle Eye Observatory to learn about how life is better in Texas.

It is best to contact the Canyon of the Eagles first to find out the next schedule for attending a star party to watch planets and other celestial bodies. Before visiting one of the star parties, you should educate yourself on proper flashlight etiquette. Never shine a light on anyone’s face and consider purchasing a red plastic cover similar to what you’d use to walk down the beach searching for sea turtles laying their eggs at Akumal. It is best to contact them first to find out about the next outing.