Guide To Choosing The Best Swimsuit


Summer is a fantastic season to plan a vacation that includes sand, sun, and fun times with family and friends; regardless of size or shape, ALL bodies deserve to be flaunted on sandy beaches and sunny pool parties!

However, you’re probably not alone if the thought of purchasing a bathing suit makes you uneasy. It takes some scrutiny to figure out how to style it in a bikini that flatters your figure—knowing which parts to contour and highlight are a huge confidence booster.

Here are some clever style techniques that can go a long way:

Swimsuit Shopping Guide

  • Don’t be afraid to use adjustable straps and knots on a swimsuit. They will elevate and secure your body parts to keep them in place.
  • If you’re confused about your swimsuit size, go for a smaller one rather than a larger one. A swimsuit, unlike apparel, will look and fit better in a smaller size. Your bikini will expand and provide you with all the coverage you require in the water. A larger swimsuit will also elongate your figure, giving you a larger silhouette.
  • It’s crucial to use high-quality textiles. Avoiding lower-cost fabrics will help you avoid wardrobe malfunctions at the beach.
  • It’s crucial to go swimsuit shopping every few years because your body changes daily. Don’t rely on items that have been in your possession for two or more years.

Guide in Finding the Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Large Bust

a kneeling woman wearing two-piece swimwear, high waist bikini

Specialized tops for women with a large bust are frequently required. Underwired swimsuits with adjustable straps and molded cups assist, elevate the breasts and provide the necessary support.


  • Avoid triangular bikini tops, which look best on women with smaller busts because they don’t provide much support; the same goes for slender straps.
  • High necklines should be avoided since they result in a “uni-boob.”
  • Avoid padded push-ups; your boobies have to stay on the torso rather than just below your neck.
  • The best option is a halter bra with a band around the bust and broader straps that tie behind your neck; an underwired or built-in bra can also be a suitable option.
  • Choose a V-shaped neckline to produce a gorgeous silhouette and naturally complement a larger bust.
  • Tops with ruffles, embellishments, or distracting designs should be avoided.

Small Bust

a woman wearing yellow swimwear with ruffles, beach, holding lemons

Bikini tops with an A or B cup are ideal for women with a tiny bust. They stay away from padded bikinis and bandeau tops since they need minimal support.


  • Choose ruffles or horizontal stripes to give volume to your top.
  • Bandeaus are a no-no because they will flatten you out even more.
  • Remember, your best friends are push-ups and underwires!
  • Choose structured and padded tops instead of flat triangular tops.
  • Choose an attractive design to draw attention away from your straight torso.

Apple Shape

a woman on the beach, a woman wearing swimsuit with a V-shaped neckline

Apple-shaped women have a larger breast and shoulders, a rounder stomach, and slimmer legs.


  • Swimsuits featuring mid-section ruching provide the appearance of a tightened waist.
  • Patterns, especially diagonal stripes and prints, are your friends.
  • Make a statement with a plunging neckline. A deep-V swimsuit may elongate your figure while emphasizing your bust line.
  • High-waist pants with control panels might help you slim down and smooth out your stomach.
  • Avoid wearing string bikini bottoms since they will highlight your tummy. If you want to hide your stomach, choose boy shorts or high-waisted bottoms.

Plus Size

plus-sized woman wearing a bikini, printed bikini 

A woman with a plus-size body type might have a variety of shapes on her body. Whether she has an hourglass or apple shape, the overall notion is that she needs supportive and flattering coverage. Apply the swimsuit parameters to your search.


  • To lengthen the silhouette, choose vertical stripes.
  • String tie bikinis should be avoided because they tend to induce bulges and dig into your flesh.
  • Wear bright colors where you want to draw attention and dark hues where you want to draw attention away from.
  • Avoid large-patterned swimsuits and bikinis in favor of solid colors or small detailed prints that give the appearance of a longer, slimmer torso.
  • When you go out to eat, keep a sarong or cover-up on hand to help flatter your tummy or longer legs.

Hourglass Shape

two women wearing a swimsuit, women facing the pool

The bust and hip lines of a woman with an hourglass figure are proportional.


  • You’ll want to wear something with underwire and adjustable straps, similar to the bikinis for larger busts.
  • You should wear a high-rise bikini bottom, just like the bikinis for women with pear shapes. On top, you’ll be supported, and on the bottom, you’ll be highlighted.
  • On the top and bottom, stay away from heavy textiles!

Tummy Control

a woman wearing polka dots bikini, high waist bikini, pool

A woman who would benefit from a belly concealing swimsuit is likely to be overweight in the middle.


  • If you’re going to wear a two-piece, choose a high-waisted swimsuit with a lot of coverage in the middle. Consider wearing a tankini.
  • A one-piece with a surplice-wrap silhouette helps slim the belly as well.
  • Triangle and tie-waist bikinis should be avoided if you wish to hide your tummy.

Pear Shape

a woman on a boat, bikini with a high cut accentuate the hips and thighs

Pear-shaped women often have a smaller bust and broader hips.


  • Swimsuits with a high cut accentuate the hips and thighs in a sexy, tasteful way, balancing body proportions.
  • The attention is shifted from the hips to the bust in swimwear with a plunging neckline.
  • You don’t need big bikini bottoms when you have a pear shape. Many fabrics will draw attention to your hips and thighs in an unflattering way.

Choose The Right Swimsuit Color

The color you choose for your skin tone might make a big difference.

Don’t be afraid of bright bikinis if you’re pale. On fair skin, sky blue or cobalt, for example, look fantastic. Animal designs are also an excellent choice. On the other hand, a white bikini shows off a tan like nothing else.

A black one-piece swimsuit is a classic choice that never goes out of style.

Quality Check

Look at the stitching, compression, and stretch of the fabric while evaluating the quality of a swimsuit.

When a cloth is too thin, it does not fit well to the body and becomes baggy as soon as it is wet. To avoid the see-through effect when you touch the water, make sure the cloth is thick enough or double-lined.

Stretchy material is also required because it improves the fit and durability of the swimsuit. Go with a cloth that has 10-15% elastane in it.

The Greatest Tip

When it comes to finding the finest bikini, it’s crucial to pay attention to how you feel when you try it on. Comfort and confidence are two different things, but they should both make you forget you’re in a bikini. Instead of making you feel self-conscious, you will be able to enjoy the moment.

Be comfy, show the world who you are, and enjoy the moment!

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