Best Places to Photograph in Texas


Texas has several photogenic features such as natural bridge caverns, grotto swimming pools, and even varied terrain of Texas. Even if there are many major cities in Texas, there are also several somewhat remote locations that are perfect for landscape photography. That is why in this article, we are going to showcase some of the best places to take a snap of the fantastic landscape of Texas. 

Big Bend National Park

This park is located in West Texas, and it is adjacent to the Mexico border. Big Bend National Park’s beauty cannot be confined to just one photo album. From the Chisos Mountains, unique rock formations, as well as the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River, every turn is a beautiful scenery here in Big Bend. You can also go to the park’s hiking trails to see one-of-a-kind places such as the Balanced Park.

Franklin Mountains State Park

The Franklin Mountains State Park divides the city of El Paso and where you can see some of the most photogenic peaks in Texas. The best place you can enter the elevated terrain is in the Franklin Mountains State Park, which is located on the north side of the city. Biking, rock climbing, and hiking are the most popular activities at the park. The sunset view here in Franklin Mountains State Park is also unremarkable, and they are often worthy of a frame on the wall. 

San Antonio River Walk

Also known as Paseo del Rio, the San Antonio River Walk hosts several leisure activities such as shopping, dining, and cultural establishments. Every year, about 13 million people visit this place, and it is known to be one of the main attractions of downtown San Antonio. The San Antonio River Walk is a 15-mile urban waterway that is exceptionally photogenic during the day and makes striking images at night.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

This state park is located at the heart of Texas Hill Country, and it is known to be one of the most popular state parks in Texas. Here you will see a grand view atop the rock as well as several rock formations that will undoubtedly catch the camera’s attention. Aside from this, the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area also has several archeological sites that surround the immense granite dome. 

Hamilton Pool Preserve

This is a historic swimming hole that is located 30 miles west of Austin. The Hamilton Pool Preserve entices photographers with its natural appeal. Hamilton Creek falls from a limestone ledge that creates a 50-foot waterfall that is great for photos. Not only that but it is also surrounded by a lush forest that covers the preserve’s 232 acres. Take note that during summer, reservations are needed to visit the Hamilton Pool.

Guadalupe River State Park

This park is just less than an hour’s drive away from the north of San Antonio. The Guadalupe River State Park is a popular state park that centers about four miles of the Guadalupe River. Aside from the astounding sceneries, you can enjoy several activities here, such as swimming, boating, fishing, camping, and hiking. The picturesque shore of the Guadalupe River is complete with elaborate cypress trees that adds an extra pop of color during autumn. 

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

This is a charming natural area in Fort Worth that has botanic space features with 20 specialty gardens. The most favorite garden here at Fort Worth Botanic Garden is the Rose Garden because it features a historic Shelter House enclosed by blooming colors. One of the most photographed gardens here is the Japanese Garden, especially during autumn because it adds a pleasant tone of new colors to the scenery. 

Galveston Island

This island city is a popular summer spot for beach activities such as swimming and sunbathing. Not only that, but photography is also a popular activity here in the abundant shoreline of Galveston. From stately architecture to prominent attractions such as Pier 19, Galveston Island is filled with amazing sceneries everywhere you look. 

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