Austin Outlaws – Charter Member of the Women’s Football Alliance


The Austin Outlaws is a full-contact women’s football team and a member of the Women’s Football Alliance that has over 60 teams all over the country. They play as a part of the American Conference Southwest Division II. Aside from being one of the best women’s football teams in the country, the Austin Outlaws also plays their part in helping the community by playing in several fundraiser games for local non-profits and elementary schools. In this article, we are going to know more about the history of the Austin Outlaws.

History of the Austin Outlaws

The Austin Outlaws is a women’s football team that is based in Austin, Texas. They play their home games at the Chaparral Stadium on the campus of Westlake High School.

The team was founded in 2001. They were initially a part of the Independent Women’s Football League, where they finished 5-1, which is good enough for the first IWFL championship. After a year, the Austin Outlaws managed to finish 7-2, which became their ticket to enter the IWFL playoffs. They fell 24-4 to the New York Sharks during the championship game after the Outlaws defeated the Corvallis Pride during the qualifier game.

In 2003, the Austin Outlaws decided to join the National Women’s Football Association, where they spent six seasons. During the Outlaw’s inaugural season, they were introduced as an exhibition team, and they managed to finish that season with a 1-1 record. The following year, the Outlaws officially became a full-time member of the National Women’s Football Association. During that season, they finished with a 5-3 record, which caused them to miss the playoffs.

The Outlaws missed the playoffs the next year because they finished with a 4-4 and grabbed the ninth place in the Southern Division. In 2006, the Outlaws decided to return to the post-season, where they finished with a 6-2 and managed to steal second place in the South West Division. But, the Outlaw’s playoff exit was quick because they lost 23-6 to the Chattanooga Locomotion during the first round.

In 2007, the Outlaws once again finished in second place during the Southern West Conference division with a score of 5-3. That is why the team did not qualify for the post-season. After a year, the Austin Outlaws finished with a 5-3 score and managed to climb the third spot in the South Central Division. However, they once again missed the post-season. After that season, the Outlaws announced that they will be moving to the Women’s Football Alliance.

In 2009, the team managed to bring a division championship back home to Austin. They had a score of 7-1. That is why the Outlaws had to go to Jacksonville, where they played against the Dixie Blues. Even if the Outlaws lost, the team still remained proud because they managed to beat the robust Lone Star Mustangs twice.

Chaparral Stadium and Westlake High School

The Austin Outlaws plays their home games at the Chaparral Stadium that is inside the campus of Westlake High School, a public high school in Travis County, Texas. This high school is the only high school in the Eanes ISD. Westlake High School was named as one of the top High Schools in America by Newsweek in 2011.

The school and the Chaparral Stadiumwas opened in 1970. Aside from hosting football games, the stadium can also host track and field activities as well as soccer games. The stadium can accommodate up to 10,000 people.

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