Who Were the Original Texas Rangers


In 1823, Stephen F. Austin was known to hire ten men to protect settlers in Texas from Indian attacks. These ten men were the original Texas Rangers. The Rangers were instrumental in helping to secure Texas independence and preserve order throughout the state. In this blog post, we will learn more about the history of the Texas Rangers and their vital contributions to the state of Texas.

What are Texas Rangers? 

The Texas Rangers are a law enforcement agency that is responsible for protecting the citizens of Texas. The Rangers were originally established in 1823 to protect settlers from Indian attacks. However, over the years, the Rangers have also been responsible for enforcing state and federal laws, tracking down criminals, and conducting search and rescue missions.

The history of the Texas Rangers is a proud one. The Rangers have played a key role in securing Texas independence and preserving order throughout the state. Here are some highlights from the history of the Texas Rangers:

  • In 1823, Stephen F. Austin hired ten men to protect settlers in Texas from Indian attacks. These ten men were the original Texas Rangers.
  • The Rangers were instrumental in helping to secure Texas independence and preserve order throughout the state.
  • In the early 1900s, the Rangers were responsible for tracking down outlaws such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
  • During World War II, the Rangers played a key role in guarding military installations and supplies.
  • More recently, the Rangers have been responsible for conducting search and rescue missions, enforcing state laws, and tracking down criminals.

The Texas Rangers are a proud part of Texas history and continue to play an important role in protecting the citizens of Texas.

Original Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers are known to be the guardians of the Wild West. Interestingly, these skilled units are still present today. They have a colorful history that is ridden with legendary tales of gunfights and Indian fights, but as time passed on, they gradually became an elite investigative body.

The ten men that Stephen Austin hired in 1823 were the first-ever Texas Rangers. These brave frontiersmen protected the early Texan settlers from hostile Indians and outlaws. Duties also included conducting reconnaissance missions, rounding up livestock, and escorting wagon trains.

John Coffee Hays

Image of John Hays

John Coffee Hays was one of the most famous Texas Rangers of all time. He joined the Rangers in 1833 and served for more than 20 years. Hays was a master of frontier warfare and was known for his bravery and toughness. He participated in many key Ranger operations, including the Battle of Plum Creek and the Mexican-American War.

Captain Bill McDonald

Image of Captain Bill McDonald

Captain Bill McDonald was another famous Texas Ranger. He served as a Ranger captain from 1891 until 1907. McDonald was known for his toughness and his ability to get results. He led many successful Ranger operations, including high-profile criminal cases. His reputable marksmanship is what makes him stand out from the rest.

John B. Jones

John B. Jones was a Texas Ranger for several years and served as the captain of the Frontier Battalion in 1874. He was responsible for modernizing the Rangers and making them into the effective law enforcement agency that they are today. Jones is also credited with establishing the Ranger tradition of wearing a distinctive uniform. Because of Jones’ exceptional work and contribution, he was promoted to the adjutant general of the state of Texas in 1879. However, John B. Jones died in service two years later due to natural causes.

John B. Armstrong

Another prominent member of the Texas Rangers is John B. Armstrong. He joined the Texas Rangers around 1872, wherein he was initially a member of a group called Travis Rifles. Interestingly, Armstrong gained recognition as a Texas Ranger thanks his successful capture of John Wesley Hardin – one of the notorious criminals in the state.

Samuel H. Walker

Samuel H. Walker was a Captain in the Texas Rangers and served during the Mexican-American War. He’s considered one of the most important members of the Ranger force and is renowned for his fighting skills. Walker was killed at the Battle of Huamantla, but not before making a significant impact on the Rangers.

William “Bigfoot” Wallace

When you think about the Texas Rangers, one of the most iconic names you might hear is Bigfoot. Also known as William Wallace, this nineteen-year-old giant earned the name Bigfoot because of his incredible size. Wallace joined the Rangers in 1842 and quickly became one of their most effective members. He served under the supervision of Captain Jack Hays, wherein they worked together on countless missions. Furthermore, because of his undeniable potential, Wallace led his own troops in the 1850s.

Ben McCulloch

Ben McCulloch was an iconic Texas Ranger that fought in the Battle of Plum Creek, wherein he served as the first lieutenant of Captain Jack Hays. McCulloch also participated in other major events, such as the Mexican War, Gold Rush, and Civil War. However, he was killed in March 1862 during the Battle of Pea Ridge.

Frank Hamer

Frank Hamer was one of the most celebrated Texas Rangers in history. He began his career as a Ranger in 1906 and rose through the ranks until he became a captain. Hamer is best known for tracking down and killing Bonnie and Clyde – two of America’s most wanted criminals.

Final Thoughts

The Texas Rangers are a legendary law enforcement agency that has been around for centuries. They’ve played a crucial role in the development of Texas and have made countless contributions to the state’s safety and security. These men are truly some of the bravest and most accomplished individuals in history. In addition, the original members of the Texas Rangers prove to be some of the most iconic people that helped shape Texas the way it is today!

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