Best Places to Stay in Texas


One fantastic thing about traveling is experiencing the wonderful feeling of discovering a whole new area. That’s why it’s so thrilling to find a truly exceptional escape that significantly enhances the entire vacation experience.

Having the perfect accommodation is essential when traveling. It’s one of the factors that could hugely impact your overall experience in a place.

Are you making plans for your next trip to Texas? From classic historic hotel accommodations or maybe ranch-style hotels, you can have it all. Explore this selection of Texas hotels and lodging in several of the state’s most famous tourist destinations. 

Flophouze Shipping Container Houzes

FlopHouze’s numerous “houzes” provide a rustic western ambiance within industrial shipping containers situated in Round Top, a small country town with 90 residents. This unique fleet of luxury shipping containers can accommodate two to eight people, plus there is also a more extensive “Farmhouze” and “Beachhouze” options available for bigger groups.

If you worry about limited activities when visiting Round Top, have no fear. The Original Round Top Antiques Show happens twice a year in the town, the first one in April and the second one in October. It is regarded as one of the best and grandest antique events in the country.

About eight kilometers from FlopHouze, in downtown Round Top, are some arts and entertainment facilities, delectable southern cuisine, and small-business retail shops.

Travaasa Austin

With its spectacular scenery of the Balcones Canyonlands, Travaasa Austin offers many activities: horseback riding, mountain biking, ziplining, hiking, yoga, archery, and many more.  After being tired from a whole day of fun activities, you can chill and unwind in the spa or swim in their infinity pool. The rooms are spacious, modern, and breezy, with most offering breathtaking views of the horizon.

If you are someone who seeks fun and adventure and looking for accommodation that offers numerous sports and recreations, then this hotel is definitely for you.

Chisos Mountains Lodge

If you’re up for some challenging hiking and biking trails and a nice place to de-stress in the Big Bend National Park, Chisos Mountains Lodge would be the only place that allows you this accessibility to the Big Bend. This place has whatever you need for a memorable Big Bend journey, including rustic lodgings and campsites and also on-site dining.

Chisos Mountains Lodge’s motel-style accommodations offer all of the conveniences of your home with a touch of West Texas elegance. All rooms have a coffee maker, and microwave, and a refrigerator. If you want colder feels, some motel rooms in the lodge come with an air conditioning unit.

They do not provide televisions or wireless internet connections in the rooms to maintain the peacefulness of Big Bend. The lounge, gift shop, and patio areas, however, all have free Wi-Fi.


Open Air Resorts

Those tourists with RVs are welcome to camp at the Open Air Resorts in Spicewood, Texas, but it’s not a problem if you don’t have one. This resort makes it simple to enjoy such a socially isolated, quiet, and peaceful holiday.

You may pick from a selection of modern and quirky accommodation. The resort offers fully renovated antique trailers or even tiny homes. They also provide a pool, playground, clubhouse, volleyball, pickleball court, a fishing pond, and pet-friendly accommodations. If you are looking for the best pickleball paddles, click the link given.

7a Ranch

Hole up in one of the many cabins in Wimberley, along the beautiful Blanco River, each with modernized facilities and comfortable beds. Swim in the resort’s pool or the river, where you may kayak, fish, and many more.

The Pioneer Town, a reproduction of 1880s Western Village with an old school ice cream shop and a bottle home, entirely made of glass bottles, is the property’s most unique feature.  7a has a lot of kid-friendly cabins as well as pet-friendly accommodations.

Cypress Valley

Cypress Valley offers beautiful treehouses that practically allow guests to return to their childhood. These, on the other hand, might be a little more elegant and stable than the one you made with your buddies many years ago.

The creekside wooden patios of the cottages, which are surrounded by Cypress trees, are ideal for watching fireflies and enjoying a warm glass of coffee while witnessing the beautiful sunrise. They also offer zip lines, swings over the lake, and many other fun activities that are enough to reawake anyone’s childhood spirit. Also, while you are in the vicinity, don’t miss a dip at Krause Springs nearby.

They provide treehouses such as Yuki, Juniper, Willow, and Lofthaven; all have a maximum capacity of 2 guests, and The Nest, which can accommodate four to six people. There is also the Ranch House overlooking the creek, which can accommodate up to 15 people.

You get to snuggle into a tiny and cozy treehouse high up among gorgeous cypress trees at this unique sanctuary in Spicewood, Texas.  Isn’t it wonderful to have a pleasant night’s sleep accompanied by nature’s soothing sounds?



Yurtopia offers tourists the opportunity to sleep in traditional, hand-painted Mongolian yurts while enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Texas Hill Country. You’ll surely experience a unique accommodation experience among your friends, as the yurts are made of hand-stripped Siberian pine wood, bound together with camel leather.

Hilltop, a yurt that comes with a private deck, can accommodate one to two guests. Riverbluff yurts, which has a maximum capacity of six people, provides the guests with three yurts and a lounge area, all seated along the Blanco River where you can enjoy swimming. Both yurts offer a view of the sunset, an outdoor kitchen, grilling area, and bathtubs for some of the finest glamorous camping in the Texas Hill Country.

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