Fort Worth Water Gardens, an Oaisis in the City


The Fort Worth Water Gardens was designed by an architect named Philip Johnson. The park has vortex-like pools with a modernist landscape and futuristic angles. It first opened on a four-acre site in 1974 in Downtown Fort Worth. The area that the park sits on used to be known as Hell’s Half-Acre, and it used to be filled with saloons and brothels. Today, Water Gardens is a place where everyone could cool down and relax.

The park has attracted thousands of locals and tourists every year since its founding. However, it didn’t stop the criticism that its design was dangerous. And in 2004, the danger that the critics were talking about happened when four people drowned in a tragic accident where they are trying to save one another. After this incident, the pool was closed, and the management of the park decided to lower the level of the water to make sure that the descend to the Active Pool is just an illusion of the landscape.

In this article, we will know more about the Fort Worth Water Gardens and what makes it an oasis in the city.

A Relaxing Location in the Middle of the City
The Fort Worth Water Gardens is considered to be a refreshing oasis in North Texas. The park is adjacent to the Fort Worth Convention Center and is located at 1502 Commerce Street. It has three pools of water and a terraced knoll that was designed by John Burgee and Philipp Johnson. The park was given to the city by the Amon G. Carter Foundation, and since its opening in 1974, it has been a relaxing setting in a hot urban center.
Fort Worth Water Gardens Fountains
The Fort Worth Water Gardens has a quiet, blue meditation pool that is surrounded by cypress trees. The outskirts of the pool are lined by high walls where water cascades and pours at almost 90 degrees into the sunken pool. This design creates a rain shower sound, which adds an atmosphere of peace and serenity to the pool.

The park also has an aerating pool and an active pool that is made especially for sensory and water enjoyment. This aerating pool is located under a canopy of oak trees, and it has several illuminated fountains. The main attraction is the active pool that has cascading water pouring down on steps and terraces from 38 feet and into a pool at the base. This attraction at the park was made for people to see the power of water as well as its motion and sounds as it falls. Visitors can walk down the terraced steps while enjoying the view and the sounds of water falling around them.
The terraced mountain’s design helps make the park quieter and more peaceful, even if it is in the middle of Fort Worth. Aside from the pools, there are also gardens here at the park that can be enjoyed by visitors all throughout the year. These gardens also have several unique features and meander to help visitors relax in the park, especially on stressful days.

That is why if you happen to be stopping by the Dallas Fort Worth area anytime soon, do not forget to check out the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

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