Five Things to Do When You Find Yourself Locked Out of Your Vehicle


Cars are the primary transportation mode around Texas and the rest of the country. We use our cars to get to work, take ourselves or our children to school and daycare, pick up a pizza on a Friday night, visit family and friends, and so much more. When you arrive at your car door and shuffle through your pockets or purse to find your keys, only to be met with the stark reality – you don’t have your car keys.

If you end up haggling with this kind of scenario, you may also spiral into a panic because you suddenly lose your ability to control your reality, cannot travel where you need to go, and need a quick resolution. Contacting a local¬†locksmith in Frisco, TX, is the most surefire way to ensure you get back into your vehicle and on the road quickly. Still, there are always things that you can do before having to resort to that phone call. While getting locked out of your car can feel like the end of the world, it doesn’t need to ruin your entire day – you can always do something to remedy the situation!

Check for a Spare Key or Check into Your App

When you realize you have lost or misplaced your car keys, most of us are inclined to panic and resort to mental and emotional highs. Whatever positive coping techniques you know and use, now is the time to implement those behaviors to compose yourself and clear your head. Jumping to conclusions is never the right thing to do; checking for a spare is an easy way to rectify the situation.

Ensure you don’t have a spare lying around somewhere because if you do, that is the key to getting out of your current situation. With more modern vehicles, technology has advanced, and typical smartphone applications allow vehicle owners to access their cars simply by logging into their accounts and pressing a button. The answer could be much more straightforward than initially thought, and while a locksmith can always assist with your lockout disaster, it may not be necessary.

Retrace Your Steps & Where Abouts

You must commit to a search if a spare key and application can’t support you through your car lockout. Your keys were lost somewhere and could be closer than you think – they may be temporarily misplaced. Check around the general vicinity of your vehicle to ensure they weren’t dropped last time you exited the car or while walking into your home or whatever establishment you are currently parked by.

Check your clothing, pockets, purse, backpack, or anything you use to carry your belongings. If you aren’t at home, then retrace your recent steps thoroughly. Even though you are locked out of your car, peering inside the windows is a good idea to ensure you didn’t leave them on your driver’s or passenger side seat, etc. Newer vehicles prevent a driver’s ability to lock their keys in the car, but if you are operating an older model, then you may not have the same luxuries.

Ask for Help from a Friend, Family Member, or Roommate

When in a stressful situation, thinking about things objectively is not always easy. You may have already looked around for a spare and lost set of keys, but you may not have had the capability you typically would, with a clear mind and unbiased viewpoint. Calling on your friends, family members, or a partner can help to provide a mode of support during this stressful time, but they can also assist in the search for those missing keys!

Since they are not in the thick of it, their perception and mind are clear, and they may think of things you otherwise wouldn’t. Approaching the situation with slight bias and remaining calm will help you navigate the moment and possibly locate your keys.

Gather Your Vehicle & Key Information

When all else has failed, you may be on the brink of combustion but hold it together for a little longer – local locksmiths are on their way to save the day! Before calling the locksmith company, you will want to gather the information for your car and car key. Understanding what kind of key, you have is vital so your technicians can be adequately prepared upon arrival. You may also want to ensure that you have your driver’s license, a copy of your registration, year make and model, VIN, and/or title as proof of ownership. After all, locksmiths help people get back into their vehicles, not someone else’s.

Contact a Local Licensed Locksmith Company

Contact a Local Licensed Locksmith Company

Once you have exhausted all your options and have collected all the information you need to provide, it is time to reach out to your friendly neighborhood locksmith company! They can get you back into your car and provide a new key and a spare, so you don’t end up in this situation again.

Having locksmith experts that you can call in case of an emergency comes in handy when you are locked out, require security updates to your home or business, need to rekey a new property, and so much more. Meyer’s Local Locksmith provides elite lock and key solutions to Frisco, TX, and nearby areas. Their locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured and always prepared to assist any Texan in need. Getting locked out of your vehicle may not be the most convenient situation for you, but local locksmiths are always readily available to support you through the process!

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