What are the Top Small Towns to Visit in Texas?

Downtown Fredericksburg

What are the Top Small Towns to Visit in Texas? Despite its vast expanse of 270,000 square miles, Texas beckons with its hospitable small towns where Southern warmth and smiles prevail. Whether you’re wandering through bustling cities or quaint honky-tonk towns, Texas embraces you with open arms and lots of Tex-Mex tacos … Read more

What are the Major Canyons in Texas?

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

When you think of canyons in the United States, iconic locations like Arizona’s Grand Canyon or Utah’s Bryce Canyon may immediately come to mind. While those natural wonders are undeniably breathtaking, the Lone Star State also has a lot to offer in that area. In Texas, you can embark on a fantastic … Read more

Learn About the Amazing Salt Lake of La Sal del Rey

El Sal Rey

La Sal del Rey stands out as one of the most extraordinary natural marvels in the state, resting on an astonishing four million tons of salt. It’s an experience like no other to literally walk on water at Salt Lake in Texas! Learn more about it as you read on. Overview of … Read more

What are the Largest Islands in Texas?

Bird’s eye view of Padre Island

Texas is a land of big things, known for its world-renowned BBQ and cowboy culture. But when it comes to islands and beaches, people don’t think of Texas that much. But Texas has them – after all, the Lone Star State is on the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is home to several … Read more

What are the Biggest Lakes in Texas?

a scenic lake in Texas

Texas isn’t just famous for its iconic cowboy culture and delicious barbecue – it’s also a haven for scenic lakes. Whether man-made or naturally occurring, Texas boasts over 7,000 lakes, putting it among the top 10 states in the US with the most lakes. From stunning landscapes to water adventures, Texas has … Read more

What are the Best Scenic Drives in Texas?

a welcome road sign in Texas

Texas is known for being big – you can drive for more than 12 hours and 800 miles without leaving the state. Plus, the vast expanses of the Lone Star State come with varied terrain, which includes open plains, fantastic mountains, rolling green hills, and stretches of coast. With so many open … Read more

Learn About the Designated Texas Wine Growing Regions of Texas

grapes on vines

Texas is roughly the size of France, as Texas wine professionals frequently point out. Texas wines frequently highlight the minerality of the region because the state’s climate mandates that the fruit is collected earlier and remains on the vine for far less time than, say, California’s juicy, fruit-forward wines. However, the same … Read more

Learn About the Charming Hill Country Town of Dripping Springs

the main entrance to Dripping Springs High School in Dripping Springs

The Texas Hill Country is recognized for its scenic drives, lush landscape, dreamy views, vibrant wildflowers, and a smattering of small towns with plenty to do in between. It’s a beautiful area to visit, and you won’t have to travel far to get there. Dripping Springs, Texas, is a quaint, unique small … Read more

Learn About Mineral Wells and Its Crazy Water

buildings and the streets of Downtown Mineral Wells, Texas

Mineral Wells, made popular in the 1920s for its “healing” waters, drew wellness seekers from all over the country. They would come for a “season” to enjoy the water in whatever way they could. While most mineral water companies closed after the Great Depression, tourists can still sample water from the Crazy … Read more