History of the Main Street District in Dallas


Main Street District of downtown Dallas stretches along Main Street and bounded by Elm Street, Lamar Street, Commerce Street, and the elevated highway. The Main Street District is considered the spine of downtown Dallas, and it connects several entertainment districts and adjoining businesses. In this article, we are going to know more about the history of Main Street Dallas and the places you should check out while you’re there.

Neiman Marcus on Main Street


Historically, Main Street District was the center of the city of Dallas. This is because, back in the days, most of Dallas’ hotels, banks, as well as significant retailers were all located here. Main Street District is also where the city’s early skyscrapers are located. After the development of downtown business establishments and offices started to move north and east to the City Center District over the following years. This resulted in several of these historic buildings ineffective for modern offices.

The Main Street District was also the first district in downtown Dallas to undergo an extensive urban revival. Most of the magnificent historic buildings that had been abandoned were restored and renovated so that they could adapt to new use. One example is the Pegasus Plaza, an urban plaza that is confined by the Magnolia Hotel, Adolphus Tower, Kirby Building, and the Iron Cactus Restaurant, located at the heart of the district and considered to be the gathering place for visitors and residents. There is a narrow tree-lined street that runs through downtown, and it serves as a major pedestrian route. Today, Main Street District has several sidewalk restaurants, retail stores such as Neiman Marcus, and basement night clubs. However, while most of the Main Street District buildings have been restored, several structures are still awaiting restoration. Today, Main Street Garden Park is the new focal park on the east end of the district.

Places to Go in Main Street District

Belo Garden Park – This is a 1.7-acre park that is located between Commerce and Main, east of Griffin in the Main Street District. The location where the park is situated is formerly a parking lot. Today, it has perennial gardens, plaza spaces, shaded groves, as well as tables and chairs. Aside from that, it also has an interactive fountain and a 10′ high hill that gives a topographical relief and views over the central fountain plaza.

Main Street Garden Park – This park is a 1.75-acre public park in downtown Dallas. The Main Street Garden Park is a $17.4 million park that was primarily funded by the City of Dallas in 2003 and 2006. It is also the first of many planned downtown core parks, including the Belo Garden Park and Pacific Plaza Park.

Pegasus Plaza – Pegasus Plaza is a public park located at the corner of Main Street and Akard in the Main Street District. The name is derived from the iconic sign that is located at the top of the adjected Magnolia Hotel as well as the mythical flying horse. The Pegasus Plaza has several fountains, and it is often used as a venue for festivals, concerts, as well as Christmas celebrations.

Magnolia Hotel – Also called the Magnolia Building and formerly known as the Magnolia Petroleum Building, this is a 29-story upscale hotel with a Beaux-Arts style architecture that is located in the Main Street District. For several years, this building held the record for being the tallest structure in Texas. The Magnolia Hotel is considered to be a Dallas Landmark, and it even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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