What Is There to Do in Coppell, Texas?


Coppell is a city located in the northwest corner of Dallas County, Texas. It is also a bedroom community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex as well as a suburb of Dallas. Coppell was originally a farming village, but between the 1980s and 1990s, it evolved into an upper-middle-class suburban area, which was mainly due to the opening of the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. Despite this progress, the town of Coppell remains to have a quaint small-town vibe, but it offers several places and things for you to explore during your visit here. That is why in this article, we are going to learn about the history of Coppell, Texas, and the things that you should not miss while you’re there.


History of Coppell Texas

During the 1840s, the Coppell area was settled by French and German immigrants. In 1846, Dallas County was established, and the city of Dallas was founded. Sometime in 1887, the Coppell became known as Gibbs, as a nod to the former Texas Senator and Lieutenant Governor Barnett Gibbs. In 1890, the community changed its name once again to Coppell; most historians say that it was probably named after George Coppell, a prominent businessman from New York associated with several railroads.

Transportation, specifically trains, played one of the most essential roles in the history of Coppell. The Cotton Belt Railroad helped establish the Gibbs Station in 1889. This gave the city its much-needed transportation for its farms. It was until the 1920s when paved roads and automobiles started to be more prominent in the area. In 1955, Coppell was incorporated through a ballot measure. When the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport opened in 1974, the community started to transform from a tiny farming village to a big, upper-middle class suburban community. This growth carried on until the 1990s, and by the year 2000, almost all of the residential area in Coppell was developed.

Bethel Cemetary, Coppell

Things to Do in Coppell, Texas

  • Explore the great outdoors at the Coppell Nature Park – This nature park has something for everyone. If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, then this is the best park here in Coppell. You can take a walk or a jog while you explore the woods, or you can learn more about mother nature at the Biodiversity Nature Center located inside the park. If you are into history, then you can go searching for fossils by the creek. Not only that, but Coppell Nature Park is also a dog-friendly park, this means that you can bring your furry friend while you take a walk or jog in the park.
  • Enjoy some time at the beach at the Coppell Bahama Beach Club – You might be wondering why there’s a beach in this city. Well, for starters, the Coppell Bahama Beach Club is an artificial beach where you can play darts, pool, soccer, volleyball, poker, and other sports. Besides those, you can also sit back and relax while you have some drinks at the bar. If you are lucky, you might even have the chance to watch live music while relaxing.
  • Get some fresh produce at the Coppell Farmer’s Market – If you happen to be on a strict and healthy diet, worry no more because a trip to the Coppel Farmer’s Market can suit all your fruits vegetable needs. The market is situated in a shaded pavilion, and here, you can find the freshest produce that Coppell has to offer. You do not have to worry about bringing your kids along with you because you can have someone to watch over them while they play in a nearby playground.
  • Take a trip down memory lane at Old Town Coppell – Old Town Coppell is where you can find the community’s first structures and establishments. There are several restaurants here that you can explore. When you’re done eating, you can walk along Main Street while you explore the center of the city. Old Town Coppell is not only filled with old buildings; it also the home to several art pieces that gives the place a more rustic feel.
  • Cool off and relax at the CORE – The CORE is an aquatic and recreation center in Coppell, Texas. It has outdoor and indoor pools that have lap lines, slides, and play areas. Aside from the water-related activities, the CORE also has an in-house gym, a studio space for those looking to rent an open space, and an indoor track where you can jog or run.
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