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Located in the center of downtown San Antonio, particularly in St. Paul’s Square, the Sunset Station is also a popular events venue that offers about 20,000 square feet of versatile and unique spaces that can accommodate up to 350 guests. Aside from that, it is also a place where you can dine and relax because it has several restaurants that you can choose from. The location of Sunset Station is quite accessible, and it offers a very convenient parking space, too.

Downtown San Antonio

Aside from being an elegant and perfect venue for different kinds of events, the other part of the Sunset Station is also Amtrak railroad station known as the San Antonio station. It is located on the eastern portion of Downtown San Antonio, Texas and today, the station holds two Amtrak services, which are the daily Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited. Every four days in a week, the station serves as the southern station of the Texas Eagle, which comes from Chicago. During the remaining three days of the week, the Texas Eagle joins the Sunset Limited to its westbound journey to Los Angeles.


The Sunset Station was originally built in 1902 as the Southern Pacific Railroad depot terminal. In 1907, an electrical fire happened at the station, and it destroyed the roof and left severe damages on the southwest corner of the building. Fortunately, the damages got fully repaired the following year, and the Depot has been carefully restored to retain its original splendor. The management also recreated the 16-foot-diameter rose window located in the north end part of the building. The management continued to restore the Sunset Station and revitalize the Historic St. Paul Square District. A district that was once known as the hub for the outgoing and incoming military personnel during World War II.

Today, the Sunset Station has intricately handcrafted ceilings, hardwood floors, brick walls, exposed wood trusses, elegant gold leaf vaulted ceilings, and stunning stained glass windows. Aside from that, the venue also has a magnificent grand staircase that can surely add pizzazz to every event.

The Sunset Station is located close to the Alamodome and Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. That is why event organizers like to take advantage of the premier entertainment venue that offers a unique canvas and unlimited options to create unforgettable experiences for their guests and clients.

Aside from all that features, this historic district is now home to the University of Houston’s Conrad Hilton College School of Hospitality, and other new restaurants such as Smoke – The Restaurant, and Tony G’s Soul Food. Sunset Station management also encourages their conclude their visit to St. Paul Square with a self-guided walking tour of the unique variety of remarkable buildings located in the area.

Renaming and Improvements

Sunset Station Post card

In 2019, the historic Sunset Station’s management announced that the venue would undergo a redesign and renaming as a part of the local developer’s plan to revitalize St. Paul Square. They also plan to turn the station into a place for live music and events. East Commerce Realty LLC, the Sunset Station owner, said that the site would be renamed as “The Espee.” They said that the train station is always called “the SP,” and train lovers liked to spell it as “Espee.”

The revitalization project includes a plan for outdoor and indoor improvements and the creation of a plaza that can accommodate up to a thousand people.

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